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Change %
Market cap
Circ supply
BTCBitcoin164191.74 USD+0.88%1.264 T USD48.716 B USD19.687 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
ETHEthereum23090.78 USD+0.62%371.12 B USD19.646 B USD120.073 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
USDTTether31.00032 USD−0.00%109.505 B USD82.203 B USD109.47 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
BNBBNB4559.98 USD+1.56%83.736 B USD1.287 B USD149.533 MSmart contract platforms, Centralized-exchange, SEC security token, Layer 1
SOLSolana5143.75 USD+1.91%64.23 B USD5.832 B USD446.816 MSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
USDCUSD Coin61.00004 USD+0.05%33.496 B USD10.763 B USD33.495 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins
XRPXRP70.5049 USD+0.50%27.835 B USD2.061 B USD55.129 BCryptocurrencies, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
DOGEDogecoin80.15302 USD+0.88%22.028 B USD2.11 B USD143.953 BMemes, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
TONToncoin96.12 USD−6.71%21.243 B USD1.135 B USD3.471 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
ADACardano100.47 USD+2.17%16.744 B USD576.598 M USD35.625 BSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
SHIBShiba Inu110.000022798 USD−0.32%13.435 B USD622.955 M USD589.289 TMemes, Cryptocurrencies
AVAXAvalanche1235.08 USD+0.14%13.26 B USD613.106 M USD377.991 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
DOTPolkadot136.75 USD−0.59%9.689 B USD272.376 M USD1.435 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
TRXTRON140.1103 USD+1.19%9.663 B USD449.1 M USD87.604 BSmart contract platforms, Payments, SEC security token, Layer 1
BCHBitcoin Cash15485.09 USD−0.09%9.553 B USD558.303 M USD19.694 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
LINKChainlink1613.95 USD+1.16%8.19 B USD474.296 M USD587.1 MOracles, Data management & AI, Web3
MATICPolygon170.6740 USD−0.69%6.669 B USD407.674 M USD9.895 BScaling, SEC security token
ICPInternet Computer1814.15 USD+11.33%6.55 B USD210.224 M USD462.889 MPrivacy, Smart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, NFTs & Collectibles, Lending & Borrowing, Interoperability, Payments, DeFi, DAO, SEC security token, Layer 1
LTCLitecoin1981.26 USD+0.33%6.049 B USD467.283 M USD74.44 MCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
NEARNEAR Protocol205.586641122 USD−2.56%5.944 B USD522.869 M USD1.064 BSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, SEC security token, Layer 1
DAIDai210.99998 USD+0.05%5.348 B USD1.108 B USD5.348 BStablecoins, Asset-backed Stablecoins, DeFi
LEOUNUS SED LEO225.74630537 USD−1.44%5.324 B USD1.607 M USD926.582 MCentralized-exchange, Payments
UNIUniswap237.568669114 USD+3.48%4.532 B USD180.343 M USD598.736 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, DAO
APTAptos249.521724344 USD+0.58%4.05 B USD197.91 M USD425.364 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
ETCEthereum Classic2526.40111359 USD+0.33%3.871 B USD293.126 M USD146.635 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
MNTMantle261.14682298 USD−1.32%3.744 B USD93.06 M USD3.264 BScaling, DeFi, DAO
STXStacks272.482552624 USD+1.14%3.608 B USD170.112 M USD1.453 BSmart contract platforms, NFTs & Collectibles, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3
FDUSDFirst Digital USD280.99959992 USD+0.01%3.587 B USD9.531 B USD3.589 BStablecoins
OKBOKB2955.89642747 USD+0.19%3.354 B USD12.976 M USD60 MCentralized-exchange, Layer 1
FILFilecoin306.218859949 USD+3.21%3.36 B USD282.85 M USD540.26 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3, SEC security token
CROCronos310.124620828 USD+0.92%3.311 B USD22.534 M USD26.572 BSmart contract platforms, Centralized-exchange, Payments, Layer 1
