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Watchlist has two sections 1) Watchlist symbols and 2) details. See Watchlist details for the details section

Add Symbol and Choices Hamburger Menu

Enter correctly spelled symbol in window and detail section will display details. Hamburger menu simply displays all the available operations already displayed, but in a drop down menu.

Create New List…

Create new list.png
“Creates” a name for all the Watchlist symbols added.

Save List As…

Save list as.png
“Saves” Watchlist.

Rename List

Rename list.png
“Renames” Watchlist.

Import Watchlist

Import watch list.png
“Imports” a text file of a Watchlist. Example for list of two files EURUSD and GBPUSD: EURUSD,GBPUSD

Export Watchlist

“Exports” a text file of a watchlist. This can be used to see correct formats for future imports.

Clear Symbols

Clear watch list.png
“Clears” entire Watchlist.
"Additional commands": a mouse over displays an X which will delete that file from the Watchlist.