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Here we'll post about new features as they become available. For now follow us on Twitter (@TradingView) so you don't miss a thing – we are growing quickly.

If you have a feature request use our Feedback system to vote for something or make your own!

February 5, 2013

  • PRICE-BASED CHARTS: Renko, Kagi, Point and Figure, Line Break and Heiken-Ashi. Renko, Kagi, Point and Figure, Line Break and Heiken-Ashi chart types added. Price-based charts get their name because they take into account only price movements and ignore time and volume. They can be useful for determining true price and trend direction.
    EURNOK:Euro Fx/Norwegian Krone
    EURPLN:Euro Fx/Polish Zloty
    USDPLN:U.S. Dollar/Polish Zloty
    EURCZK:Euro Fx/Czech Republic Koruna
    USDCZK:U.S. Dollar/Czech Republic Koruna
    EURDKK:Euro Fx/Danish Krone
    GBPSEK:British Pound/Swedish Krona
    CHFSEK:Swiss Franc/Swedish Krona
    CHFNOK:Swiss Franc/Norwegian Krone
    USDRUB:U.S. Dollar/Russian Ruble
    USDHUF:U.S. Dollar/Hungarian Forint
    EURHUF:Euro Fx/Hungarian Forint
    XAGUSD:Silver/U.S. Dollar
  • DRAW LINES AT 45 DEGREES. If you hold SHIFT while drawing a line, it will draw at a perfect 45 degree angle. This is especially useful when working with Point & Figure charts.
  • SPACE TO THE RIGHT, CHART OPTION. This new option lets you define a constant space between your chart bars and the right border of the chart. It stays constant when you change symbols, which prevents sudden bar shifts.

November 30, 2012

  • StockTwits Market Pulse. Now you can track messages from the StockTwits social stream along with the regular news. You can switch between feeds by clicking on the news widget header in the right-hand column.
  • "All Talks" chat mode. Chat now lets you follow conversations happening across all symbols, or filter it to only the symbol you are watching.
  • Multiple Symbols on a Chart. Multiple symbols can now be added to one chart. You can add them as overlays (one on top of another), or in different sub charts (stacking). To add another symbol to the chart, click the "+" in the Symbol Edit menu or right-click the chart and choose "Add Symbol". The new symbol can be dragged around, and scripts calculated on the first symbol can be laid on top of second symbol (i.e. a MA from a correlating symbol).
  • Moving Average on Volume, Correlation Coefficient and more studies. Moving Average indicator can now be calculated on volume of a symbol. Correlation Coefficient, Moon Phases and other indicators were also added.
  • Active/Closed idea status Authors can now update statuses of their ideas and sort them by Active or Closed Profit/Closed Loss. This makes it easier to track ideas and perform analysis.

October 17, 2012

  • Pro-RealTime subscription. This subscription allows you to receive official real-time and historical data and volume directly from US stock exchanges: AMEX, NYSE & NASDAQ. The subscription price includes all exchange fees.
  • Predefined sector lists and component lists (PRO-only). PRO users can now add entire industry sector lists to their watchlists with one click.
  • Long/Short position drawing tools. This tool lets you easily define Entry, Stop and Profit levels. There’s also a Risk/Reward Calculator.

August 13, 2012

  • PRO accounts. PRO accounts give access to advanced functionality, such as custom intervals and custom watchlists. A PRO account is a way to support the TradingView project and show others that you value the resource. PRO accounts not only mean that you approach trading and analysis professionally - you are actively helping the TradingView community and platform grow, and enable us to bring you even more cool features.
  • Multiple Watchlists (PRO). Any custom watchlist can be saved under a unique name and loaded at any time with one click. All lists are available from any computer, so you have your workspace wherever you go. Use different watchlists to quickly assess different sectors of the market.
  • Private Publishing (PRO). Published charts have several advantages over saves charts, such as extensive sharing and embedding options. Don't want to share your published research with everyone? With this feature you can publish charts without them going into the public gallery, and share the research only with the people that you want. Providers that have premium/paid sections on their websites can share certain ideas only with their subscribers
  • Custom Time Intervals (PRO). Ability to create custom intervals such as 7 minutes, 12 minutes or 8 hours. Note: Intraday custom intervals work only for symbols that have intraday data
  • Favorite Time Intervals. You can now choose which timeframe intervals will be displayed on your toolbar. This way is much quicker and easier than opening the drop-down to switch timeframes.
  • New logic for managing published charts. In effort to make TradingView more useful to a larger number of users, the main page and gallery of our site will now be reserved for only select ideas. We are NOT limiting any ways of publishing or using TradingView charts. You can still create and publish any kind of charts; your profile and Activity Stream will still show all created charts. As for the main page - we'll do our best to pick out and feature ideas that will be helpful to other members.
  • Idea Timeline. Ideas published by others in the community can now be seen directly on the chart. They are shown on the bar on which they were created, which gives you a unique bird’s eye view of what people thought about the symbol at different points in the past. Ideas are shown on the chart as small arrows with the author’s avatar. Clicking the avatar will show a preview of the idea without leaving your chart.
  • Activity stream on-site notifications. Now you can get instant pop-up notifications for events from yoru activity stream that interest you.
  • DOW indexes added.
  • FORTS exchange and data symbols added. FORTS is the leading trading venue for futures and options in Russia and Eastern Europe. FORTS combines the developed infrastructure, reliability and the RTS Stock Exchange guarantees with high trading technologies conformed to more than ten years of successful market development.

