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Change %
Market cap
Circ supply
BTCBitcoin165074.41 USD−1.88%1.283 T USD30.763 B USD19.714 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
ETHEthereum23407.96 USD−5.30%409.498 B USD18.307 B USD120.159 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
USDTTether30.99978 USD+0.05%112.528 B USD62.499 B USD112.553 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
BNBBNB4587.73 USD−3.07%86.74 B USD1.826 B USD147.584 MSmart contract platforms, Centralized-exchange, SEC security token, Layer 1
SOLSolana5132.58 USD−10.64%61.225 B USD2.367 B USD461.795 MSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
USDCUSD Coin60.99986 USD−0.01%32.508 B USD6.006 B USD32.513 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
XRPXRP70.4834 USD−0.43%26.863 B USD2.107 B USD55.57 BCryptocurrencies, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
TONToncoin87.37 USD−6.83%17.969 B USD398.499 M USD2.438 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
DOGEDogecoin90.11864 USD−12.46%17.174 B USD1.024 B USD144.753 BMemes, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
ADACardano100.37 USD−9.76%13.222 B USD399.154 M USD35.734 BSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
SHIBShiba Inu110.000017663 USD−14.16%10.408 B USD452.066 M USD589.271 TMemes, Cryptocurrencies
AVAXAvalanche1226.02 USD−12.06%10.235 B USD325.716 M USD393.34 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
TRXTRON130.1144 USD−2.89%9.984 B USD323.399 M USD87.273 BSmart contract platforms, Payments, SEC security token, Layer 1
DOTPolkadot145.642 USD−10.76%8.113 B USD192.2 M USD1.438 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
LINKChainlink1513.45 USD−9.85%7.896 B USD359.391 M USD587.1 MOracles, Data management & AI, Web3
BCHBitcoin Cash16389.28 USD−8.00%7.677 B USD286.666 M USD19.721 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
UNIUniswap1710.005339120 USD−10.30%6.003 B USD265.89 M USD599.957 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
MATICPolygon180.5374 USD−12.18%5.319 B USD298.523 M USD9.897 BScaling, SEC security token
LTCLitecoin1972.69 USD−7.32%5.427 B USD385.799 M USD74.654 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
NEARNEAR Protocol204.707149720 USD−15.90%5.128 B USD340.918 M USD1.089 BSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, SEC security token, Layer 1
DAIDai210.99960 USD−0.02%5.346 B USD376.344 M USD5.348 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins, DeFi
LEOUNUS SED LEO225.73713693 USD−2.96%5.314 B USD2.176 M USD926.196 MCentralized-exchange, Payments
PEPEPepe230.000010197181 USD−15.51%4.29 B USD838.686 M USD420.69 TMemes
ICPInternet Computer248.02 USD−14.59%3.732 B USD98.33 M USD465.317 MPrivacy, Smart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, NFTs & Collectibles, Lending & Borrowing, Interoperability, Payments, DeFi, DAO, SEC security token, Layer 1, DePIN
KASKaspa250.14103633 USD−10.71%3.378 B USD71.136 M USD23.953 BCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
ETCEthereum Classic2622.25064682 USD−11.52%3.283 B USD203.912 M USD147.563 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
APTAptos276.730359317 USD−13.37%3.034 B USD170.181 M USD450.856 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
XMRMonero28172.80586676 USD−1.21%3.188 B USD62.802 M USD18.447 MPrivacy, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
RNDRRender Token297.021455923 USD−14.94%2.729 B USD229.461 M USD388.647 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Metaverse, Web3, DePIN
HBARHedera300.07510195 USD−11.66%2.686 B USD75.219 M USD35.76 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
XLMStellar310.090823800 USD−7.70%2.642 B USD93.403 M USD29.088 BCryptocurrencies, Smart contract platforms, Layer 1
