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Launch Chart
23 hours ago
19 1559
Update: Trade is active

Going Long as price hits long-term Support

The price has hit a long term support area, much clearer on the monthly chart.
On the daily chart above, we have see a bounce higher and a break above the latest swing high and resistance at 1.4050. where i will be waiting for a retest of that broken resistance area, which should turn now to support.
The trade is also supported by a slight bullish divergence on RSI. and a potential falling wedge pattern,

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Trading Criteria:
1.Trades are taken in two units
2.First unit would be closed at first target
3.Stop loss is then moved to break-even
4.Second unit would be closed at second target
5) If 90 percent of first target is reached without triggering entry I cancel the trade
6) If 90 percent of first target is reached I move stop loss to breakeven.
7) Remember: Losing is a main part of the game
My best regards
11 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Long
3 693
EURUSD(H1). Potential Bullish Gartley.
20 hours ago
EURAUD, 60 Long
8 578
Just shot this to my Syndicate members but wanted to give you guys a look as well. Playing for a simply low risk high reward breakout on EURAUD as we've just created a HHHC above previous structure (looking left). Normally I play for a bigger move to the 1.272 but the even handle and next resistance level doesn't make it worth the risk.
15 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
1 247
Corrective Structures can be very complex. The EURO has already made a 3 wave correction which could be one wave of a higher degree in a more complex structure. Possible divergence (not complete as yet) on the 60 mins chart, so I would move any sell stops to a lower 60 min top. If this down move is the next down impulse then my stop would be OK ,if the correction becomes more complex I would be taken out and i'll be looking to BUY the C wave up after an impulse and a correction of lower degree. For now i'm short.
3 hours ago
JY1!, W Neutral
8 253
-This is the Beginning of a Educational Series from Jake Bernstein to the TradingView Community.
-Many Traders use the COT Data Incorrectly.
-Jake Discovered if You Look at the Net Commercials and Take Note When Commercials net Buying is Either At All Time Highs, Or Net Buying = Longest Period of Buying Look for an Extreme Move To the Upside.
-In The Future We Will Show Precise Entry Signals…But a Basic Entry Signal Is When Commercials Go From Net Long to Net Short.
-Full Credit in Methodology goes to Jake Bernstein at and

Thought Process:
-Commercials Represent Large (Typically Billion Dollar) Companies.
-Take Note - When Commercials Are Buying at Record High
-Take Note - When Commercials Are Buying For Record Long Periods of Time
***Note…Commercials Can Buy For Extended Periods Dollar Cost Averaging…
***Basic Entry Listed In Overview.
***More Precise Entries Will Be Introduced Soon.

Take Note When Commercials STOP Buying and START Selling

Indicator Shows Net Commercials
-Full Credit goes to Greeny for Creating Original Code. I only made slight modifications.

Lower Indicator Modifications include
-Took Off Net Long and Short Individual Plots
-Added Optional Background Highlighting when Commercials Switch from Long to Short
-Added Optional Alert Capability If Commercials Go From Net Long to Short
-Ability to Show INVERSE - This makes it Easier for some Traders to See…Since the Signals look similar to MacD/RSI Type Indicators.

Upper Indicator Modifications include:
-Added Ability to Plot Text Entries when Commercials Switch From Net Long To Short
-Added Optional Background Highlighting when Commercials Switch from Long to Short
-Added Optional Alert Capability If Commercials Go From Net Long to Short

***Additional Indicators and Updates Coming Soon

***Link To Lower Indicator & Upper Indicator Below Under Related Ideas:
2 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
7 346
Details on the chart
23 hours ago
USOIL, 240 Short
6 484
Details on the chart
1 day ago
16 1127
March 30 is the projected bottom for the 7-day decline that set-up on the 23rd of March around the 262 level.

It is very constructive that the projected decline to 224 did not happen AND the market held support at 237 where you can see the 20-day mode is holding the market decline. 237 is also where the most volume shows on the "volume profile" on the right side of the graph. The low volume and high volume levels represent important levels.

Look for a move over a previous day high to buy and use 229, 223, 217 as stop loss levels for longs. A break of 237 will be setting up a major down leg, but first we need to stop out long, then roll into shorts because if 237 breaks, it means there isn't enough support to sustain prices at this level and not enough accumulation to start a longer term advance.

Tim 10:13AM 244.90 last BTCUSD March 30, 2015
11 hours ago
GBPUSD, 60 Long
1 212
The GBPUSD is in a corrective ABC ,looks like we are still in the B wave so i'm looking to buy the C wave up. waiting for an impulse break out then and a correction on a lower degree to buy.
8 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Short
2 410
•RES 4: 1.1016 (200 day 4HMA)

•RES 3: 1.0950

• RES 2: 1.0864 (20 day 4HMA)

• RES 1: 1.0797 (Tenken-Sen)

PRICE: 1.07430 @ 11:46 GMT

•SUP 1: 1.0720

•SUP 2: 1.0650

•SUP 3:1.0600

•SUP 4: 1.0550


EUR/USD is trading well below 200 day 4HMA and this confirms intraday weakness decline till 1.0600 is possible.

On the upside minor resistance is around 1.0864 and intraday bullishness can be seen only above that level.

