A cryptocurrency is a fully decentralized, secure, digital currency whose creation is controlled by cryptography – and the industry is almost as popular as a high school quarterback these days. They're not issued or regulated by a central bank, and their prices are purely based on supply and demand. Of course, Bitcoin was the OG crypto, launched in 2009, but there have been a multitude of currencies released since then and the market's overall value is now around the $1tn mark. This page will show you ideas, financials, news, and more for the cryptocurrency market.
Crypto Total Market Cap, $
Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Solana / U.S. Dollar
AVAX / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Uniswap / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Bitcoin / Euro
Bitcoin / British Pound
Bitcoin / Japanese Yen
Bitcoin / Russian Ruble
Bitcoin CME Futures
Ethereum / U.S. Dollar
Ethereum / Euro
Ethereum / British Pound
Ethereum / Japanese Yen
Ethereum / Bitcoin
Ethereum / TetherUS
Solana / U.S. Dollar
SOL / Euro
Solana / British Pound
SOL / Bitcoin
Solana / Ethereum
SOL / TetherUS
Uniswap / U.S. Dollar
Uniswap / Euro
Uniswap / British Pound
UNI / Bitcoin
Uniswap / Ethereum
UNI / TetherUS