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GBPJPY, 240 Long
10 959
GBPJPY Harmonic Patterns
I will be a buyer when price hit

SL AND TP is standard if you know
how to trade harmonic patterns
XAUUSD, 240 Neutral
5 1543
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Yesterday we not just broke the red trendline but also printed a swing on the daily chart.
Today we made a higher high, so
I make the call : we are in the 2nd daily cycle.
In gold's intermediate cycles the 2nd daily cycle always the strongest one.

My advise to open the position and if we have a dip add to the position. In the 2nd daily cycle the pullbacks are small and rare. Next week we are going to break to new highs ( above 1376$). I think the stock markets will print a HCL decline and that will help gold to rally. And when the dollar starts to fall - it seems to be starting now - gold will skyrocket.

No shorts from now it's going to be a big move up.

USDCAD, 240 Long
4 187
A slide parallel of a valid median line, a 0.618 fib retracement of previous upmove, and a short term uptrend all meet in one place where we should watch for a buy setup to complete. If a long setup completes i will update this post with the exact entry point, stoploss and potential profit targets.

So like and follow for updates..!
EURUSD, 240 Short
6 228
Hello, guys!
I hope you took action on EU Longs this week!
New month ahead, and after doing calculations of new month, I have came to conclusion that it is more looking for Shorts now, rather than longs.
I will point out some things based on my Fibonacci Calculator ( Only Fibonacci, waves, Pivots )

We have a monthly constant rising point that EU failed to break.

Swirl Gate ( UP ), Current swirl -
Adding to constant rising point around this area we have tough level, that I call swirl ( from price phase theory )
EU failed to break it!

Y ( P ) -
Again adding to all stated above, another level, that EU failed to break.

Once market will open, it has to see this point, it is down from current close, furthermore adding to levels stated above, Transistion point is 1.1206 another tough level to break thru.

Trend pointer, MS, TIS, TIP -
Adding to MHI, these levels point down too, indicating market is willing to go down.

Monthly Absolute Fibonacci Phase movements -
Indicating downward movement ( starting from lower passage )

So my bias is Short starting this month!
But remember, market goes where it wants to go, all we can do is risk reasonably if we have confidence in what we do!
I faded out a lot of things from Calculator, because there are levels you don't have to see.

Trade with Care!
EURAUD, 60 Long
14 2693
The EURAUD is in a daily corrective triangle (I will post the triangle in the update section)
Buying the breakout of the flag looks like a good idea.

If you haven't seen it as yet , weekly update webinar today , please share the link on your social sites .

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Trade with care.
7 435
Dear friend's

The gold is on very sensitive situation. i think the bullish movement of gold its over, and it could be move down to 980.

* Alternative scenario is fix over 1350 then we move on free space and we can access to 1427 then 1521 area.

kind regards,
USDCAD, 60 Neutral
28 1698
Talk about a great week of trading. (without jinxing) it we've been able to erase all of our summer drawdown & achieve new equity highs for the trading year (assuming we don't do anything dumb today).

With that being said I'm certainly taking a cautious approach to the markets & and ensuring that I don't get sucked into any type of overconfidence type of trades. (Think when Klay Thompson got hot against OKC & just started shooting from anywhere).

What we have on the charts above are 2 potential advanced pattern formations. A potential bullish Gartley & a potential bearish bat.

Also have you ever heard of the saying "You Can't Go Broke Taking Profits" Well if I released a video yesterday explaining why I think this statement is false. Along with some technical analysis on a USDJPY trade that made up for the though loser that I posted here last week. Also a look at our Syndicate equity curve. Please check it out as it may give a little more insight on my trading process & philosophy.


Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach -The Premier Online Trading Education Company
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XAUUSD, 240 Short
4 190
It's fun to decode gold moments using Elliot Wave principle. Precious metal never gives what we want. The last week bull was very predictable. The "bearish" move yet to began. It can be impulse or correction. I love to get that. I have very difficult plan for this week. It's not easy to digest when we face NFP this Friday. Let's wait.

Looking for a level which is slightly below of 1305

Have green Pips!
GBPUSD, 240 Long
0 149

Safe Trades
4 121
BOJ - 3trn increase in annual ETF Purchases + $24bn increase in USD funding for banks

1. The BOJ on Friday delivered a shockingly poor package, imo they changed the snallest part of their current QQE programme.

2. What was interesting though was the markets reaction - immediately after the decision $Yen spiked higher then lower to 103 level but from then and into and through the London Open $Yen was being brought/ held up around the 103 level - it wasnt until NY came in at 1430GMT that $Yen broke lower.

- But even then it was surprisingly a laboured move lower, taking almost the full NY session to find its lowes.

- Some of the UJ weakness was down to a big GDP miss of 1.2% vs 2.6%exp, which sold the rates market off now implying only a 12% chance of a hike in September vs 18% the previous day and 25% earlier in the week, so i t would have been interesting to see what would of happened with out this dollar downside impetus.

USDJPY from here:

1. Personally from 102.00 i see $Yen lower in the near term e.g. we could easily open 50pips lower on sunday into the key level at 101.5 as the asia session adds to shorts that they missed during their own session post-BOJ.

- There is the possibility that we see some upside in $Yen as the MOF releases their fiscal package - the more actual govt spending the package includes and the shorter the timeframe, the greater the impact of the fiscal package on giving UJ some relief - but still i advise shorting rallies as i beliveve we move into the 100s from here.