FILFilecoin324.380586937 USD−15.55%2.47 B USD194.454 M USD563.905 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3, SEC security token, DePIN
MNTMantle330.80250849 USD−9.87%2.62 B USD233.658 M USD3.264 BScaling, DeFi, DAO
ATOMCosmos346.467147363 USD−9.55%2.528 B USD135.906 M USD390.931 MSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, SEC security token, Layer 1
OKBOKB3543.78123800 USD−4.52%2.627 B USD4.012 M USD60 MCentralized-exchange, Layer 1
CROCronos360.091408970 USD−6.34%2.429 B USD18.769 M USD26.572 BSmart contract platforms, Centralized-exchange, Payments, Layer 1
STXStacks371.584852704 USD−14.54%2.326 B USD155.147 M USD1.468 BSmart contract platforms, NFTs & Collectibles, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3
ARBArbitrum380.769335890 USD−15.67%2.228 B USD273.234 M USD2.896 BScaling, Web3, DAO
FDUSDFirst Digital USD390.99958856 USD+0.08%2.441 B USD6.059 B USD2.442 BStablecoins
IMXImmutable X401.489841848 USD−11.14%2.246 B USD72.38 M USD1.508 BDevelopments tools, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Scaling, Marketplace
WIFdogwifhat412.08999489 USD−18.05%2.088 B USD406.332 M USD998.906 MMemes
SUISui420.801352921 USD−16.58%1.944 B USD199.338 M USD2.426 BSmart contract platforms, Developments tools, Scaling, Layer 1
MKRMaker432181.709716123 USD−9.06%2.026 B USD64.641 M USD928.666 KLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
OPOptimism441.76055799 USD−14.83%1.914 B USD256.541 M USD1.087 BScaling
GRTThe Graph450.197647553 USD−13.81%1.885 B USD87.347 M USD9.535 BData management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Web3
INJInjective4619.671943186 USD−19.22%1.837 B USD238.386 M USD93.4 MSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, Layer 1
TAOBittensor47262.58656107 USD−12.50%1.824 B USD45.748 M USD6.947 MDistributed computing & Storage, Oracles, Data management & AI, DAO, DePIN
VETVeChain480.025042338 USD−13.59%1.821 B USD45.225 M USD72.715 BSmart contract platforms, Internet of things, Logistics, Layer 1
JASMYJasmyCoin490.034138 USD−9.31%1.683 B USD232.049 M USD49.3 BInternet of things
LDOLido DAO501.84619767 USD−13.96%1.649 B USD188.187 M USD893.006 MDerivatives, DeFi, DAO
NOTNotcoin510.0155088 USD−23.62%1.593 B USD932.208 M USD102.701 BGaming, Web3
ARArweave5224.16350216 USD−13.37%1.586 B USD81.82 M USD65.652 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3, DePIN
FLOKIFloki Inu530.0001651981 USD−17.08%1.579 B USD287.516 M USD9.559 TMemes, Gaming, Metaverse
BGBBitget Token541.11955200 USD−2.35%1.567 B USD61.298 M USD1.4 BCentralized-exchange
FTMFantom550.50479420 USD−21.37%1.415 B USD158.065 M USD2.804 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
ONDOOndo561.04783193 USD−7.51%1.456 B USD294.961 M USD1.39 B
THETATheta Network571.40132001 USD−14.53%1.401 B USD29.827 M USD1 BSmart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Social, media & Content, Web3, Layer 1, DePIN
BONKBonk580.0000207280 USD−15.49%1.409 B USD250.074 M USD67.958 TMemes
RUNETHORChain594.01280729 USD−13.26%1.347 B USD192.419 M USD335.553 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, Layer 1
BRETTBrett600.13119 USD−15.48%1.3 B USD76.03 M USD9.91 BMemes
TIACelestia616.46615536 USD−19.57%1.238 B USD111.546 M USD191.454 M
CORECore621.34034365 USD−16.77%1.198 B USD78.549 M USD893.717 MScaling, Web3, DAO
AAVEAave6378.746752496 USD−7.74%1.169 B USD123.139 M USD14.851 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
ALGOAlgorand640.133115607 USD−12.78%1.089 B USD58.989 M USD8.181 BSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
PYTHPyth Network650.296383195 USD−15.95%1.074 B USD100.275 M USD3.625 BOracles
JUPJupiter660.76078156 USD−16.69%1.027 B USD113.397 M USD1.35 BDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, Interoperability, DeFi
SEISei670.345296376 USD−14.57%1.053 B USD117.17 M USD3.05 BDevelopments tools, Layer 1
