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33 minutes ago
MMM, D Short
0 9
Distribution appears to be taking place in the daily time frame as a triple top as formed, and about to test support gained for the third time. Monthly, and weekly charts are also beginning to show possible signs of momo death. These are the swing target areas I'm interested in once 143 fails.
34 minutes ago
INSY, D Long
0 11
INSY fell further this week and my first (ever) attempt to build a chart was not such a successful event. :) Here is my try again. Has it finally found the bottom? It appears so if it was to remain its long-term slight up slope going into earnings on August 12. Please note that the huge amount shorts have not yet covered and it's a extremely thinly traded stock with very light daily volume. I would greatly appreciate your tips on how to build better charts. Great trading day everyone!
37 minutes ago
0 7
GBPCHF is clearly in an uptrend, as the channel on the chart illustrates. We've pulled back 50% from the recent swing low to swing high, and are consolidating at a support level here. This consolidation after a pullback is what intrigues me, and led me to go long at 5245 with my stop at 5200. I'm targeting 5380, the top of the price channel, as the point to take profit and exit.
46 minutes ago
EURCAD, 60 Neutral
0 13
Both USDCAD and EURCAD are against strong resistance areas and a fair amount of stops should be triggered if USDCAD takes out 1.0700 and EURCAD 1.4540 area.

Time will tell. Watching.
48 minutes ago
0 10
A classic setup here, in which price is clearly in an uptrend -- market is establishing higher highs and is above the 50 SMA and the 200 EMA -- and has pulled back 50% from its recent swing low to swing high. This is a swing nice buying opportunity, as the 50% pullback coincides with support, and as yesterday's candle formed a long wick off this support -- suggesting buyers may be stepping in to defend the level. I'm set to go long at 94.75, with my stop at 941.4 and my target at 97.03. I'm risking 51 pips to gain 228, which gives me a reward/risk of 4.47.
1 hour ago
BTCUSD, 360 Short
0 31
People getting excited this morning about all the buying, but I think it's just a pump. Maybe we'll bottom out in the 580s in a few days.
1 hour ago
SPY, 60 Neutral
0 54
Always remember to experiment with different indicators, on different times frames to find ones that work for your style of trading.
1 hour ago
USDJPY, 45 Short
0 20
Consolidation and BB bands tightening illustrated. Consolidated, and now change is coming, up or down, and MACD and RSI indicate lower today or tomorrow, and if we are still in tandem, markets lower. But MACD and RSI have a little bit more room to the up side before they meet the trend line, and back down, so we will see today. Futures indicate a little uptick at open, but events of the day may take hold, perhaps later.
2 hours ago
HNSN, W Long
0 19
I expected a better performance of this stock until now, I would buy around 1,16 with Stop loss under 1,00 and hoping to reach in the next 2-3 months 1,50, but I don't see this trade clear.
2 hours ago
CL1!, D Short
0 28
Multiple patterns paid off.

Crude Oil WTI set for third weekly drop as supply risks ease. The price might even drop to $100. Watch the space
2 hours ago
COLM, D Short
0 6
I like this short, I see a good resistence around 85, so this would be my entry point with Stop loss over 90, and expecting good benefits.
2 hours ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
1 598
Hi everyone.
Today on white - for the transparency. Price stopped in front of a zone of strong resistances. So we have consolidation. The consolidation of the symmetrical triangle. This is a continuation pattern. We are waiting for breakout. DMI indicates lateral trend. The Kumo as support. Bullish channel still valid. Inverse Head & Shoulders - no confirmation. Three rising valleys - no confirmation.

Good luck!
3 hours ago
USDCAD, D Neutral
0 97
USDCAD...3 WAY 1.0550.....
3 hours ago
ES1!, W Long
0 23
The Es MIni SNP 500 maybe in the most historical rally of all time on the weekly chart.
After the market, bounced off the 38.2% ( shown on the chart above, the market has continued to post higher highs and higher lows with no disruption.

Based on Elliot Wave principles, the market has gone from A to I, while waiting for the J wave to complete.
(the waves are based of touches off the kijun, for my analysis)

Also, the chart is representing a V wave price pattern or a price theory pattern. Which in this case D is different then the Elliot wave d wave ( Capital D is representing ichimoku wave D, while the lower case d is representing Elliot Wave d theory).

Notice how Ichimoku d price theory lined directly with the 161.8%.

Due to the nature of the market with the analysis of the waves being confirmed from price touching the Kijun that if a pull back should occur to the Kijun, J well be confirmed and that K will now have been confirmed as well. K well represent a pull back.

If the K wave should form before the 361.8% then the market may rally to the 361.8% or may rally to the 423.6%.
If the K wave should form after the 361.8%, then the market may rally to the 423.6%.
*Conformation of Wave K is when price touches the kijun.

3 hours ago
MDRX, D Neutral
0 6
Notes on chart
5 hours ago
USDCAD, 60 Short
5 73
i looking for a Butterfly pattern will completed
USDCAD bullish for short
Target @ 1.06840
Stop loss @ below 1.6100
Good luck
5 hours ago
KC1!, D Short
0 13
KC broke tested for the fourth time the support at current level and broke, if there's follow through, it's a good short. Historically, July should be the seasonal low. COT report- commercial is not hedging at this point.
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