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Launch Chart
23 hours ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
10 1325
On the left is our $266 high in 2013, on the right is our current volatile drop to $166 flipped upside down. A month ago I made a thread about how I believed we were in the middle of a shorting\bearish bubble, posted here:

And today, with our 20\20 retrospect goggles on, we can see that having formed out in the charts. These moves are partly harmonic\fractal because of the nature of markets to find a equilibrium, but I believe it shows the bubble cycle mentality that is so common in Bitcoin. In the past, the only way to participate in the price action was to buy. There was no ability to short on any exchange until basically 2014, where we saw the advent of the bear market. This means that the bears, like the bulls, need to have their chance at the extremely volatile, bubble-like nature of Bitcoin, and undergo a shorting bubble just like the bulls had a longing bubble.

I threw the ascending wedge pattern in there for shits and giggles, but I honestly do not know where this consolidation pattern will lead us (as my related idea below shows). I just find it fascinating how Bitcoin loves to repeat it's patterns; it loves it's fractals.

I used the April 2013 bubble because it fit the shape I was looking for more in form than the Nov 2013 one did where we twin-topped (inb4 accusations of form-fitting). If you scroll to Nov on the left chart then you can see what I am talking about, I added a few of my markings for comparison.

Let me know what you think! I'm liking the historical analysis "series" I've been doing, for some reason I keep finding these things. Like, comment, and follow!
21 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Long
29 1092
Hey gang, lot's of dollar strength today and after big moves we typically see some relief. Below is a link to my weekly trading video where I'll walk you through the 3 different opportunities that the EURUSD will offer us to get long.

"What The Internet Won't Tell You" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUA_hZ3DaNY&feature=youtu.be
12 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Long
12 742
After the steep decline yesterday I was wondering why this pair stopped where it did and I found 3 reasons for it.

- A bullish Gartley pattern
- A bullish Butterfly pattern where D is the 1.618 extension of AB
- A previous gap that can act as support

Furthermore, the Fib extensions for both patterns (1.272 for Gartley and 1.618 for Butterfly align nicely)

12 hours ago
7 531

1 - 575.65 - 27 FEB 2015


2 - 405.95 - 27 FEB 2015


Large simple symmetrical a-b = c-d patterns aim for similar vicinity.

1 - The largest in light blue projects into the Model's range of 575.65 to 405.95

2 - The smallest in light purple projects slight above the Model's first target of 575.95

Averaged projection of the blue terminal and purple terminal levels is (623.69 + 501.17)/2 = 562.43, or slightly right at the Model's first target of 575.95


Momental lines (representing dominant rated of change in price throughout any timeframe, running independent from channel lines) can be seen in the chart as running from bottom left to upper right. This is to contrast with a long-term bearish channel which is running from top-left to bottom-right.

These momental lines are likely to remain in force in this case, as in any other cases, imposing their omni-present forces on price, ... in this particular case acting as an overhead resistance.


Price action is likely to seek a denouement in the shaded area. The arrow shows the probable direction of price. Invalidation of this would need to meet two important tests:

1 - Transgression of the momental line


2 - Committed accession above the 1944 level, whereby price would Break-Across + Close-Across ("BACA").

Stay tuned,

David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
Denver, Colorado - USA


David Alcindor

22 hours ago
1 720
The NZD/USD has been in a significant downtrend since July of 2014 as the USD strength continues to rule the FX Market.

We have seen quite a dramatic pullback within the NZD/USD that has now set us up for an excellent selling opportunity to trade back in line with the overall downtrend.

We have 8 factors of confluence on the daily chart that support a bearish bias.

1. Trading With The Trend
2. Pinbar Sell Signal
3. Double Top Formation
4. Rejection of 50 EMA
5. Rejection of .5-.618 Fib Retracement
6. Rejection of Key Resistance at .7600 (Previous Key Support)
7. Rejection of Descending Channel Trendline
8. Bearish Wedge Continuation Pattern

We have two entry options available to use, both offering great risk-reward ratios.

I expect this market to breakdown and target the next KEY weekly support at 72 cents. Breaking below 72 cents opens up the gates for 70 cents as the next downside target.
13 hours ago
6 576
I have been publishing multiple forecasts for the past few days, the price indeed reached my targeted resistance area at the 50-days SMA and 0.7620 before forming a bearish pin bar, which suggest a potential setback and resumption of the overall bear trend. For previous analysis check the related links below..

I already placed my limit sell order at 0.7575 level.

