Crowd Tracker (work in progress)

This indicator/strategy should be used similarly to how you would analyse sentiment data, when the crowd is bullish look to be short, when the crowd is bearish look to be long. It is also is inspired by Elliott wave , as it is looking for ending waves. The crowd tracker uses volume and price data to estimate how many people went long or short in a candle, then adds the candles over a 500 candle period together. A spike in bullishness on the indicator indicates that a bull trend may be over because ending Elliott waves , for example 5s and Cs , are when the crowd are most on board with the trend. The blue lines are a standard deviation ( Bollinger Band ), between these lines is where a healthy trend would be found. When the Crowd Tracker leaves and re-enters the blue lines this is a sign of a change in trader psychology, as they have reached their maximum confidence in a trend then reversed.
This is still work in progress because I want to find a better way to find the tops and bottoms of the Crowd Tracker, so it is set to invite only, after I have completed it I will probably release it in protected so follow me if you want to use it later on :) It is good at spotting entries for cryptos and stock indexes however the exits still need work.
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