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17 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Short
16 1215
They say that consolidation is the best time to trade harmonic patterns and this definitely is not a lie.
If you trade bat patterns, usually you take profit at the 0.382 and the .618 retracement of the AD move.

We have reached that .618 retracement now and it's time to take profits. And immediately we have another setup, the classic 26.18 (or twenty-six eighteen) trade.

What is required for a 26.18 trade :

1. Double top : the A and C points of our bat pattern
2. Break below close below of the neckline : D -point of our bat pattern
3. 0.618 Fibonacci retracement of previous move : where we take profit now

=> all requirements for 26.18 trade are met.

What is expected to happen :

4. price retracement into previous low (Target 1)
5. 1.272 Fibonacci extension of the previous move down (Target 2)
- a potential completion of an AB=CD pattern

Stop Loss : should go minimum above the red dotted line but it is safer to put it above the structure of the double top, which would make Target 1 approximately a 1:1 risk/reward ratio.
21 hours ago
EURCHF, 240 Long
15 188
EURCHF is correcting the 'BIG DROP' . This could be the start of an up trend or just a 3 wave correction .In any case we are expecting a 3rd wave up . I will wait for confirmation that the down move if finished before I buy. This analysis is very much in line with the 'BIG UP MOVE ' expected on EURAUD.
Feel free to comment and like (Click the thumb at the top) if you agree with the analysis. YOUR VIEW IS IMPORTANT.
19 hours ago
10 513
See chart.

The accumulation phase is nearly over. I doubt you will ever see sub 200 ever again. It is important for investors and traders to know which phase the market is at to position yourself correctly.
14 hours ago
GBPUSD, D Neutral
7 240
The technical situation on the cable needs further clarification, elections approach UK (May 7) and historically has seen a weakening of the pound, so it will be this time? I do not know if it will be so, but this week will be crucial, so my approach will be defensive, and if I will enter to the market, I will do it with reduced size.
It will be important to monitor the opening and especially the closing on Monday to find out if the cable will definitely going to see new highs or new lows

Signal Suisse

Thanks for your "I Like!"... I wait your comments about my analysis, subscribe it!
14 hours ago
AUDUSD, 240 Short
7 332
This pair has been channeling between 0.75 and 0.79 since it broke below this last level at the end of February and I do not see any current reason why it would not continue to do so.

Price is currently sitting in the top half of this channel and I am waiting for the bat pattern to complete. A smaller potential reversal zone lies within a larger resistance zone defined by the X-point of this bat pattern, so our stop loss (as always with a bat pattern) should exceed X in case price wants to test that level again.

The potential reversal zone was defined using the 1.618 extension of the AB-leg, the 0.886 retracement of the XA-leg and structure present.

Targets are the 0.382 and 0.618 fibonacci retracement levels of the previous move up. This would make for a 1:2 and 1:3 risk/reward ratio for TP1 and TP2 respectively.
1 day ago
AUDUSD, 60 Neutral
5 151
Inside 4Hr expanding wedge with up move needed to verify wedge structure. Current up move shows divergence at the top on the 15m chart. Buy on solid break of 15min down pattern or sell on break of 15min pullback line. Last move shows solid down impulse with small pullback.
5 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Short
0 498
I wish to update the last chart I publish little over 2 weeks ago with suggestion that 210 could be potential downside target.

Well we are progressing well towards that target though the price action is little puzzling in that the counts are not conforming to what we anticipated.

This will require review of price action since 150 low and feel we could have larger wave 4 retracement to upside still in progress as shown in our roadmap we have been following for sometime on Daily time frame.

Therefore, the review of what happens once we drop to 210 zone will be of great interest and will explain this in subsequent charts and may be a recording.

For now I trust this will be of interest to you

Disclaimer: All of my work above could be completely wrong, so please use or disregard it at your discretion.

As, always please do your own analysis for your requirement. Select to follow me and the charts for notification of any updates. If you like the analysis show this by thumbs up and constructive comments or alternative ideas for all to learn from.

Thanks for taking the time to view my analysis.

7 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Short
5 229
Please see comments on chart.

Multiple confluences for a short trade, included entry, stop and target FYI.

Dollar-long set ups making appearances on multiple currency pairs is an added confluence for a short trade.

As stated we could see a slight continuation up before we descend lower.

Any movement above 1.10 and this analysis is invalidated.

Initial target of recent lows, however depending on price action I may extend target to 1.02/03
7 hours ago
4 183
This pair is reacting near a strong resistance, we can see it on W1 chart.

Looking at D1 chart there are some more reasons:

1) Pinbar
2) R1 pivot resistance
3) 0.7860 fib retracement
4) a bullish swing against the main bearish trend
5) a gartley pattern

Although the R/R ratio is not so good for me i want to be conservative and place the SL following the rules, above the X point of the gartley.

Best regards
3 hours ago
XAUUSD, 240 Neutral
5 189
Gold this week. Will be able to drop in 1181
But after this support.
Will jump. Up to 1262
14 hours ago
AUDUSD, 240 Short
0 269
Last week started with a move lower for this pair as the Chinese trade balance was showing a much lower than expected reading. The market anticipated a negative effect on the Australian economy by this Chinese slowdown. Later in the week the pair recovered after some very good Australian employment data caused the market to change its view on an RBA rate cut in May. A series of weak US data on Tuesday (retail sales), Wednesday (manufacturing / production) and Thursday (various) also helped to push this pair up almost 300 pips (!) from the low on Monday.

