soru (SR levels: dynamic and fixed)

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study(title="soru (SR levels: dynamic and fixed)", shorttitle="soru (SR levels: dynamic and fixed)", overlay=true) 
TW1 = input("2W", title="Timewindow1")
TW2 = input("2M", title="Timewindow2")

S1 = input(title="Show TW1", type=bool, defval=false)
S1M = input(title="Show TW1 Med line", type=bool, defval=false)
S2 = input(title="Show TW2", type=bool, defval=false)
S2M = input(title="Show TW2 Med line", type=bool, defval=false)

pf = (hlc3) *2
pla = pf - high
pha = pf - low
pma = hlc3
time_pfa = security(tickerid, TW1, pfa[1]) 
time_pla = security(tickerid, TW1, pla[1]) 
time_pha = security(tickerid, TW1, pha[1]) 
time_pma = security(tickerid, TW1, pma[1]) 
color_pla = close < time_pla ? red : yellow
color_pha = close > time_pha ? lime : yellow
color_pma = close > time_pma ? lime : red

plot(S1 and time_pla ? time_pla : na, title="Projected Low",style=circles, color=color_pla ,linewidth=1) 
plot(S1 and time_pha ? time_pha : na, title="Projected High",style=circles, color=color_pha ,linewidth=1) 
plot(S1M and time_pma ? time_pma : na, title="Projected Mid",style=circles, color=color_pma ,linewidth=1, join=false)

time2_pfa = security(tickerid, TW2, pfa[1]) 
time2_pla = security(tickerid, TW2, pla[1]) 
time2_pha = security(tickerid, TW2, pha[1])
time2_pma = security(tickerid, TW2, pma[1]) 
color2_pla = close < time2_pla ? red : yellow
color2_pha = close > time2_pha ? lime : yellow
color2_pma = close > time2_pma ? lime : red

plot(S2 and time2_pla ? time2_pla : na, title="Projected Low 2",style=circles, color=color2_pla ,linewidth=2) 
plot(S2 and time2_pha ? time2_pha : na, title="Projected High 2",style=circles, color=color2_pha ,linewidth=2) 
plot(S2M and time2_pma ? time2_pma : na, title="Projected Mid 2",style=circles, color=color2_pma ,linewidth=2, join=false)

//moving part
periods=input(200, minval=1, title="MA Period")

pc = input(true, title="Draw swings?")

hld = iff(close > sma(high,periods)[1], 1, iff(close<sma(low,periods)[1],-1, 0))
hlv = valuewhen(hld != 0, hld, 1)

hi = pc and hlv == -1 ? sma(high, periods) : na
lo = pc and hlv == 1 ? sma(low,periods) : na

low_tf = input(title="5/3 min TF", type=bool, defval=false)
plot(avg(sma(high,periods)+2.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)),sma(low,periods)-2.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods))), color=navy, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(lo ? sma(high,periods)+2.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(hi ? sma(low,periods)-2.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(hi ? sma(low,periods)-5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(lo ? sma(high,periods)+5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(hi ? sma(low,periods)-7.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(lo ? sma(high,periods)+7.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(hi ? sma(low,periods)-10*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(lo ? sma(high,periods)+10*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(hi and low_tf ? sma(low,periods)-12.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(lo and low_tf ? sma(high,periods)+12.5*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=orange, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(hi and low_tf ? sma(low,periods)-15*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=blue, style=linebr,linewidth=2)
plot(lo and low_tf ? sma(high,periods)+15*(sma(high,periods)-sma(low,periods)):na, color=blue, style=linebr,linewidth=2)

plot(pc and sma(high, periods) ? sma(high, periods):na ,title="Swing High Plot", color=red,style=linebr, linewidth=2)
plot(pc and sma(low,periods) ? sma(low,periods) : na ,title="Swing Low Plot", color=lime,style=linebr, linewidth=2)

//previous WEEK closure
cw_draw = input(title="Draw previous WEEK closure", type=bool, defval=false)
cw = close
time_cw = security(tickerid, "1W", cw[1])
plot(cw_draw and time_cw ? time_cw : na, title="Weekly closure",style=circles, color=white ,linewidth=2)

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