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USDCHF, 240 Long
1 1565
Hi Guys hope you are all having a great weekend. This setup on the USDCHF looks nice, the pullback will take sometime before the next up impulse so no rush. The pattern is a corrective structure so watch for breakout of top or one more down then final up and breakout. I guess after yesterday's impulsive move we will have to wait for correction on most pairs before the next impulse.

If you missed the webinar it's on YouTube
Thanks for a great turnout in the webinar.

EURUSD, D Neutral
14 808
A single Trend continuation Triangle Pattern Forms in four different formations. Please look at the chart for Further details.
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
11 471
Many of you asked me for help & wanted some more stuff. So I decided to make another post for you guys so that you may get something from it. Hope it'll help you guys!
Thumbs & Comment if you like it.
USDCAD, M Neutral
5 589
Hello Traders! We hope that our analysis can help you in your trading and if you are interested to receive real-time updates about this analysis, click on "I Like" BUTTON on the chart
... thank you very much!!

MEDIUM TERM ANALYSIS (weekly time frame):
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68 4612
It seems never ending. The bad news for the bears - and the good news for the bulls - that we are still in the triangle.
The good news: it seems to me that miners bottomed yesterday. And gold might printed the DCL yesterday also.
As I'm writing this we are very close - less than 1$- from the daily swing.

Yellen speech today will be important for gold's direction.
If she hits a hawkish tone - I doubt that - we might break down from the triangle. Even if that happens I don't think we will break below the last DCL (1310.5).
If she hits a dovish tone we might immediately rally up to the upper trendline of the triangle. At that level I would like to see as price stays above the green trendline ( Bearmarket's trendline from the all time tops)

RSI has give in the sign of the bottom. We left the overbought levels on the daily chart.

I think the FED 's last chance for the rate hike was the last meeting. As the elections are very close the only thing left for them is speaking about hiking but nothing will happen.

In the worst case we can be in this triangle 3-4 weeks from now.
USDJPY, 240 Long
2 361
Vice versa from EURUSD-0.77% , NZDUSD-0.88% and AUDUSD-0.75% where we look for selling, in USDJPY1.23% we should wait for a correction and watch for a buy setup to complete. In my last post i updated a sell setup because of the consolidation and closed my position almost at BE (tiny profit).

* the arrows in the chart don't represent the exact moves, i expect price to make, and profit targets. I use them to make clear what i expect, in this example; a correction followed by a new upmove
USDJPY, 240 Long
18 558
The pair broke up out of the corrective structure in an impulsive manner enough to confirm short term direction change so buying after smaller degree correction next week looks good now.

IMPORTANT: The setups posted here are not trade calls or signals and are intended for guidance purpose only and you should use your own strategy to determine entries and exits. They reflect my general view of the market and does not mean you should take the trades without a proper trading plan or strategy, If you would like to get all my setups together with exact entries and exits with please visit and subscribe.
EURUSD, 240 Short
2 552
In the last week, EURUSD had been completing an ED to finish off this corrective wave X. It did that a couple of days ago and then it broke that ED. I warned my members that to wait for the retest of the broken ED to look to SELL this pair. Well, today with the news release of Yellen's speech, it did EXACTLY that. Those who were alerted sold this pair on that retest and are now in a nice profit! There is still more to go in this downtrend.

If you had been a subscriber of my site, you would already be in this trade and already up +100 pips. Just one trade like this and it already pays for the subscription fee and then some! But we have these kinds of trades happen ALL THE TIME! If you are not a subscriber, you are missing out! We recently closed our GOLD trade (documented here in Tradingview) and pocketed over +1100 pips! That's over $11,000! On ONE trade! We had some trades that we closed out for even MORE pips than that Gold trade! Join us and you can bank pips with us! There are some GREAT trade setups that we are looking out for that will be here soon! Don't miss them! They won't be posted here. Join us. Subscribe here. 50% trial subscriptions still available: Click Here

Please keep in mind that I am not giving any trading signals or trade calls here. Only providing my own trade thoughts for your benefit and insight as to my trading technique and style. Please don't ask if you should or should not take the trade or ask for stop loss and take profit levels. Any SL or TP given on my trades are my own I have used for my trade and are not recommendations for you to use. If you are not sure, then you do not have a trading plan for yourself in place. I suggest you make one before you continue to do any trading!