Because the FED said their decision on when to hike the interest rate would be data dependent, US news event now have a big impact on dollar strength, resulting in strong rallies or falls. On Friday the US cpi numbers came out as expected which halted the Aussie Dollar rally for now. With several Australian and US news events on the calendar for next week, it will be interesting to watch how this pair reacts. I continue to see fundamental dollar strength, even though it just had a bad week with 4 consecutive days of the Dollar Index dropping. I still see the FED hike their rates first of all the central banks.

Meanwhile, on the 4H timeframe, we can see the contours of a bearish Bat pattern developing. See the link under Related Ideas for another recent Bat pattern on this pair that played out profitably. Price has passed the B point and travelled 2/3 of the way from C to the potential reversal zone (PRZ). With this, the set up qualifies as a trade candidate and it goes on my watch list. When defining the potential reversal zone (PRZ) for a Bat pattern, we look at the projection of three harmonic levels. I: the 886 retracement of XA, II: an extended AB = CD pattern (in this case 1618 AB = CD) and III: a BC expansion (in this case 2000 BC).

This defines a clear zone, 45 pips wide, represented by the orange lines in the chart. Inside this zone we find the 500 retracement of the down move that started on January 15th and that ended April 2nd, which increases the edge of a reversal. Should this pair eventually go up to test the PRZ and reverse convincingly, I would enter short. SL goes 15 pips behind X. TP1 = 382 retracement of AD and TP2 = 618 retracement of AD. In terms of trade management, when TP1 is hit I would take profit on 1 position and roll my stop loss to breakeven, enjoying a risk free trade hunting for TP2.

There are 225 pips to be made (if this pair follows the script) and the trade has a reward – risk ratio of 3.7!
14 hours ago
CL1!, M Neutral
4 232
Still respecting LT support levels and is on course to close the month in a bullish engulfing candle. Lower term charts has sen Crude break out of its range. As long it stays above $54 then there is scope for more upside, potential towards $75 in the medium term.
15 hours ago
6 214
The Turkish general election of 2015 will be held on June 7, 2015

14 hours ago
USOIL, 60 Short
2 132
Had a nice adavance on oil up to 4th Wave in the SubWave

Just completed a textbook Expanded flat as the signature for both being in the 4th Wave and now looking for the 5 wave completion of the C wave that should be as a Min 1:1 of A or 1.618 * A for the completion of C

Lets go short from 56ish or 50% retrace of W 1 of the subwave (blue)

We need a 5 wave impulse move down to complete C . I estimate from under 55 as a target kill zone to get long for the 5th wave up (monitor the structure of the 5 wave C wave as to entry .. We may get a 1.618 of A or around 54 for our long entry)

Once long expect an explosive 5 th wave following an expanding flat ..Dont be surprised if we get and extenstion of 5 to achieve 60+ on Oil

After we break 57 roll your stops on each new pivot
17 hours ago
BTCUSD1W, 180 Long
3 202
This is the alternate count that I am currently favoring over the last chart I published (

Looking at the 3H and above there is a pretty big bullish divergence all the way up to the 12H. My original thinking, that I published in my other chart, was that since wave v (on the current chart) has so much momentum compared to wave iii, that wave v was actually the first wave of an extension. At this time it appears that it is actually a leading diagonal like the current chart shows, and that this is in-fact an extension, however, we have not completed wave 2 of the extension. What I had labeled as wave 2 on my original chart is most likely wave a of 2. I was simply eager for this big down swing that is on the horizon. Good news is that we can increase our positions by longing and then re-shorting the top :)

The targets here set up some very nice harmonic patterns. The low target is 231 and the high target is 240. The low target 231 will create a very nice Gartley Harmonic, and the high target 240 will create a very nice Crab Harmonic. Depending on what the lower timeframes dictate, either one of these prices will be an extremely good short with a very tight stop-loss and very low r/r.

As was said in the first chart I ever posted "Want what the market wants" do not want what you want! Let the new information organize itself rather than trying to massage it into old categories. One of the most harmful things you can do in trading is anchor on to an ungrounded belief. Nobody trades the market, we all trade our individual belief systems. When someone says that "you can't do this" or "the market will do this" they are really talking about their beliefs. If you learn to trade your individual beliefs about the market you will find that you end up seeing a lot more possibilities in all markets, and you end up profiting with much more ease. There are basically two kinds of beliefs: limiting beliefs and liberating (chaotic) beliefs. Many traders are stuck in a limiting belief system because they refuse to admit that they are wrong, or simply because they cannot see any other way. Once you learn to trade your limiting beliefs for liberating beliefs trading becomes much more like a leisurely stroll through the park, rather than an arena where you are fighting other traders to the death.

Good Luck and Happy Trading! :)
23 hours ago
0 310
Long term my bias is long, first lets take a look at W1 chart:
Price bounced from a strong support with a hammer candle pattern

Here on D1 chart we can see:

1) price is bouncing from main pivot point
2) 0.50 fib retracement
3) bullish divergence on stochastics
4) strong W1 support

Fundamentally, after a sequencies of bad USD news last week, investors may start to buy gold.

Best regards
23 hours ago
0 383
This is my considerable wave analysis of EUR/USD since 1.3966 (2014.03/13)
First of all, 1.3993 (2014.05/08) was an expanded Flat even though it was beyond 1.3966.
Secondly wave 4 was too short to me.....however Final wave 5 did not complete yet.
In this case wave 5 would be complicated, but the latest upswing was 5-sub-5-2-C.
Final target will be 1.1533-(1.3993-1.1096) x Fib.50%=1.0085

Nikita FX ( )
22 hours ago
BTCUSD, 30 Neutral
4 140
Just noticed this interesting pattern. Price is pressing up against $224, but if it doesn't break out soon, then it's not going to.
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