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20 hours ago
11 2743
Hello traders hope you all have at least one position in this trade!
check the chart i pinned !! Amazing how wave analysis works .

Thanks for your support .
1 day ago
GBPUSD, 60 Long
15 3224
Just a quick post

get my daily trade signals
11 hours ago
8 797
This is My 1000th View :
Thank you all, my friends!
Thank you ,TradingView, such a nice platform
for me to keep all my ideas.
I will continue to publish Idea here. :)

Gold breaks 1207 the 0.618 level.
However, a potential Shark Pattern
formed at 1281.15, the inverse 1.618 Level.
together with 0.886 FIB level.
and look left there is good structure.
I did not short gold yesterday,
Stay Calm, and Do my Analysis
Now I have a plan in my heart and I am going
to wait patiently for the Inverse 1.618 Level
to come and short
14 hours ago
NZDUSD, 240 Short
15 286
Greetings Fellow Traders,

Great trades across the board yesterday, shortly after those trades came to life we find ourselves with a new day an basically the same set up.

I've gone ahead and taken a look at the lower time frames and the key technical level is already being defended for further downside, we are simply waiting on a couple key things to fall into place.

1. Lower TF close below bullish strength from .6590 low yesterday
2. 4 hour close in favor of a defended key technical level.

Likely targets and areas of major buyers are marked on the chart as we look for other bull levels to break so we can either continue this trend or re-analyze the outlook.

Here's a look at the 15 minute time frame as of this posting and the current bull strength.

Feel free to comment/follow/like.
1 day ago
EURUSD, 240 Long
18 2909
Reasons for

-After huge move and break out of box range a week ago price has risen and become very bullish
-Therefore i believe it will continue to rise till 1.15000
-To confirm is bullish strength it has made higher highs
-And higher lows
-Creating a structure
-Also on the four hour we can see a long bearish wick to a downside which shows more buyers then sellers
-Then the next candle after that is a strong bullish candle to confirm the bullish momentum
-We also broke our key level to the upside 1.1000 so it adds to the bullish setup

If we go to the daily
We are clearly making higher highs and long term is very bullish after we broke the key level

alot of people have anticipated 1.11500 for a long time and now the dollar is weak this would be the perfect time

altho im already long from 2Pm for a news setup i had and currently in nice profit id advise people to go long now as it would be the perfect time
Trade safe only risk 1-3% per trade :)
13 hours ago
2 1025
About a week ago I posted a chart looking at a potential bearish bat pattern on the EURUSD & told you that I'd be looking for reasons in my Live Trading Room to get involved in the move up to that level.

Well this week I was able to take advantage of that opportunity & wanted to share with you the video demonstrating how exactly I did so.

I'm trying to reach 25,000 subscribers on my youtube page, so if you like what you see please support by Liking, Sharing & Subscribing. Thanks in advance!

Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach -The Premier Online Trading Education Company
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16 hours ago
GBPAUD, 240 Short
11 138
5 hours ago
AUDUSD, 240 Long
1 414
Look at our PLAN SETUP:
(Click & Play)

We hope that our analysis can help you in your trading, if you think that our work has a value, give us your own "I Like" ... thank you very much!!


15 hours ago
USDCAD, 240 Short
1 454
I think we may have finished retracing for now and heading down.

-I want a break and close below the 4h trend-line in blue here
-Coincides with fib 0.618 retracement
-ABCD Structure in play
-We just bumped our heads on major monthly resistance of 1.4000 and held below
-A lot of long wicks around the 1.4000 too
-Targets as shown
-Another reason why we could be coming down is look left recent support when broken becomes resistance
6 hours ago
USDCAD, 60 Long
3 268

Prices should eventually get back up to the TL and SR resistance zone and test it again for the 3rd time. This time, it should have the required momentum to break through Once it does that, then it should be clear sailing on the wave (iii) of 3 up!


I’m going in on this trade for a LT trade as I see prices possibly moving up into the 1.50 price level. My stops are down below where I have marked the end of the wave (2) so that if prices do move down past that area, then my wave count is wrong and I will need to re-assess and re-analyze things.

For a more complete analysis, please go to my website and register. Registration is FREE. I post much more on my website than I do here as time restricts me from posting here as much as I'd like to.

Please keep in mind that I am not giving any trading signals or trade calls here. Only providing my own trade thoughts for your benefit and insight as to my trading technique and style. Please don't ask if you should or should not take the trade or ask for stop loss and take profit levels. Any SL or TP given on my trades are my own I have used for my trade and are not recommendations for you to use. If you are not sure, then you do not have a trading plan for yourself in place. I suggest you make one before you continue to do any trading!

If you like my posts and find them helpful, please take a second to hit that LIKE button and follow me so I can know my post was helpful to you. As always, any CONSTRUCTIVE comments are welcome whether AGREE or DISAGREE.

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21 hours ago
EURNZD, 30 Long
4 305
The pair has retraced most of the breakout it had done earlier, buying the break out of the trend line shown in the chart looks a good idea
19 hours ago
2 366
Today all my long positions were automatically closed and a short order was triggered!

We might get another small push up still to possibly re-test the high (or possibly even overshoot it...), but I believe we should get some retracement at least in the coming days.

A possible wave count is on the chart, possible end of wave 5 of 3 of 3 might get us down to 1.1120 and 1.1040 in extension. My short target is in between those 2, possible partial profits at the higher level.
Seeing as this is possibly only a wave 5 of 3 of 3 means that we may still expect more upside after this possible retracement (ultimately to a possible wave 5 of 5 of 5 which could trigger a very nice hort)!

The bat at the longterm trendline has been on my radar for a while, I think I first mentioned it here:

As for my initial longterm long setup for which all 3 targets were met (!):
18 hours ago
3 316
Detials On The Chart
1 day ago
XAUUSD, 240 Long
6 175
Long Term downward trend line was justbroken and a short covering rally triggered. I think some were caught on the wrong foot since a major correction instead of the c-d 4th wave was expected... Expecting it to accelerate till Mo/Tu. Good luck over the weekend.
9 hours ago
3 109
ready to short EU
19 hours ago
EURCAD, 30 Long
2 212
Hey traders! We have a new structure high thus indicating a change in trend, A potential bullish Bat pattern might complete at 1.57363. Price may test the structure and reverse from that area to the target.
7 hours ago
GBPJPY, 15 Long
3 239
Bat Pattern @ market at 162.28
Target 1 = 162.75
Target 2 = 163.05

Stops below X Join the Live Room FREE here.
23 hours ago
3 193
Hello everyone we have an opportunity to short this pair. We have a TL and also workable harmonic pattern. The targets are highlighted on the chart.

Good Luck

For info:
Twitter: kevindhaliwal1
IG: AllTradingIdeas
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