- That said in reality the impact of the fiscal package is likely to be limited if not completely muted as 1) the market already knows the extent and some of the details of the package and has done for the past week+ e.g. 28trn of which the market baring piece, the govt spending, is rumoured to be around 13trn - so this information is likely already baked into the price and imo was the driver of the support we saw on friday at the 103 level (asia/ ldn sellers wary of shorting in anticipation of the fiscal package). Thus any topside is only likely to come if MOF changes this dramatically to say 20trn govt spending (anything less is already pre-priced imo) OR even increases the package (but this is also unlikely as Japan has the highest govt debt:gdp ratio as it is) - but imo it is unlikely they would do either anyway.

- In-fact, i actually believe the MOF stimulus package has asymmetrical risks to the downside/ disappointing markets - as several MOF officials have commented that the 28trn package is such a large package that it is likely to be over several years - thus the longer the MOF stretch the package over more disappointment the market will price and this could actually end up being a driver for more Yen appreciation given some expected the whole 28trn in one year - which isnt impossible given the size of the Japanese economy (20x bigger than the package + not all of it is in fresh govt spending).

UJ View/ Trading strategy - Sell USDJPY asap @mrkt 102 - 100TP1 99TP2 - or wait for the 30/40% chance of a bounce and sell from 103/4 on Tuesday:

1. So I see UJ moving lower from here to the 100's, until Tuesday where i see there being a risk of the market gaining some topside MOF stimulus surprise (which nonetheless is capped at 103.5-104 tops - in which i would sell) but more likely MOF disappointment (e.g. 5y package, less than expected actual spending) which will give UJ seller more ammo and could push us through the 100 level, assuming UJ has traded on the offer since Sunday open (which is likely imo)..
NIFTY, 60 Short
2 102
Nifty is having clear rising wedge in Uptrend and they breakout downside mostly, sometimes known as " Bear Rising Wedge". But we also have GST bill passage coming week which will be major news for Nifty.

There is popular adage in trading community - " Buy the Rumour, Sell the Fact ". In My Opinion, , Nifty has already imbibed the GST bill thats why it moved from 8000's to 8600's in 30days which is almost 6%...Hold your Breath - more to come to blow your mind, Nifty moved from 6800's to 8600's within 150 days which is 25% UpMove, Whooping right ? In 5 months, your capital should have grown by 25%. Markets are at peak already with many stocks at 52 week highs. Do you smell something here ? Seems like Buying the rumor has already happened and now its time to Sell the fact ??. In my opinion, Market has already factored in positive momentum of Bill but still there may be little move left till 9000 but not sure.
Expect some major correction after the bill passage bcos market never came down more than 2% in the current bullish rally. So Nifty is just waiting for tipping point to crash aggressively but when immediately after bill passage or sometime later is not known.
Here in this chart we have bearish rising wedge, so who knows probably its the tipping point, bcos next week with bill passage a small rally up n a crash ? Whatever it is if it breaks-out I will short Nifty as per my usual trading plan. Fundamental Analysis is to give an overall view n Technical analysis is to Trade.

This topic is wide open for discussion, I welcome your views n comments..Feel free to drop a line...
Hit Like button to keep me motivated to post more ideas...Thanks for your support !
Happy Trading !!
FB, D Short
1 159
I went short FB today after witneseeing an extreme in sentiment, with lack of follow through after earnings. I like specially how it closed today, and expect to see rapid downside next week. If not short, enter at next week's open, risking a move above 128.33.
We can see that price has traced an uptrending linear regression channel if we anchor the start and end with the previous two quarters' reporting dates' close, and we use 2 standard deviations to obtain the channel. Earnings sent FB up hitting this channel top, and also failed to make a new high in Rgmov, which is bearish. Today's activity, after the exhuberance of hitting 4 standard deviations up above the linear regression trend from Q1 to Q2's earnings report dates, confirms my hunch that this was indeed a top in FB. The close is specially reassuring, and I expect to see downside continuation from here onwards. I aim for 113.52 at the very least, but it could break that support and head lower to 102.27. My entry was at 124.48.
Good luck if you're in, or looking to join me next week.

Check out my updated track record here:

If interested in my real time whatsapp alerts and swing trading newsletter, or in personal tuition, contact me privately. I'm offering a considerable discount on a packaged course which includes access to my private trading signals list for a year.


Ivan Labrie

Link to Tim West's chatroom:
We discuss setups like this often there. Feel free to stop by and subscribe to his indicator pack. If you have any questions ask.

Risk disclaimer: My analysis is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. I will not accept liability for any loss or damage including, without limitation, to any loss of profit which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.
GER30, 60 Long
4 116
The index is in a correction and looking likely to break above giving an opportunity to long in the short term.

IMPORTANT: The setups posted here are not trade calls or signals and are intended for informative purpose only and you should use your own strategy to determine entries and exits. They reflect my general view of the market and does not mean you should take the trades without a proper trading plan or strategy, If you would like to get all my setups together with exact entries and exits with please visit and subscribe.
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After testing the resistance lower trend line of the corrective wedge. Price has moved back to the Brexit Key Level. Looking for a break and retest of this level before completing the E leg of the larger corrective pattern.
XAUUSD, 240 Short
1 74
The potential gold head and shoulders are formed, right now
Will reach the key position 1358, and still
AB=CD, is there a key reversal?
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