May 20, 2012

  • Conversation. Conversation is a real-time chat, so you can talk to other people looking at the same symbol. In the chat you send links to your charts, and talk about them with people analyzing the same ticker. Conversations let you discuss current market conditions here and now, while publishing charts is your vision of the future.
  • Currently popular symbols. It’s a list of symbols currently being looked at most on TradingView. This can give you new ideas about what’s hot. You can also see which ticker has how many people watching it, and chat with them.
  • Submit to Bullseye button. Now you can submit charts that you created to Bullseye section if your idea on it was successful. Chart will be reviewed by staff, and ones that hit targets will be Bullseyed.
  • Callout drawing tool. New text instrument with convenient notes.

April 10, 2012

  • Fundamental data for US stocks. Fundamental company data provided by Edgar Online (trademark of Securities and Exchange Commission). There are more than 100 fields and ratios.
  • Detail Area that shows main information about the symbol on the chart.
  • Real-time data from Russian exchange MICEX.
  • New Regression Trend tool.
  • New Fib Wedge Tool.
  • All drawing and text tools were improved and upgraded.
  • New indicators added.
  • Ability to filter trading ideas based on symbols.
  • Chart as Image functionality. Take a snapshot of your chart in PNG format. It’s very fast and convenient for embedding into forums and sites. No more Paint or other editors to save screenshots – simply click the button and copy the link to the picture.
  • Improved public and private profiles.

February 23, 2012

  • Watch List feature that shows realtime prices and changes for a list of your favorite symbols. Symbol linking, sorting and symbol drag-and-drop create a convenient dashboard for monitoring market activity.
  • Data from new exchanges including: NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, TSX, TSX Venture, LSE, Eurex, CBOE, CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX, ICE USA, ICE Canada, ICE Europe, KCBT, MGEX, NYSE LIFFE. For these exchanges we support daily and weekly intervals; intraday is not supported because of exchange policies.
  • Symbol search now also filters symbol types, which makes it more intuitive.
  • Study Templates that let users apply many indicators with one click. Any custom combination of studies can be saved as a study template.
  • New indicators for technical analysis, there are now 45 in total.
  • Color Themes, you can now switch color settings with one click.
  • New categories in Trading Ideas section. “Following” category shows ideas from people that I follow. “Bullseye” category shows most accurate predictions.
  • For ease of use we created, which only nothing but a chart. It's perfect when you need a quick info lookup without pulling up the whole site.

January 20, 2011

  • Public profiles have been completely reworked. Now every user has a personal space to share contact and other information.
  • Added correct handling of session times for stocks and forex.
  • New indicators available, including ZigZag, Pivot Points, and Alligator among others.
  • Added flexibility to email notification settings, available from the personal profile page.
  • Reworked logic of loading new data into published charts. Now with just 1 click you can see how accurate ideas were.
  • Added on-site notifications and improved Activity Steam, so you can see exactly what just happened.

December 15, 2011

  • Elliott Waves indicator
  • Elliott Waves line tools
  • Advanced Volume study

December 5, 2011

  • Added ability to load current market data on already published charts (without creating a new one) in order to see how predictions worked out. For example, press the “Load New Bars” button on this chart and see if the forecast was a good one.
  • New section called “Related Charts” was added on the published chart page. Related Charts are charts based on the same root i.e. generated on the basis of a single real-time or published chart. These “follow-up” charts will show up in Related Charts, so you can see progression of ideas generated from one parent chart in a chronological order.
  • “Like” button was replaced with Agree/Disagree buttons.
  • Ratings logic was simplified; now rating equals the number of followers you have.

October 25, 2011

  • Real-time intraday Forex data added
  • Log Scale added
  • Popular tags appear on homepage
  • Drawing tools improved
  • Chart widget, free to use in any webpage/blog
  • Ideas section redesigned

September 30, 2011

  • Charts comparison feature. Now you can compare your main symbol with any other symbol, including indexes, based on % change in price. This can give you insight whether related symbols are moving similarly or whether market-wide indexes confirm price movement.
  • Publishing of the real-time charts possibility. Any chart that you work with can be published so others can rate it and comment on it. A published chart can be a snapshot chart or real-time chart. Published real-time chart will continue to receive real-time market updates. Focus will always remain on the latest bar, so any static drawings or comments will be moved back as time goes on. Useful for sharing long-lasting predictions, showing indicators, or embedding real-time tickers into sites to show latest data for popular symbols.
  • New indicators.
  • New drawing tools: Gann Square, Gann Fan, Fib Retracement, Fib Time Zone.
  • Twitter connection. You can now connect your Twitter account with TradingView and share charts on Twitter with one click.

September 17, 2011

  • Magnet and Stay in Drawing modes for drawing tools
  • Share real-time chart possibility
  • New indicators
  • Percentage scale

September 15, 2011

  • Indices Data (see symbols starting from $)
  • iPad support, including chart scaling and scrolling
  • “Eraser” is now available as a cursor
  • New indicators: Chaikin Money Flow, On Balance Volume, Parabolic SAR, Williams %R
  • Correct handling of unsupported browsers
  • First and Last Name fields no longer required during registration
  • Added ability to delete own account