XLMStellar320.112051467 USD+1.52%3.239 B USD104.015 M USD28.911 BCryptocurrencies, Smart contract platforms, Layer 1
ATOMCosmos338.240086122 USD−0.53%3.221 B USD199.926 M USD390.931 MSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, SEC security token, Layer 1
RNDRRender Token348.000639280 USD+0.30%3.076 B USD260.079 M USD384.472 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Metaverse, Web3
ARBArbitrum351.136237280 USD−1.20%3.016 B USD355.834 M USD2.654 BScaling, Web3, DAO
IMXImmutable X362.066025068 USD+2.41%3.01 B USD74.959 M USD1.457 BDevelopments tools, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Scaling, Marketplace
TAOBittensor37450.98279830 USD−4.07%2.986 B USD42.148 M USD6.621 MDistributed computing & Storage, Oracles, Data management & AI, DAO
WIFdogwifhat382.98062511 USD+15.03%2.977 B USD776.826 M USD998.906 MMemes
VETVeChain390.040818067 USD+2.40%2.968 B USD108.198 M USD72.715 BSmart contract platforms, Internet of things, Logistics, Layer 1
HBARHedera400.08179996 USD−1.17%2.924 B USD59.004 M USD35.742 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
MKRMaker412972.875927443 USD−3.14%2.749 B USD124.118 M USD924.717 KLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
KASKaspa420.11310108 USD−6.03%2.645 B USD54.646 M USD23.386 BCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
INJInjective4327.907660513 USD−1.21%2.607 B USD166.564 M USD93.4 MSmart contract platforms, Data management & AI, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, Layer 1
GRTThe Graph440.260967243 USD+1.28%2.475 B USD120.873 M USD9.482 BData management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Web3
OPOptimism452.26115409 USD+0.59%2.364 B USD254.649 M USD1.045 BScaling
XMRMonero46119.11677721 USD+1.60%2.195 B USD55.463 M USD18.426 MPrivacy, Cryptocurrencies, Layer 1
PEPEPepe470.000005137378 USD−0.74%2.161 B USD687.881 M USD420.69 TMemes
THETATheta Network482.07978550 USD−0.27%2.08 B USD52.494 M USD1 BSmart contract platforms, Distributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Enterprise solutions, Social, media & Content, Web3, Layer 1
FTMFantom490.69802927 USD+0.61%1.957 B USD207.204 M USD2.804 BSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions, Layer 1
TIACelestia5010.81303637 USD+7.52%1.93 B USD247.818 M USD178.523 M
RUNETHORChain515.43237208 USD+10.78%1.821 B USD518.339 M USD335.176 MDecentralized exchange, DeFi, Layer 1
ARArweave5227.70948938 USD+8.70%1.814 B USD87.169 M USD65.454 MDistributed computing & Storage, Web3
FETFetch.ai532.12910640 USD+1.95%1.807 B USD283.276 M USD848.557 MData management & AI, Interoperability, Layer 1
LDOLido DAO542.00439437 USD+0.39%1.787 B USD64.637 M USD891.733 MDerivatives, DeFi, DAO
SUISui551.362978745 USD+8.18%1.766 B USD349.942 M USD1.296 BSmart contract platforms, Developments tools, Scaling, Layer 1
BGBBitget Token561.24135514 USD−1.19%1.738 B USD74.17 M USD1.4 BCentralized-exchange
CORECore571.94373807 USD−6.98%1.714 B USD150.659 M USD881.782 MScaling, Web3, DAO
SEISei580.560857036 USD+4.82%1.57 B USD191.18 M USD2.8 BDevelopments tools, Layer 1
BEAMBeam590.02728716 USD+2.94%1.445 B USD33.975 M USD52.96 BGaming
ALGOAlgorand600.176409294 USD+0.47%1.434 B USD73.481 M USD8.13 BSmart contract platforms, SEC security token, Layer 1
JUPJupiter611.05938093 USD+3.80%1.43 B USD301.231 M USD1.35 BDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, Interoperability, DeFi
EENAEthena620.97924354 USD+5.66%1.395 B USD657.894 M USD1.425 BDeFi
PENDLEPendle635.76190384 USD−3.61%1.378 B USD111.405 M USD239.186 MSocial, media & Content, Web3
GALAGala640.04457364 USD+1.86%1.353 B USD225.889 M USD30.349 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles
FLOKIFloki Inu650.0001402946 USD+0.84%1.342 B USD158.09 M USD9.568 TMemes, Gaming, Metaverse
