Cycle Analysis WebHook/API Integration

A basic script used to create an alert which can be used to trigger a web-hook on our cycle analysis API to calculate and update current cycles in the dataset/chart the alert is running on. Used to ensure a back-to-back real-time integration with server-based web-hooks between your favorite symbol/time-frame and our cycle analysis API.

1) Place this indicator on the symbol you want to apply cycle analysis.

2) Add an alert via the TradingView alert panel with following configuration:

  • Condition "WTT_DataFeed" -> data

  • Options: Once per bar close

  • Alert action Web Hook endpoint: https : //

  • Expiration time: open-ended

  • Message: replace YOUR-STREAM-ID with the name for your stream to appear in the cycle analysis platform

  • Ensure enough data will be send via the webhook to allow cycle analysis (min. 100 bars/datapoints)

  • You might be able to backfill historical data with the "fill" function in your streams

3) Enjoy live monitoring the cycle analysis and cycle detection of your TradingView chart to empower your trading skills

4) You can even close your charts and the back-to-back alert/webhook logic will continue to ensure cycle analysis updates

Lars von Thienen

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