Thank you for reading , be one of the first members of my new trading portal, check my new website http://thefxchannel.com/ , vote and subscribe. Thank you

Trading Criteria:
1. Trades are taken in two units
2. First unit would be closed at first target
3. Stop loss is then moved to break-even
4. Second unit would be closed at second target
5) If 90 percent of first target is reached I move stop loss to breakeven.
6) If 90 percent of first target is reached without triggering entry I cancel the trade.
7) Remember: Losing is a main part of the game
Good luck, keep your stops tight..
My best regards
11 hours ago
0 432
Breaking out from a 5 wave Symmetrical Triangle(down median bias), clearing 20-50 sma, downtrend_line(s), above/at 50%. RSI at 55, clearing horizontal resistance.
18 hours ago
USOIL, 240 Long
0 445
My previous trade failed and was stopped out (https://www.tradingview.com/v/SkmOygMy/). However, i am giving this setup another shot at a better level with a better risk-reward, as the price retested areas near the bottom of the range at 47.40, forming a pin bar.

Crude oil might be heading towards the top of the recent sideways range, the price has broken above the main falling trend line(thick dashed line), its usual that we see price move in sideways bias following a trend line breakout as the supply demand equilibrium might have changed, and the previous downside bias could be changing to neutral.

Thank you for reading , be one of the first members of my new trading portal, check my new website http://thefxchannel.com/ , vote and subscribe. Thank you

Trading Criteria:
1. Trades are taken in two units
2. First unit would be closed at first target
3. Stop loss is then moved to break-even
4. Second unit would be closed at second target
5) If 90 percent of first target is reached I move stop loss to breakeven.
6) If 90 percent of first target is reached without triggering entry I cancel the trade.
7) Remember: Losing is a main part of the game
Good luck, keep your stops tight..
My best regards
12 hours ago
EURAUD, 240 Neutral
7 135
2 bat patterns on EURAUD together with a current downtrend of lower highs lower lows might indicate that there is some further downside to this pair.
We might be looking at a reversal around the completion of the red bat pattern (structure present) or even a little deeper to complete the blue one ...

Are these patterns going to complete ? Nobody knows ... but I'll certainly keep an eye on it
14 hours ago
SPX500, W Neutral
8 173
except from grinding higher, SPX is going to find it very difficult to climb significantly higher in the next 5 weeks.
10 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
1 410
EUR/USD has broken major support 1.1260(S1) ,this confirms short term bearishness and reach till 1.1100 cannot be ruled out .

On the upside minor resistance is around 1.12600 (R1 Support turned into resistance) and aby break above could open way for another test of 1.1300/1.1346 (200 day HMA).

Indicators (1 hour chart)
CCI (50) – Sell
CCI (14) – Sell
Ichimoku- Sell

Recommendation: Sell EUR/USD around 1.1260, SL 1.1305, Target 1.100.

3 hours ago
GER30, D Neutral
5 159
The last few days were very strong and came as a surprise in posture where all indices could have corrected.

The correction is still pending and could happen any time although grinding higher is very possible now that the motion is in place.

The blue trajectory is just speculation for now.

As per my previous trade with stop 10400 on close - today it worked. let's see monday.
3 days ago
149 6271
1. Trading is not a get rich quick scheme. it is a normal investment that gets you return on capital.

Did you ever hear of a trader making 100% percent return per month on a consistent manner? If you did, did you see a proof of that?

Trading professionally with proper money management would likely get you a return of few percents a month, from my personal experience a 3-5% return on capital per month is a very realistic number.

So if you’re that kind of person who wants to “make a killing” trading please reconsider your expectations

2. You should be well-capitalized. Small accounts will probably burn you.

This point is correlated to the first one, let me illustrate by an example:

Suppose that you have a 30k trading account, according to the 3-5 percent return per month rule; that would give you 1000-$1500 return per month, which is relatively a very good number.

Now let’s assume that you have a 5k account, according to the 3-5 percent rule, that would return 150-$250 per month.

In the 5k example, the return would likely be unsatisfying for someone looking to trade for living. Would it be for you? Wouldn't you break your money management rules and take more risk to increase that return?

3. Technical Analysis doesn't work all the time. Assumption we make will always have a percentage of failure. The main goal is to keep you risk limited, your targets bigger than your risk for consistent profit on the long run.

