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SpaceTime Profiles Non Overlay is a tool used by many traders that aim to get more confluence with their trading style.
ALPHA V1.0.0

Typically, market profile can be used to help determine high value areas where a likely reaction is to occur when price reaches this level, this can provide market generated support and resistance . This indicator uses time price interaction to accurately create a market profile for TradingView, a feature that is useful for many traders who want to expand their knowledge.
User can choose to enable or disable lettering, and further features such as tick size and color are customizable.
Soon I will include additional features such as point of control extending the area of interest.

Currently works in non overlay mode, apply to existing panel to make it easier to chart lines.
Further more an overlay version is in the works

Looking forward to everyone trying this, you can appropriately message me for access.
Release Notes: The error for double printing does not occur anymore the market profile script is now 1:1 accurate!

How to use it:

-Change Tick Size to control the generation of the market profile, e.g. 0.1 on smaller alts like Link works well, but 100 works great on BTC due to higher pricing

-Timeframe on chart controls the generation of data (daily market profile), lowest timeframe is 30 minutes. E.g. 4h chart will have a different market profile due to less 4h bars in a day, different timeframe modes will be added e.g. 5min for a 4h market profile for scalpers vs 30 minute for a daily market profile. may include a weekly market profile for 4h timeframe and above soon too.

-Lettering to indicate what time price was at those levels, A = 1:00-1:30am, B = 1:30-2:00am, C = 2:00-2:30am UTC. (lower case come after Z)
Release Notes: Made it look neater for everyone
Invite-only script

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Author's instructions

DM Here or on twitter: @Spacemanbtc

Want to use this script on a chart?

Warning: please read before requesting access.

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May I please experiment with this.

High Regards

Gyanendra Awasthi
I am hoping to gain access to this script. Thanks
spacemanbtc joehammer
@joehammer, Just dm'ed
Hi Spaceman, was wondering if you could grant access to your Market Profile script, looks cool - and keeps me on trading view rather than Exo or Sierra - much appreciated! thanks
spacemanbtc Peermamode
@Peermamode, Hi thank you for contacting me, DM me when you can, ill be busy for a bit as im working on some changes published on my twitter for additional usability. All the best.