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Launch Chart
14 hours ago
SPY, D Neutral
21 877
So I Saw Yet Another $1000 Dollar System For Sale.

This Marketer Actually Had A Decent System…But Left A Lot Of Key…And I Mean Important Information Out. Likely To Get People To Pay For His Weekly Picks.
***I’m Tired Of These Marketers Hyping Up A System…Charging A Premium…And Taking Money From People Who After Taking The Course Don’t Even Realize How Much They Haven’t Been Taught.

***I’ve been Selling Option Premium For Income For A Long Time. Wanted To See If There Is Any Interest From The Community...

NOTE-This is only 1 Rule To The System. Wanted To See If We Have Any Weekly Options Premium Sellers. If We Do Leave Comment Below and I will Code The Rest Of Rules.

Rules Included On Chart:
- Just Text Saying When Conditions = Selling Bull Put Spreads (Credit)
- The Condition Stays True Until Either Of The EMA’s Turn Yellow

Rules I Would Need To Add if There Is Interest
- Condition When To Sell Premium Both Above and Below
- Condition When Market is In Downtrend Condition = Selling Bearish Call Spreads (Credit)
- Days Of Week Ideal For Selling Weekly Premium.
- Adding in Complete Market Index Filters To The Individual Stocks (VERY IMPORTANT)

Happy To Do…But A Lot Of Work If We Don’t Have Any Options Premium Sellers.

Leave Comment Below If You Have Any Interest In A Weekly Options System
18 hours ago
USDJPY, 240 Short
4 764
Since publishing last USDJPY chart suggesting bearish pull back or correction the price action has been relatively choppy and sideways congestion with associated difficulties in labelling correct counts on each swings.

However it appears that with initial zigzag decline in to Dec low, the price action has formed what appears to be bearish triangle which could be complete offering potential short opportunity in wave C decline which should be comparatively strong not overlapping 5 wave decline to conservative 114 downside target.


1. Bearish triangle.
2. RSI divergence with price between point C and E.
3. Important 120 level appears to be strong resistance which it failed to take out so far.
4. It has been out of sync with SP500 for sometime which could now could now snap back with both declining together (see chart below)
5. Invalidation pint would be 120.45
6. Potential downside target 114 (conservative)

As always, do your own analysis for your trade requirement. Select to follow me and the chart for notification of future updates. If you like the analysis then please indicate this by thumbs up, comments and sharing with others. If you have an alternative idea then please share for all to learn from.

Thank you for taking the time to read my analysis.

20 hours ago
USDJPY, 240 Neutral
12 637
As this bat completed and we are in a profitable trade, a next step becomes visible in the form of a potential cypher pattern completing @ structure which could indicate till where we can let our profits run and reverse our position to long to benefit some additional profits

This cypher is incorrect as B-point was incorrectly drawn in. Sorry guys ... not free of mistakes yet :D
20 hours ago
SPX500, W Neutral
11 476
All informations on the chart.
Just factual for the record.
8 hours ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
5 633
Still currently in a long position since $260 and waiting for signs of a reversal. We could either fade out here or go parabolic into the $300s. Considering the news catalyst, I think we will probably go parabolic sooner rather than later and meet resistance around the same place as last time, where I will start looking for shorts. If the trend stays healthy and volume isn't extraordinary, I may keep partial longs and wait for another breakout.

Either way, the top of this channel looks like a good target for longs if you've been long. What happens after that is what will decide the overall trend. We will either make a higher low and continue up or crash down below baseline support, which is a bad sign.

It all depends on the speed. If we approach $310-$320 sooner rather than later with large volume, then it's a short signal with a lower low on shorter time frames for confirmation.

BTC donations welcome:
19 hours ago
3 593

There is a potential game plan if the bottom is in place which is possible.

Strategic Trade attempt:

Long 10% at 1207 stop 1150 on close.
10 hours ago
BTCUSD, 120 Long
2 276
i like this count better. it seems to have the right look. waves a & b are complete. wave c is underway; (iii) possibly extending. target is 320 for the end of wave c/((v))
22 hours ago
BTCUSD, 120 Long
0 348
wave (v) extended greater than 100% of ((i)~(iii)). the advance stopped near the upper channel line. i believe the b wave correction is now underway
15 hours ago
XAUUSD, 240 Long
1 418
After a very clean bounce of our downside target I believe there is some room for an upside move targeting 1236-1241 area.
15 hours ago
BTCUSD, 120 Short
3 246
Just a quick publish to show how this chart was used during a presentation in Mexico (Sunday March 1st at 10 AM CT) for the Anarchapulco event. The Green and Red directional arrows were in place prior to the move from 240's to 260's and was recorded on camera. Turned out as great proof to show a mostly non-technical / non-trading audience that Technical Analysis Does Work !!!

NOTE: Filled in for Cody Wilson (Dark Wallet) who was unfortunately a no-show

PS: i'm still long intermediate term and expect this move to hit $300+
19 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Long
3 301
i think after ab=cd we can see up trend
21 hours ago
SPX500, 120 Neutral
2 197
These 2 paths are the extremes for the next 5 months.

Running a short stance, I need to have a position that survives 2155 by end of Mar15.

In both cases, I should have a pullback to 2050 by end Apr15.

If SPX trades 2150 before it trades 2050, I will be in recovery mode and would exit at 2050.

Monitor the VIX second contract:
- Now at 17.10, if it crosses below 16.40, SPX could be on the blue path.
- Although I would recover the loss/make some money at the end, my trade idea would be wrong and it have used risk for too long in negative territories.
21 hours ago
2 251
So, the Eurozone is facing a Deflationary threat and will increase its Quantitative Easing programme accordingly. The Euro should plunge about 4% against the Dollar in the next seven days.
22 hours ago
XAUUSD, 240 Long
0 275
Gold in 4 hours chart has formed hammer pattern and it indicates that it is slightly bullish for the intraday and jump till $1225 -$1236 cannot be ruled out.

On the downside minor support is around $1190 and nay break below will take the commodity further down till $1170/1151.

Indicators (4 hour chart)
CCI (50) – Buy
CCI (14) – Sell
Ichimoku- Neutral

Recommendation: Buy Gold around $1204, SL $1190, Targets $1224/$1236.
23 hours ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
1 271
The price has successfully stayed above the long term bearish trend line after having broken it late last week. This isn’t enough to signal a reversal to a bullish trend, but it does show a further weakening of downward pressure.

Currently the price is above the 38.2% retracement, with resistance around the $278 level. At the current range of between $270 and $280 is where we are likely to see some selling pressure from profit taking in the immediate term, creating a possibility that the price may fall below the 38.2% at some point in the near future. If however the market keeps the price above the $280 level, there is greater room for upside, with little resistance to stop a testing of the 50% retracement level.

In any event, what we can see with a fair degree of certainty is that a clear support range has formed. The $223 to $243 range seen in yellow is where more medium strength support will likely be found if any price drops occur in the short term (1-2 months). The $210 to $223 range seen in blue is where the strongest support lies, movement into this range is more likely to occur in the long term, however if it occurs in the short term (1-2 months), it would be a significant bearish signal. Any movement past the support range and below $210 will most likely result in another test of the $152 level.
15 hours ago
SPX500, D Neutral
1 210

Stable conclusion:
1 - the black line on this chart is "unbreakable" (whatever strong this statement can be in the market context)
2 - the red line has some decent chance to be candidate for top line and so far it remains unbreached.

- the 13d ema is at 2100. this is the key support for a fast market or top resilience, once below other things can happen.
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