FLOWFlow660.885303980 USD+0.26%1.33 B USD63.305 M USD1.502 BSmart contract platforms, NFTs & Collectibles, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
BSVBitcoin SV6766.261896625 USD−1.52%1.305 B USD62.397 M USD19.69 MCryptocurrencies, Scaling
NEONeo6818.3259 USD−1.73%1.293 B USD466.721 M USD70.539 MSmart contract platforms, Enterprise solutions
QNTQuant69106.16238059 USD−1.96%1.282 B USD21.632 M USD12.073 MInteroperability
AAVEAave7086.143854229 USD+0.27%1.275 B USD102.589 M USD14.805 MLending & Borrowing, DeFi, DAO
FLRFLARE710.032023 USD−0.79%1.236 B USD14.961 M USD38.59 BDevelopments tools, Interoperability, Layer 1
BTTBitTorrent-New720.0000012575 USD−1.19%1.218 B USD46.256 M USD968.246 TDistributed computing & Storage, Web3, SEC security token
AGIXSingularityNET730.87417 USD+2.20%1.121 B USD134.271 M USD1.282 BData management & AI, Payments, Marketplace
EGLDMultiversX7441.251070727 USD+0.76%1.107 B USD26.822 M USD26.838 MSmart contract platforms, Gaming, Distributed computing & Storage, Identity, Scaling, Enterprise solutions, Payments, Loyalty & Rewards, DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, Layer 1
WWWormhole750.59603603 USD+0.75%1.073 B USD177.828 M USD1.8 BNFTs & Collectibles, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3, DAO
ONDOOndo760.75644082 USD−5.63%1.051 B USD322.759 M USD1.39 B
XECeCash770.00005130 USD−1.00%1.01 B USD36.489 M USD19.69 TCryptocurrencies, Layer 1
RONRonin783.20648991 USD+2.35%1.011 B USD21.468 M USD315.181 MSmart contract platforms, Gaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Layer 1
SANDThe Sandbox790.445311949 USD+1.01%1.003 B USD126.511 M USD2.252 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, Marketplace, SEC security token
AXSAxie Infinity807.004952883 USD−1.20%1.004 B USD73.946 M USD143.379 MGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, SEC security token
SNXSynthetix812.982427878 USD+4.41%977.548 M USD36.784 M USD327.769 MDecentralized exchange, Derivatives, DeFi, DAO
CHZChiliz820.109950632 USD+1.03%977.273 M USD82.246 M USD8.888 BLoyalty & Rewards, Sports, SEC security token, Layer 1
BONKBonk830.0000149294 USD+0.89%973.267 M USD122.897 M USD65.191 TMemes
XTZTezos840.990091335 USD+1.17%968.893 M USD39.429 M USD978.59 MSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
WLDWorldcoin854.99825565 USD−2.63%954.286 M USD366.542 M USD190.924 MPrivacy, Identity
ORDIORDI8645.30265382 USD+3.66%951.356 M USD308.436 M USD21 MNFTs & Collectibles
AKTAkash Network873.96457573 USD−0.88%927.894 M USD9.862 M USD234.046 MDistributed computing & Storage, Data management & AI, Web3
CFXConflux880.23460047 USD+0.55%924.721 M USD72.748 M USD3.942 BSmart contract platforms, Interoperability, DeFi, Web3
PYTHPyth Network890.609264898 USD−1.09%913.891 M USD73.926 M USD1.5 BOracles
JASMYJasmyCoin900.018509 USD−0.76%912.494 M USD78.529 M USD49.3 BInternet of things
GNOGnosis91347.51788473 USD+2.57%899.928 M USD18.291 M USD2.59 MPrediction markets, DeFi, Layer 1
STRKStarknet Token921.22922168 USD−1.50%894.873 M USD110.411 M USD728 MScaling, Web3
EOSEOS930.781192431 USD+2.52%877.658 M USD164.532 M USD1.123 BSmart contract platforms
MINAMina940.803671340 USD+1.34%875.277 M USD32.75 M USD1.089 BSmart contract platforms, Layer 1
CKBNervos Network950.019797 USD−1.40%870.882 M USD82.119 M USD43.991 BSmart contract platforms, Scaling
KCSKuCoin Token968.85354000 USD+3.49%851.115 M USD2.754 M USD96.133 MCentralized-exchange
MANADecentraland970.436007491 USD−0.11%832.042 M USD85.189 M USD1.908 BGaming, NFTs & Collectibles, Metaverse, SEC security token
AXLAxelar981.199343000 USD−0.55%759.994 M USD22.939 M USD633.675 MInteroperability
APEApeCoin991.236193419 USD−1.82%747.768 M USD59.213 M USD604.896 MNFTs & Collectibles
MIOTAIOTA1000.22779984 USD+1.37%735.681 M USD18.169 M USD3.23 BCryptocurrencies, Internet of things