Trading Europe

Eurex is the largest European derivatives exchange and an essential source for accessing dynamic Rates and Equity markets.

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Explore a continent of opportunities

Equity Index

Follow an all-encompassing suite of derivatives on global and regional indices, including top benchmarks such as STOXX, MSCI, and FTSE.

Average Daily Volume

3.6 M

Equity Futures

Mitigate market risks with European single stock futures and over 900 single stock products from 19 countries worldwide.

Average Daily Volume

400 K

Interest Rates

Being home to Bund, Bobl, Schatz, and further European rates futures, Eurex is ideal for tracking macroeconomic shifts and taking spread trading opportunities.

Average Daily Volume

3 M

Dividends futures

Find new ways to hedge underlying equity risks with dividend futures on more than 80 of the largest Eurozone and pan-European companies.

Average Daily Volume

70 K

Thematic Index

Over or under-expose Europe's industry using sector and theme-based indices, including the world's most liquid ESG futures.

Average Daily Volume

711 K


Digital assets on a regulated European exchange based on a trusted FTSE index, with a contract size optimized for various portfolio strategies.

Average Daily Volume

5 K

FX Futures

Explore Forex futures and Rolling Spot Futures currency trading on the most cost-effective and liquid exchange.

Average Daily Volume

6 K

European Volatility

Europe's premier volatility benchmark reflects investors' sentiment and overall economic uncertainty and gives you an insight into what's next. 

Average Daily Volume

73 K

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