PineConnector - Adding alert() and plotshape()

This is a sample script is to assist PineConnector users to set up their alerts.
Please include the plotshape function to have a visual on when alerts fire.

Release Notes:
Instead of one example, you have 5 options to choose from ranging from basic to intermediate.

Please add either of the 5 options in your script and change the license ID to your preassigned ID.

Option 1: Basic (only risk paramter, static)
Option 2: Basic (only SL and risk paramters, static)
Option 3: Basic (SL, TP and risk paramters, static)
Option 4: Intermediate (dynamic SL and static risk)
Option 5: Intermediate (dynamic SL and TP, static risk)
Release Notes:
Fixed typo
Release Notes:
Added option 6 and 7 with BreakEven and Trailing SL respectively.
Release Notes:
Added Option 8 for a sample Buy Stop and Sell Stop Pending Orders
Release Notes:
1) Changed to Version 5, from Version 4
2) Added Option 9: Sending multiple alerts when conditons are met
Release Notes:
Added plotshape codes – recommended additon to your scripts to know when alerts will fire

Added Option 0 – hardcoded symbol
Release Notes:
Added Option 3b to showcase how comments can be added.

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