House Rules

TradingView’s mission is to provide an open and transparent place where traders, investors, educators and market enthusiasts can create and share trading ideas presented on interactive stock, FX, futures and index charts. A few guidelines to make it enjoyable and useful for everyone:

Add value

Your published idea or chat message should add value. Provide insight or ask specific questions – if it makes the community knowledge stronger, then it’s good. Ideas can be regarding recent news, analysis methods, market predictions, trade setups, etc. What goes around comes around - and you’d rather read something worthy.

TradingView means transparency

The very nature of working with markets means you’ll often be wrong - and that’s perfectly normal. Learning to trade is about figuring out a method and knowledge that works for you, no two traders are exactly the same. Therefore simply picking a direction is similar to a coin-toss or a roulette, and doesn’t help anyone.

The cycle of learning is through the scientific method - form a hypothesis, test it, make a conclusion, repeat. If you made a decision in the past, that means it seemed optimal at the time, and analyzing previous calls is the best way to get better. That’s why published ideas CANNOT be deleted on TradingView - they become part the public record. This keeps you honest with others and, most importantly, with yourself. Think of it as a journal of thoughts securely preserved for you to revisit and analyze. And that’s why ideas should be published with detailed and well-rounded arguments. Charts with random trades won’t do you any good down the road.

Main Rules

  • Use only one account - registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.
  • No posting links or reference to content / sites that contain viruses or malware.
  • No defamatory, threatening or discriminatory remarks, hate speech or personal attacks.
  • Please only use the language of the locale when chatting and posting, i.e. English in the English locale, Japanese in the Japanese, etc.
  • Do not post offline personal contact information.
  • No links / posts with illegal content, pornography, or nudity.
  • Do not publish content that is not your original work, or infringes the copyright of any third party.
  • No advertising, direct marketing, or solicitation! To advertise to our audience contact
  • Published ideas should not be used to voice complaints, grievances or disagreements with policies, to insult or ridicule other members, or to create conflict within the community. This includes directly or indirectly mocking, misrepresenting or abusing other published ideas or analysis. Any content that violates this rule may result in the author getting a warning, published idea being hidden from the public gallery, and/or limiting the author's ability to post more ideas.

How to be a welcome chat guest:

  • Respect other members even if you disagree. Disagreement can be very productive if kept civil and fosters a dialogue.
  • Keep non-trading chatter to private chat rooms.
  • Don't monopolize or dominate the conversation - let others speak as if you are physically in the same room.
  • No profanity or offensive language.
  • No text walls or ALL CAPS.
  • Don’t argue with moderators in public chat - send them a private message if you disagree with something.

Suggested Ideas and publishing

Publishing = sharing your chart with the trading idea with the investing community and the financial web. To be meaningful to readers, a good published idea has to be detailed, descriptive and interesting - a thought on a chart.

Best ideas get added to the Suggested section, where they get a lot of extra views. Suggested ideas are hand-picked by our editors and mods, and authors with an awesome track record get added automatically.

How to publish an awesome idea:

  • Title needs to be clear and describe the idea.
    • BAD: "MSFT" or "MSFT Long"
    • GOOD: "Microsoft’s earnings outperform expectations 3rd time in a row"
  • Idea itself should be concise and interesting.
    • BAD: "Shorted at 122.675"
    • GOOD: "Good idea to sell shares at 122 - price seems to have bounced downward from this level 3 times in the past month as highlighted on the chart"
  • Description that clearly states your idea (macro, fundamental or technical). Describe WHAT and WHY.
  • The end result should be nice and balanced. NO CLUTTER.
  • Long-term over short-term is preferred for Suggested. While awesome ideas do happen on intraday charts, they tend to become obsolete faster - thus less likely to get featured in the Suggested section.
  • Reference to personal sites and materials is OK in moderation.
    • GOOD: "More materials on this topic can be found at"
  • Make it clear, interesting, concise and you will gain followers and respect from the community.

    Suggested Authors

    Some authors who consistently produce quality content get marked as Suggested, which means all their ideas become Suggested automatically. There are many factors that go into this decision but it’s mainly about how many ideas end up on the Suggested stream.

    Moderators - who they are and what they do

    Moderators are community volunteers who donate their time to make sure all users find the site useful and focused. Their only goal is to maintain a high-quality of published content and keep conversations on point. TradingView is known for users who act with mutual respect and professionally, so moderators don’t typically need to do anything punitive. However, any content that violates the rules will be dealt with swiftly.

    TradingView founders keep a channel of communication open with the moderators, and trust their judgement in all cases involving users. We review decisions as needed and make appropriate changes. If you have a disagreement with a moderator - send him/her a private message and talk about it. 99% of disputes are effectively and efficiently solved this way.

    Note: ALL ideas you publish are accessible on your profile page, to your followers and with a direct link. Moderators may from time to time hide certain ideas from the public gallery - if they are not very informative, bad descriptions, etc.