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It seems never ending. The bad news for the bears - and the good news for the bulls - that we are still in the triangle.
The good news: it seems to me that miners bottomed yesterday. And gold might printed the DCL yesterday also.
As I'm writing this we are very close - less than 1$- from the daily swing.

Yellen speech today will be important for gold's direction.
If she hits a hawkish tone - I doubt that - we might break down from the triangle. Even if that happens I don't think we will break below the last DCL (1310.5).
If she hits a dovish tone we might immediately rally up to the upper trendline of the triangle. At that level I would like to see as price stays above the green trendline ( Bearmarket's trendline from the all time tops)

RSI has give in the sign of the bottom. We left the overbought levels on the daily chart.

I think the FED 's last chance for the rate hike was the last meeting. As the elections are very close the only thing left for them is speaking about hiking but nothing will happen.

In the worst case we can be in this triangle 3-4 weeks from now.
USDJPY, 240 Short
16 2528
Hi Guys , the USDJPY is in a downtrend , it is now consolidating so possible one more down move . This impulse down maybe the last one before the trend turns.
I hope to see you today in my Weekly Outlook webinar today, register here:

Trade with care
Thank you for your support.
USOIL, 240 Neutral
27 2971
some thoughts on oil
and one important trading logic to share:

Guys, Today I receive a msg from one of the follower
"sir, any forecast on oil now?"

then i draw this chart to him:
1. Oil is in a tri-angle right now, lower highs and equal lows.
2. 48.00 is strong resistance structure
3. 46.50 is strong support stucture.

problem: price is right in the middle!
it can go up or can go down and your risk is not small at all.

Do not Trade Oil at this moment, which means:
Have some rest!
here is the sharing part:
Traders, how many times you feel that you have to do
how many times you think you got itchy finger?
Please take note:
If there is no much trading opportunity,

wait paitiently for the price to react at thoese
important structure and you will have a clearer
trading plan by then.

Good night! Wish you a happy trading life!
Plan your trade, trade your plan!
Always here to share,
yours sincerely:
Jack ( tntsunrise)
4 1304
Obviously there's a lot going on here as I looked at this chart from a handful of perspectives so instead of trying to explain it here, check out the video that I just posted to my Youtube Page. The analysis on this pair starts a little after the 11:00 mark

Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach -The Premier Online Trading Education Company
Trade Empowered on YouTube

NZDUSD, 60 Short
7 633
Price is moving in a smaller correction, into a larger one and is now testing a slide parallel of a downslope median line. Stoploss and profit targets as shown at the chart

Like and follow for updates..!
CL1!, 60 Long
15 664
Oil has broken out the down channel, it's possibly to go north
But it'd be better watch for the retracement today.
If drop under 46.4, may fall to 45.4-45.5
If break out 47.6, will continue to go north
EURUSD, 60 Neutral
3 443
In my Chart i have illustrated some Action Points (mangenta) Here i exspect considerable moves.
Within the uptrend since 25.07 we have now reached a consolidation Phase in form of a shortterm downtrend (red counting) . Within this trend, a bearish wedge is be formed.
The wedge will reach in the best technical case up to the downtrends edge @ 1.1312. Here is an Action Point!
A break through that wedge could initiate a shortterm downwave to 1.1230 / 1.1215. Here a new green "3" could be formed = next Action Point!
Trading below that Level would attack the midterm uptrend. If this trend breakes, the tp could be the former low @ 1.115
Breaking the shortterm downtrend on the upside means aiming the resistance at 1.135-1.1365. Above that Level, the next bigger tp could be the uptrends upper edge at 1.145

Comments are Welcome - Agree or Disagree
USDCAD, 240 Short
13 2929
Hello Traders! We hope that our analysis can help you in your trading and if you are interested to receive real-time updates about this analysis, click on "I Like" BUTTON on the chart
... thank you very much!!

NZDUSD, 240 Short
10 251
The pair is in large corrective structure which had been going up, inside we now have a break of the immediate up trend so selling after a confirmation looks very good.