4. Trading is not about forecasting the market. Do not try to be smart and always forecast where markets are headed. What a trader does is, wait for the market to GIVE him certain conditions that validate a trade. (Don’t trade under the market rules, trade under your rules). Do you feel sometimes that your lost and don’t know what to do ? its probably because of this. This is very important, and helps avoid getting lost in the process..

5. If you did use stop loss on your trades within the past year, but you didn't and took excessive risk only on one trade, this single trade might wipe out all of the profits you gained through the year.

How many times did you ignore your stop loss convincing your self that you will close at better price, it may have worked sometimes, but what if the price goes against you more and more, are you mentally strong enough and able to close at a bigger loss? you probably won’t, and end up with a margin call.

6. Don’t over analyze. Over analysis and complicating your tools will lead to confusion and not necessarily efficient.

7. Ignore your bias, trades require technical evidence, 3,4 or 5 conditions that occur concurrently.

8. Always use a top to down analysis approach, from the higher time frame to the lower time frame. The higher the time frame the more strong and invulnerable the trend is, and the more strong and invulnerable the support and resistance levels are.

9. Trading setups that occur within the context of the trend usually turn more profitable than those against the trend.

10. Don’t give up when you encounter a losing streak, yeah it can go up to 10 losing trades… don’t worry it’s normal in trading.

Hope you found it useful and enjoyable... If you have points that you would add to this, I would be happy to hear them, please comment and discuss..

Be one of the first members of my new trading portal, check my new website http://thefxchannel.com/ , vote and subscribe. Thank you

My best regards
9 hours ago
GBPUSD, 15 Long
9 148
In this chart I decided to focus on timing momentum via the use of fundamental events.
These are the pieces of information the market will be expecting before deciding in its direction.
The events in red are the ones that will create the strongest volatility when announced, non-farm payrolls and the interest rate decision by the BoE.
Smaller news mostly have an impact on retail traders who create the small momentum surges we see here, while the larger timeframe trader (institutions and large speculators) continue in the direction they had established before, which created the trend in the first place.
Small surges of supply create the peaks and troughs, but paradigm shifts will be fueled by fundamental events, observable in the chart as well.
As long as the 1.54 level holds, and if we see price move away from it, upwards, I expect cable to rally further, easily reaching 1.58 in the short term.
Let's see how this unfolds, shall we?
15 hours ago
2 310
By breaking out of the purple triangle on volume, I think we have established a bullish trend that will take us back to the long-tern downtrend at least. After a weeks-long consolidation, the market has finally begun to correct from its oversold condition and decided on a direction for the next few weeks.

This should start a bull run similar to the one in May 2014 that will bring us to a target in the $340s or above. I will be looking to ride this trend until it reverses.
14 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Short
6 170
Target: 1.0830
Risk: 1.1675

Technical Reasons:

The price succeeded to exit the sideways range by breaking its support line, and the next target is the recently recorded bottom at 1.1096.

The exponential moving averages 50 and 100 form negative pressure, and MACD offers bearish trend signals that reinforce the expected decline.

20 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
2 240
Weekly Timeframe: Selling interest has recently come into the market below weekly supply at 1.1678-1.1458. Assuming that the sellers can continue with this tempo, we see very little reason why price cannot retest the weekly Quasimodo support level at 1.1109.

Daily Timeframe: The daily timeframe shows that price has closed below a small daily demand area coming in at 1.1045-1.1127, which as a result, has very likely cleared the path back down towards a daily demand area seen at 1.1045-1.1127 (encapsulates the aforementioned weekly Quasimodo support level).

4hr Timeframe: The recent descent (which we can only assume was because of the positive core CPI data released yesterday) on the EUR/USD pair, as you can see, has taken out several technical barriers along the way, and is, at the time of writing, seen retesting the 1.1200 handle as resistance. In the event that the sellers can hold out below 1.1200, our primary focus for today will be looking for confirmed shorts around this level. For anyone thinking the same, please do be aware that if you decide to sell here, you’ll effectively be selling down towards a long-term weekly Quasimodo support level seen in pink at 1.1109, so careful trade management is advised.

However, if price closes above 1.1200, we’ll then shift to begin watching for price to retest this level as support. Any buys taken here, in our opinion, will need confirmation, and will (for us anyway) have a fixed take-profit target set at 1.1237, seen just below immediate 4hr supply above at 1.1262-1.1240.

Current buy/sell orders:

• Buy orders: Flat (Predicative stop-loss orders seen at: N/A).

• Sell orders: currently watching for lower timeframe price action around 1.1200 (Predicative stop-loss orders seen at: dependent on where one confirms this level).

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