FETFetch.ai681.208884 USD−16.48%1.025 B USD216.763 M USD848.194 MData management & AI, Interoperability, Layer 1
FLRFLARE690.024682 USD−9.27%1.055 B USD8.117 M USD42.757 BDevelopments tools, Interoperability, Layer 1
STRKStarknet Token700.71873246 USD−21.33%934.576 M USD139.038 M USD1.3 BScaling, Web3
ENAEthena710.59758716 USD−20.83%908.519 M USD162.316 M USD1.52 BDeFi
FLOWFlow720.599056891 USD−14.87%905.642 M USD51.111 M USD1.512 BSmart contract platforms, NFTs & Collectibles, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
QNTQuant7374.96725110 USD−9.42%905.06 M USD18.457 M USD12.073 MInteroperability
KCSKuCoin Token749.63307460 USD−7.36%921.336 M USD1.136 M USD95.643 MCentralized-exchange
BEAMBeam750.01718629 USD−12.36%850.137 M USD20.962 M USD49.466 BGaming
BSVBitcoin SV7643.149049116 USD−10.92%850.757 M USD40.404 M USD19.717 MCryptocurrencies, Scaling
GALAGala770.02647625 USD−18.57%839.573 M USD139.877 M USD31.71 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles
AXSAxie Infinity785.722308520 USD−13.23%835.344 M USD60.649 M USD145.98 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, SEC security token
BTTBitTorrent-New790.0000008570 USD−10.31%829.787 M USD34.133 M USD968.246 TDistributed computing & Storage, Web3, SEC security token, DePIN
ORDIORDI8036.46480542 USD−18.29%765.761 M USD221.655 M USD21 MNFTs & Collectibles
EGLDMultiversX8128.363768217 USD−13.52%767.971 M USD28.305 M USD27.076 MSmart contract platforms, Gaming, Distributed computing & Storage, Identity, Scaling, Enterprise solutions, Payments, Loyalty & Rewards, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, Layer 1, DePIN
GNOGnosis82302.49105603 USD−8.44%783.327 M USD12.378 M USD2.59 MPrediction markets, DeFi, Layer 1
NEONeo8310.7402 USD−14.02%757.601 M USD66.298 M USD70.539 MSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions
RONRonin842.31231389 USD−9.66%763.867 M USD22.2 M USD330.347 MSmart contract platforms, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Layer 1
PENDLEPendle854.89262275 USD−12.30%755.995 M USD80.207 M USD154.517 MSocial, media & Content, Web3
CHZChiliz860.080420870 USD−17.75%714.804 M USD104.396 M USD8.888 BLoyalty & Rewards, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
GTGateToken878.06505987 USD−5.90%751.699 M USD5.456 M USD93.204 MCentralized-exchange
SANDThe Sandbox880.309684491 USD−17.42%706.462 M USD111.7 M USD2.281 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, Marketplace, SEC security token
XTZTezos890.707039740 USD−11.59%696.939 M USD27.514 M USD985.714 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
USDDUSDD900.99764948 USD−0.10%731.242 M USD6.959 M USD732.965 MStablecoins, Algorithmic Stablecoins
CFXConflux910.15383821 USD−18.41%636.387 M USD23.757 M USD4.137 BSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3
NEXONexo921.2748 USD−4.60%713.888 M USD4.909 M USD560 MLending & Borrowing, Payments
WLDWorldcoin932.71517350 USD−19.81%659.344 M USD223.858 M USD242.837 MPrivacy, Identity
WWormhole940.35690615 USD−19.10%642.431 M USD87.532 M USD1.8 BNFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, DAO
AGIXSingularityNET950.50196 USD−17.73%646.161 M USD110.72 M USD1.287 BData management & AI, Payments, Marketplace
ENSEthereum Name Service9621.159698931 USD−10.22%667.022 M USD132.46 M USD31.523 MIdentity, Web3, DAO
AKTAkash Network972.76166617 USD−14.10%665.179 M USD24.333 M USD240.862 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Web3, DePIN
EOSEOS980.559304956 USD−12.92%630.639 M USD146.76 M USD1.128 BSmart contract platforms
ROSEOasis Network990.09383703 USD−17.64%629.984 M USD47.959 M USD6.714 BPrivacy, Smart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Layer 1
MINAMina1000.542985600 USD−15.33%608.683 M USD31.98 M USD1.121 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1