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Mobile gaming stocks: Pay to win?

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Gone are the days of blowing on cartridges and getting your controller wires all tangled up – mobile gaming is instant, hugely popular, and often massively profitable (for the companies that make the games, that is). And while there are a range of formats and business models, pay-to-win (P2W) is being increasingly used by game companies to multiply revenues.

Infuriating for some, loved by others, here is a Spark of the biggest mobile gaming stocks (with a market cap over 300m) that could be worth helping your portfolio level up. This list includes companies that obtain their main source of revenue from producing mobile games, so it doesn't include multiplatformers like EA and Nintendo, or big boys like Apple and Microsoft who only dabble in the area. It also doesn't include mobile gambling or betting firms.

Remember though, one slip and you've lost all your coins, so make sure you research well in single player mode and don't rely on us as a cheat code to success.