House Rules

It's our goal to provide a place where traders, investors, educators and market enthusiasts can create and share trading ideas presented on interactive stock, FX, futures and index charts. We have a few guidelines to make it as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

Adding Value

Your idea should add value. Provide insight into something, or pose questions about a specific symbol – the idea can be regarding recent news, analysis methods, market predictions, or trade setups.

Publishing and Suggested Ideas

Publishing means sharing your chart and trading idea with the financial web and the investing community. A published idea needs to be detailed and descriptive in order to be meaningful to other people.

In effort to make TradingView more useful to a larger number of users, moderators have the right to hide ideas with bad descriptions or not informative from the front page and the gallery. We are NOT limiting any ways of publishing or using TradingView charts. You can still create and publish any kind of charts; your profile and Activity Stream will still show all created charts.

The best ideas are placed in the Suggested tab, where they receive extra exposure. All suggested ideas are hand-picked by our editorial team based on a number of criteria. We have a dedicated group of people who review every idea published every day to find the most interesting and informative ideas that will be helpful to other members.

Following below suggestions will help get your ideas suggested:

  • A clear title that describes your idea. Don’t just write "MSFT" or "MSFT Short". A title like this doesn’t say much and won’t attract much interest to your idea.
  • A description that clearly states your idea. Describe what you think and WHY you think that. Good fundamental analysis always helps. Put yourself in reader’s shoes and see if you’d understand the context based on what you wrote. It’s also a good idea to re-post descriptions right on the chart, so your idea can be shared without losing meaning.
  • Long-term intervals are better than short-term ones for publishing analysis. An idea on 1 minute bars will probably become obsolete by the time people read it. However a good idea may still be featured.
  • Clearly state Profit Target and Stop Loss areas if you are making a prediction. This significantly helps others understand what you meant.
  • Presentation is important. Too much clutter adds to confusion.

In short, the more understandable and interesting your ideas are, the more you’ll gain respect of others and get discovered by the financial community. We’ll do our best to help showcase good ideas.

Suggested Authors

Some authors that we recommend get marked as Suggested, and their ideas get posted to the Suggested category automatically. The basis for recommending authors is multiple factors, which include a large number of interesting ideas. A suggested author has a corresponding badge in their profile.

Respecting Fellow Members

Whether you agree or disagree with ideas, be courteous and respectful. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

Moderators - who they are and what they do.

Moderators are regular members of our community who earned trust from other TradingView members. They showed a desire to help maintain high quality of published ideas and help build a respectful and helpful community. Moderators make the decision which ideas become Suggested and pick the Idea of the Day. TradingView community is well-known for highly intelligent ideas and mutual respect, so moderators don't usually delete content - they sort it so that it's easy to find and analyze. However, if there are inappropriate comments, chat message or unhelpful ideas, they will be swift to clear that out.

English only, please.

Currently we only support English, so we ask you to only use English when communicating on TradingView even if it's not your first language (this is a perfect chance to practice!). It's very important for the community that you respect other people's ideas, whether in the comments, or in the chat. In the near future we hope to add other language support, but since we don't have enough resources - let's collaborate in English. Use of other languages will be stopped by moderators for now.


The very nature of working with markets means you’ll be wrong often, and that’s ok. Trading is not about being right or wrong the market, or predicting where the market is headed in the next moment, hour, day or week. Trading is nothing more than a probabilistic endeavor, and a trade is nothing more than a statistical data point.

The point of TradingView is to share not only the good picks, but also the bad ones, and analyze what went wrong with help from others. Analyzing and learning from your mistakes is the best way to help yourself, and earn respect from others. Running a trading journal that documents your trades is a very good idea. Our goal is sharing of knowledge and transparency, that’s why published ideas become part of the common community knowledge and cannot be deleted. We encourage you to publish ideas with detailed and well-founded arguments and avoid posting random trades with little explanation. This is the key difference between TradingView and other trades-sharing resources.