IMPORTANT: The setups posted here are not trade calls or signals and are intended for guidance purpose only and you should use your own strategy to determine entries and exits. They reflect my general view of the market and does not mean you should take the trades without a proper trading plan or strategy, If you would like to get all my setups together with exact entries and exits with please visit and subscribe.
GBPJPY, 60 Short
3 263
Took a short position on GBPJPY after it failed to produce a new high, i will be adding more if it breaks the channel.
EURUSD, 15 Long
0 315
Take Long
1.When price is above 55 -15 min EMA

2.Trend line resistance breaks

3.CCI(50)- also shows buy

4. ADX strength should point upwards

Minor intraday resistance- 1.2930 (trend line joining 1.12973 and 1.12963).

Time frame- 15 min

Moving average -55 EMA -1.1289

EUR/USD has recovered from the low of 1.12712 made on yesterday. It is currently trading around 1.12937.

In 15 min chart the pair is trading above 55- 15 min EMA and also broken trend line resistance. It is good to go long for very short term target of 1.13663.

The minor weakness can be seen below 1.12700 and any violation below 1.12700 will drag the pair till 1.1245/1.1228 (100 day MA)/1.11750.

On the higher side, strength can be seen only above 1.1370 level.

It is good to buy on dips around 1.1300 with SL around 1.1270 for the TP of 1.13660/1.1380

1 423

(SORRY for repost, last post i didnt place chart properly)
Private message me if you're interested in trading Live with me on Gold, Silver & AUDUSD. I give only good risk/reward trades only.
1 637
ETHBTC been in consolidation, although it has swung wildly. On the weekly its a bear flag however and BBands are surprsingly compressed. I could see some serious gains on ETH the comming weeks.
XAUUSD, 30 Neutral
3 271
Well here you go. Today we will see some fireworks.
Till news I am in this sell position.
I will be out of trades during news time, so don't ask me where it goes, because idk.
No technicals can predict that, when huge money is being pumped in the market.
Stay safe, and trade with care.

GBPUSD, 240 Short
0 153
GBPUSD is clearly set up for some nice action later today. Yellen can bring this back down and create a nice double top. Depending on how market reacts to her speech we could see a test of the upper channel and either see a break or a touch and drop. I'm leaning towards the later.

RSI and stoch are lower
PA is flat
We are right at the upper level of the downward channel.

Of course we just had fairly decent GBP figures so if market is relieved with what they hear (dovish speech) GBP might continue it's recovery and head towards levels we haven't see since the Brexit vote. If this happens I would wait for the breakout to settle and enter on correction and retest of broken upper channel.

BUT, my personal bias is bearish.
XAUUSD, 240 Long
2 194
Yesterday we highlighted the H4 demand zone at 1315.6-1319.6 as being a considerable area to keep an eyeball on. So much so, our team set a pending buy order at 1319.8. As should be evident from the H4 chart, the order was filled mid-way through yesterday’s London trading and has since rallied to highs of 1324.0 at the time of writing. For those who missed our previous reports, we built a case for entry using the following criteria:

• A merging H4 harmonic Gartley reversal zone seen between the H4 78.6% Fib support at 1322.8 and the X point of the H4 harmonic pattern at 1310.7.
• A supporting daily demand base at 1305.3-1322.8, which sits on top of a weekly support area at 1307.4-1280.0.

With the US dollar index also recently reacting to a H4 supply seen at 94.96-94.84, this could push the dollar lower today, and by extension, the gold market higher. Ultimately, we’re now looking for price to tag the minor H4 supply area seen marked with a black arrow at 1326.9-1324.9 to take profits and reduce the stop to breakeven. However, with traders likely taking on a cautious stance ahead of Yellen’s speech today, we are going to be watching our position carefully! Should price show signs of topping out before our take-profit area, we will likely move our stop to breakeven and let the market do its thing from the safety net of a breakeven stop. Well done to any of our readers who bought this unit alongside us!

Levels to watch/live orders:

• Buys: 1319.8 LIVE (Stop loss: below the X point of the H4 harmonic formation: 1309.1, which is, as you can see, set just beyond the H4 support at 1310.3).
• Sells: Flat (Stop loss: N/A).
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