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US stocks: All-American heroes

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From Apple smartphones to Amazon deliveries, much of our lives are already Americanized. The US stock market accounted for 55% of the total world equity value in 2021, and hosts some of the largest and most influential companies in the world. Can you imagine a world without Coca-Cola, McDonald's, or Nike? Us neither. There's also plenty of innovation coming out of Uncle Sam, especially in big tech. Without America there would be no Facebook or Twitter, while there are also plenty of rising stars looking to benefit from the land of opportunity.

This lists the 25 largest US-listed stocks by market cap, featuring some of the most reliable American brands. Of course, some companies may pop in and out of the list, but there are many long-term players. Be wary though, this does not constitute trading advice, and we recommend you do your own research into any investment before placing a trade