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Unleash the power of multiple Unyx Data in a single indicator. Thanks to the Unyx Data Overview, you’ll be able to retrieve a wealth of information and status from other metrics in a unified table. It displays data from 5 assets in addition to the one selected on your chart, and these assets can be customized in the indicator’s parameters. Moreover, the BUD gives correlation signals between the various Unyx Data, directly on your graph to detect points of interest.

Usage Advice
This indicator is best used in TradingView’s Dark mode. If you don’t want to display the BUD signals, you can place the table in a pane below the graph for better visualization. Otherwise, there’s nothing special about the use of this indicator. We still recommend that you use your logarithmic chart for a better visualization, but this is optional.

The Different Elements
The BUD is made up of a single element: a highly complete table, bringing together up to 12 pieces of information from 6 different Unyx Data! All this on 6 assets at the same time (configurable in the parameters). All metrics adapt to the selected timeframe, except for the Rainbow Score and Unyx Bands indicators, which are always in Daily. The colors of the table cells vary according to the status of the various data. Various texts that may appear in the table cells are always self-explanatory.

The Different Signals
BUD also integrates correlation signals between the various data included in the table. These signals can be deactivated in the indicator parameters. You can also set the trigger threshold: the higher the threshold, the more rare and filtered the signals will be; the lower the threshold, the more numerous but less relevant the signals will be.
Release Notes:
  • Optimization of certain transparencies for white mode.
  • Enable table text color settings for better white mode compatibility.
Release Notes:
  • Fibonacci Score (BFS) added.
  • Pivot Identifier (BPI) added.
  • Addition of Magic Bands (PMB).
  • Trend Time (PTT) added.
  • Addition of a page system. 4 pages of 6 assets are available. You can configure assets and switch from one page to another in the parameters.
  • Adjust signals according to new additions.
  • Some parameter values are now hidden for better readability.
  • Version number added at the end of parameters.
Release Notes:
  • Added an option to enable or disable candle coloring (disabled by default) according to overbought and oversold zones.
  • Calculation optimization.

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