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Power up your apps and websites using our charting libraries.

Lightweight Charts™

Jaw-dropping usability in a 45 KB package.

Advanced Charts

Masterfully-crafted with expert traders in mind.

Trading Platform

Fully-packed with features for technical analysis pros.

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Our libraries are trusted and used by over 40 000 companies and 60 000 000 traders around the world — so you can be sure we've included all the important stuff.

Lightweight Charts™

Advanced Charts

Trading Platform

Top performance that fits on a floppy disk.

All the best features for technical analysis sensei.

We've spent years building this for expert traders.


Apache 2.0
Open source
Component size
45 KB
670 KB
900 KB

Mobile friendliness

Responsive across devices
Touch optimized


Zoom through scales
Mouse-wheel zoom
Chart scroll
Right-click menu

Chart types

Candlesticks & Bars
Area & Line
Hollow Candles
Line with markers
Step line
HLC area
Heikin Ashi
Line Break
Volume candles

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Interactive, responsive and mobile-optimized 

Our charts are carefully engineered for top interactivity – both for powerful mouse-using desktops, and touchscreen tablets or phones.

The highest of high-performance 

From the very first line of code, we've engineered our solutions to work with vast data arrays. That's why our charts stay responsive and nimble, even with thousands of bars and multiple-updates-per-second with new ticks.


The TradingView charting solutions were built for every kind of developer. We've made them powerful and easy to integrate, so that you can get through the setup without breaking a sweat.

Multiple languages supported 

Our libraries are available in 30+ different languages, fully-localized and ready to deploy at a moment's notice.

Always updating 

We're constantly adding new features alongside updates to our flagship products, so you'll always be getting the best from the world of charting. Each update includes stacks and stacks of fresh upgrades, tools, videos and tutorials.

Accessibility in mind 

We're striving to make more of our product compliant with leading accessibility standards, so that more users have more access to markets – regardless of their specific needs.

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Loved by the world's best fintechs

Partners that trust TradingView.

Customer stories

Stories from the world's leading teams.

 TradingView was immensely supportive throughout the integration in implementing API and adding new features.

Senior Project Manager at Refinitiv

Integration details

Advanced Charts integrated into the Refinitiv terminal.

The tailor-made UI matches the original Refinitiv design.

Unique indicators were added for advanced analytics.

Brand new custom features met power users' needs.

Data feed capabilities allowed the addition of event markers.

 With a wide range of easy-to-use charts and insightful data, TradingView brings our educational articles to life.

Editor in Chief and Project Manager at Investopedia

Integration details

Lightweight Charts underpin the in-built Stock Simulator.

Fast and responsive charts simplify market research.

UI perfectly aligned with the website's native design.

The suite includes essential financial analysis tools.

Various TradingView widgets enhanced the overall setup.

 The integration enhanced our offering even further, providing more tools for succeeding in the financial markets.

Product & Marketing Director at Interactive Brokers

Integration details

Trading Edition is the foundation for the IBKR platforms.

Bespoke dark and light platform mode across all apps.

Seamless experience on multi-device setups.

Settings allow order placement with default presets.

Unique settings allow order placement with default presets.

All-around powerful charting for all needs

Get easy-to-integrate charts, bountiful in features, and take your platform to the next level.



Jaw-dropping usability in a 45 KB package.



Masterfully-crafted with expert traders in mind.



Fully-packed with features for technical analysis pros.

  • Open source
  • Size as a standard GIF
  • Wrappers for iOS and Android
  • Streaming updates for custom data
  • Flexible styling
  • 100+ pre-built most popular indicators
  • 80+ smart drawing tools at your disposal
  • Highly customizable
  • Free with TradingView logo
  • Additional chart types
  • Trade right from the Chart
  • 15+ chart types
  • Multiple chart layouts
  • Ability to disable branding
  • Watchlist

Don't have your own data and servers?

Use our widgets: it's a copy + paste solution with all data included.

Symbol Overview Widget

Simplicity is elegance. See a minimalist chart and quotes for your chosen ticker.

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Advanced Chart Widget

Need more firepower? This is one of our most powerful integrable tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between widgets and libraries?

Widgets are embeddable iframe objects that TradingView hosts. They contain data from TradingView and can be included in your site/app by copypasting a simple script. Libraries are components that you host on your servers, and connect them to your data through the API.

What's the difference between the Advanced Charts and Trading Edition?

Our Advanced Chart library is a free, standalone solution that you can host on your own servers, even plug your own data into, plus integrate with your website + app. Meanwhile the Trading Edition library contains all of the above, but also has direct trading functionality, if it's needed.

Can I get a library for personal use?

At this time, we do not provide the Advanced Charts and the Trading Edition libraries for personal use, hobbies, studies, or testing. The licenses can be provided only to companies and/or individuals for use in public web projects and/or applications. However, you may utilize the Lightweight Charts for personal projects since it comes with an open-source Apache 2.0 license.

What do I need to know before applying for the Trading Edition library?

The library should be connected to the broker's back-end: both the data stream and order management (routing) system. You can trade right from the chart, and all you have to do to make this work is to implement your Broker API and plug it into the chart widget.

What do I need to start implementing the Advanced Charts?

Advanced Charts should be used by technical specialists. This library requires advanced skills in JavaScript and deep knowledge of WEB protocols.

Will I get a source code for the libraries?

Lightweight Charts™ are open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. For other charting solutions we do not provide source code.

Where do I get technical support?

Documentation, bug tracker & examples for the charting libraries are on Github, accessible after you've been given access to the particular library repo itself. If you need more help, reach out to platforms@tradingview.com