Sell around 1.08000 stop around 1.0864 with target of 1.0600
8 hours ago
GBPJPY, 60 Long
4 241
According to my previous idea i expect a retracement of this pair at least to the 180.00 area

If you missed that entry this is another chance to enter the market.
Price is bouncing from a trendline, formed a bullish bat.
We have also the 0.61 fib retracement from the entire swing

Best regards.
9 hours ago
BTCCNY, 120 Short
4 271
A five wave decline followed the fifth wave of the flat rally that took us up from yearly lows. A five wave can be the start of a larger impulse, a primary wave, or it could be wave A. But now that wave hypothetical ii is unfolding in abcs, where wave C should be an impulse, we are given a clue that we are in a triangle sideways correction. triangles may be wave B or iv, in this case it could only be a wave (EDIT) B . being terminal moves, this triangle could produce a thrust that will produce a bottom at around (EDIT) - 200, or maybe around 1250 yuan.
23 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
0 380
Weekly timeframe perspective: From this angle, the upward momentum from weekly demand at 1.0333-1.0502 seems to be crumbling, as weekly rejection wicks are being seen forty or so pips from below a major weekly swap (resistance) level at 1.1096, which could encourage further downside in the market. Let’s see what we can find on the lower timeframes…

Daily timeframe perspective: Contrary to the weekly chart, the daily outlook remains relatively positive. Price is currently teasing a daily swap (support) level coming in at 1.0825. Provided that the buyers can register some meaning here this week, we feel there’s a good chance that price will likely attack the aforementioned major weekly swap (resistance) level.

4hr timeframe perspective: The 4hr timeframe shows that the market opened at 1.0884, and saw a decline in value down to 4hr demand at 1.0766-1.0826 (located just below the aforementioned daily swap level). For those who read our reports regularly, you may recall that we already have a long position in the market from 1.0834 – partial profits have already been taken at the 1.0900 handle. Our stop loss remains below the 4hr zone at 1.0759 for the simple reason that we expected price to retest our 4hr demand area…

Given that price has yet to hit the weekly swap (resistance) level, and that the buyers and sellers are currently seen pulling for position around a daily swap (support) level (see above) at the moment, we feel there may be room for the Euro to appreciate. The move above 1.0900 seen on Friday has very likely consumed most of the sellers in this region, and potentially cleared the path north up to a rather weak-looking 4hr sell zone coming in at 1.1050-1.1011, which, as we’re sure you can already see, is located just below the aforementioned weekly swap (resistance) level. Therefore, should active buyers come in to the market today within the current 4hr demand area, we may consider adding (with lower timeframe confirmation) to our current live position, and attempt to ride this train all the way up to the aforementioned 4hr sell zone, and potentially, the weekly swap (resistance) level just above, given enough time.

Current buy/sell orders:

• Buy orders: 1.0834 (Predicative stop-loss orders seen at: 1.0759) 1.0766-1.0826 [Tentative – confirmation required] (Predicative stop-loss orders seen at: 1.0759).

• Sell orders: Flat (Predicative stop-loss orders seen at: N/A).

12 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Long
1 315
Diagonals are often retraced in a third of the time it takes to form the pattern. 294 by April 3
27 minutes ago
SPY, D Short
4 126
To add to the previous sell signal of 9 days generated back on the 24-25th of March, there is a new 10-day sell signal that triggered at today's close. The sell signal will be enhanced if SPY is down on the day tomorrow, and additionally if it is down by at least 1.8 pts (which sounds obvious, but it can accelerate down from that level).

Note the exceptionally low level of VIXY, which indicates market players are not looking for a volatile move down from here, when this looks to me to be the time when it is HIGHLY probable.

Look for the 200 day moving average to provide some support and a decent bounce, but then it will very likely give way and lead to an accelerated decline that clears out many longs (margin longs). It looks like speculation needs to be wrung out of the market, but time will tell.

Stay tuned!

Tim 4:13PM EST 206.43 SPY March 31, 2015

21 hours ago
USDJPY, 240 Long
2 182
Weekly timeframe perspective: From the weekly timeframe, we can clearly see that active buyers have entered the market from within a small weekly decision-point demand area coming in at 118.22-119.40.

Daily timeframe perspective: The rebound seen from the minor daily support level at 118.32 on Thursday last week, extended higher yesterday. As long as the buyers can continue with this tempo, we see very little reason why price will not hit the daily supply area coming in at 122.01-121.10.

4hr timeframe perspective: The 4hr timeframe shows that ever since the market opened at 119.19, the buyers have been in overall control pushing the market nearly 100 pips north! Consequent to this, price firmly closed above and retested the round number 120.00. For those who read our last report, you may recall that we mentioned should price close above this number, we’ll be heavy buyers from that point on.

So, with the above in mind, we’re going to primarily be spending much of today scouring the lower timeframes for confirmed long entries around the 120.00 number. In the event that a signal is spotted, our first take-profit target will be 120.60, the second, a little higher up at 121.00.

Current buy/sell orders:

• Buy orders: 120.00 [tentative – confirmation required] (Predicative stop-loss orders seen at: dependent on where one confirms this level).

• Sell orders: Flat (Predicative stop-loss orders seen at: N/A).

2 hours ago
BTCUSD, 60 Short
0 159
Details on the chart
10 hours ago
CYBR, D Long
1 113

Cyberark had lost its way a little, coming out of main channel resistance and floundering around since then. But we finally have some clear direction.

1. We've seen multiple bullish buy signals at the buying range, although most have failed so far, they've shown bullish intention.
2. Dragonfly doji bang on the 61.8 retrace of previous impulse leg, and supported right off the 50EMA. People were reluctant to see price drop below the 50
3. Signal broke sideways resistance range, now we just need to see break above main channel resistance to ensure safe entry
4. Piercing signal, spinning top/kicker signal all present, all bullish.
5. Yesterdays candle broke the 20EMA resistance with gap up, bullish presence is clear now.

I may buy some shares today, and increase my position after double resistance break. OR I will buy all my position above resistance break. It depends on how the stock is behaving.

Last position bought in this was 05/02/2015. And stock performed well.

Risk rewards are 8.3 (aggressive) and 6.50 (For safer entries)
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