HLC3/Kaufman Strategy

This is an upgrade of the old Heikin/Kaufman Strategy. This script DONT use Heikin value anymore, so I hope no more repaint. Try it and let me know. Use an ADX indicator can help to check the strenght of the trend.
Release Notes: errata corrige ticker
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Thats the god of repaint
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Nice concept, but it repaint's badly.
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this indicator has the future leak issue....basically using Heikin Ashi for backtesting always gives wrong results.....
hi sir i m raju
from india
i am use to your stretergy but call ganreted is confarm but minor repaint pls slowe problam (my english is very bed) i am sorry.
Hi. I think heikin ashi was not responsible for repainting. It is because high time frame hcl3 price in my opinion. Have you considered re-writing this script in pinescript version3 ? "barmerge.lookahead_off" might be useful for repainting issue.
Another problem spotted: the entry is pointed at the candle open price. It makes more sense to point it at the close price. How would I fix this?
bfma = ema(bmha_close,1), which value of bmha_close are you evaluating here ?
what does ema(bmha_close,1) mean above. You are calculating exponential moving average of previous 1 day value of bmha_close ?
MarcoValente apurva1s2000
@apurva1s2000, bfma it is just the hlc3 of the timeframe that you choose (default is D), and must be higher then the timeframe that you use . Es use 1 hr set 1D , 30 minutes try 3 hr. But with low timeframe like 5 15 or 30, repaint can be a problem. Should be use as reference not during live training but for multidays traiding
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**** DO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT **** use it during live sessions. It repaints like hell. It's one of the pointless indicators that changes its mind afterwards.