THINK before you comment! It takes MUCH work and time to create these posts! So before you decide to criticize me for what I post, or how I choose to post, remember that I don't just throw a chart up with a few lines on it with a few arrows showing 2 possible directions and that's it. I can do those in 5 mins. My charts take MUCH effort and I put much detail into creating them for your benefit. I hope it helps but I also hope it's appreciated!

If you like my posts and find them helpful, please take a second to hit that LIKE button and follow me so I can know my post was helpful to you. As always, any CONSTRUCTIVE comments are welcome whether AGREE or DISAGREE.
Update status
XAUUSD, 240 Short
2 296
1st season: Buy 1319 SL:1315 TP:1338.5
(If Stop hit then Sell in 1315 with 1292 TP and with 1321 SL)

2nd season: Sell 1339~1346 step by step SL:1348 TP:1292

The monthly close is around 1339-1346

Good luck
NZDUSD, 60 Short
10 286
Hi traders. I'd like to share a few tips, that many traders ignore (I'd dare to say most).
If we compare the different dollar pair's performance over different time periods, we can glean important information, as to what cross pairs to trade, and reap some nice uncorrelated to oil, DXY and stocks returns. This is one of the advantages of including Forex in your trading portfolio and strategies.

In this chart, we take a look at a 5 week line chart of all dollar pairs. We can see that some started the week up, and went down, and only one closed up for the week (GBP). Out of all the pairs that fell, the ones that fell the most are the most interesting ones to short. We can look to short them against the dollar, to ride the main fundamental trend, kicked off by the Fed today - or we can look to trade cross pairs, taking advantage of the Pound's fundamental edge over the rest, as evidenced by the relative strength chart.

The idea is simple, go to the GBP cross pair charts, and find the most optimal technical setups to build your long GBP portfolio.
I'll leave that part to you, feel free to post your setups in the comments section, and I hope you find this technique useful.
There's more to this process, but I'll leave the extra bits of information to my trading students. This is already a great start to improve your Forex analysis and trading results, and stop wasting time looking at endless amounts of charts every day.


Ivan Labrie.

Ps: Check out this link, you can see Forex daily/weekly/monthly performance ranking of all currencies.
XMRBTC, 60 Long
0 742
Alphabay market and its 5k users are going to unleash the fury of XMR, get ready.

For more information come and join our attermost community:
5 190
Hello friends, sorry been busy recently haven't had a chance to post. (I post quick ideas on twitter while being away here, you can follow me there @thefxchannel).

This is my trade on the EURAUD, looking for bullish resumption for the latest bullish wave after the recent pause and pullback. I have three targets, first aiming to get a quick trade. Second for more potential and Third for a great risk-reward.

All my ideas are just my personal view. Trade Your own view.

Likes and comments are appreciated and would keep me going ..
If you a question or would like to talk you can SKYPE me at : Technician - The Forex Channel
My Regards,
DXY, D Long
0 224

1. Given the firming of USD STIR/ Fed funds following Yellens JH remarks and the markets hawkish reaction i still think there is another % or so of topside to be priced into USD topside.

- Fed funds implying 36% probability of a Sept hike - the highest implied prob in 3 months - hence given cables 50pip appreciation i feel theres another 100pips here to be priced at least in the fron end (tuesday/weds) of next week.

2. The 1yr MA and then the 6m highs are the next targets higher at 96.5 and 97.5 - i feel the market can move to 96.5 based on the steepening of the fed funds curve (now implying 1 hike at close to 100% for 2016 vs 70/75% previoiusly) at the front of next week but then we will need a firm NFP beat to move to the next level higher at 97.5 or 6m highs.

3. Dollar index aside, gbpusd is my favourite expression of long USD aside from DXY - profit target of 1.300/5.
3 96
EURO/USD is forming a potential advanced bullish gartley pattern
3 27
EUR/JPY has just made its triangle breakout at 113.54. Its target will be
126.30. This target will be automatically its Larger Flag breakout.
If Larger Flag breakout will be done at the Wedge Crossing point at 118.66,
Flag breakout target will be at 136.80 at least.

Nikita FX ( )
USDJPY, 60 Neutral
1 118
what will be happen in this pair is visible very simple & easy....

the up was only a reaktion of yellen's hawkish message and we can see the next big downtrend, or we are going higher with a big,strong, fast & furious uptrend until the us election...happy trading & good luck...
EURUSD, 240 Long
4 78
Resistance - 1.1220 - 1.240 - 1.1260 - 1.1280

this is not investment advice
NZDUSD, 240 Short
1 72
Waiting for a correction and shot it or you can enter here.
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