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Oct 312022

A pretty Q3 picture

Image-sharing platform Pinterest somehow manages to dodge the boulders falling from the skies for the rest of the social media sector.

  • Pinterest popped nearly 14% on Friday for its best day since mid-August, putting the stock on track for its fourth consecutive month in the green – a much needed rally after 12 straight months in the red. The platform topped on both ends in Q3, reporting EPS that were nearly double estimates at $0.11 on revenues that lifted 8% to $684.6m.
  • It was all eyes on digital advertising performance, and the social platform earned applause for repeating last quarter’s feat of avoiding the general sense of ennui that has engulfed other brand’s ad revenue thanks to Apple’s privacy changes and inflation – Pinterest boasted a resilient ad business with many people still engaging in its platform.
  • User count, a point of contention for investors after Q2, remained flat but that was still better than expectations, with global monthly active users lifting nearly 3% to 445m and revenue per user jumping 11%. The brand is still forecasting single-digit revenue growth in the current quarter but analysts seem largely optimistic about its path forward.
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Aug 022022

Pinterest proves the haters wrong

There was much anticipation for Pinterest’s earnings after a rocky ride for its rivals this earnings season, but investors decide to focus on the good news instead of the bad.

  • Pinterest popped 21% in extended trading on Monday to recover from its industry-related woes earlier in July, all despite reporting a Q1 miss on both ends. The platform posted EPS of $0.11 vs the $0.18 expected, on revenues that came in $1m short of estimates and saw the slowest growth in two years at $666m.
  • Look, there’s no doubt the financials were a bit gloomy. Pinterest blamed its revenue miss on a weak online advertising market, a sentiment echoed by other social media stocks like Meta, Twitter and Snap, who all missed on both ends for similar reasons – added to that, Pinterest gave troubling Q3 guidance of mid-single digit revenue growth.
  • However, two pieces of good news brought the bulls barreling in. First, global monthly active users declined 5% to 433m, which is obvs not ideal but is better than the 431m analysts expected. Secondly, activist investor Elliott Management confirmed it’s now Pinterest’s top investor and has “conviction in the value-creation opportunity” at the company.
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Charlesdeluvio / Unsplash
Jul 152022

Pinterest’s mood board comes through

Struggling social platform Pinterest has been manifesting a recovery for its share price, and turns out the universe has been listening.

  • An activist investor has set its sights on Pinterest. Elliott Management divulged that it has built up a Big Mac-sized 9% stake in the company in the past few months to become its biggest investor, and has been in discussions with the company for several weeks now – though nobody is quite sure what about.
  • Pinterest has been enduring a tough time of turmoil the last few months. Only two weeks ago, its co-founder Ben Silbermann stepped down as CEO to become exec chairman and was replaced by former Alphabet exec Bill Ready as the company struggled with quickly declining user numbers and dwindling balance sheet.
  • PINS skyrocketed over 20% in extended trading on Thursday upon hearing the news, though the stock is still down over 50% YTD. Investors feel hopeful that Elliot Management might be just the wellness treatment it needs, given its successful partnership with Twitter in the past.
Сharlesdeluvio / Unsplash
Apr 282022

Finding the Pin in the haystack

Investors are sick of seeing declining users, so they’re focusing on the pretty picture painted by ad revenue and earnings instead.

  • Shares sprinted up by 10% in extended trading on Wednesday after the photo sharing platform beat on both ends with EPS of $0.10 on revenues that jumped a pleasing 18% to hit $575m.
  • Global monthly active users declined 9% YoY to hit 433m, when analysts wanted to see 437.9m, which Printerest said was bc of lower search traffic and pandemic-driven growth in the year-ago quarter. On the plus side, users are up sequentially for the first time in a while, and retail advertising has managed to hold its own.
  • Pinterest forecast only 11% growth in revenue for the current quarter, joining other social media platforms like Snap by saying advertising will prolly take a hit from the war in Ukraine and the consequent slowdown in ad-spend in the region. The company says it’s starting to get attention from Gen Z though, so maybe that’ll bring in the $$$.
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Joachim Lesne / Unsplash
Feb 042022

Q1 will see revenue grow “in the high teens”

Pinterest helps allay any concerns the market has about social media stocks with a new all-time record in revenue.

Key points:
  • It topped $2bn in revenue for the first time in 2021 (up 52% from 2020) after Q4 beat estimates with $847m in sales and EPS of $0.49. After mourning Meta’s earnings miss, the stock rebounded 28% after hours but gained only 7% at market open on Friday.
  • Is less really more? Investors seem to think so – global monthly users (which is an NB metric for social networks) declined 6% y-o-y to 431m, and U.S. users declined 12% to 86m. However, average revenue per user lifted 23%, so it all balanced out.
  • Q1 revenue should see growth “in the high teens”, matching expectations for 18% growth, as the company continues to invest in making Pinterest a “video first” platform – a feature that has been v popular so far according to CEO Ben Silbermann.
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Szabo Viktor / Unsplash
Jan 052022

Is there a moodboard for ennui?

Investors are on the lookout for new investment inspo after a downgrade sends Pinterest stock spiralling.

  • Prices closed down 9% on Tuesday to hit an 18-month low of $33.13 after spending the last six months losing their pandemic-induced momentum.
  • A downgrade from the Guggenheim is to blame (the investment company, not the museum). It downgraded the stock from a buy to neutral, lowering its price target from $46 to $39.
  • Declining user numbers are behind the downgrade. Its global audience sank to just over 218m at the end of December, down from 226.9m at the end of November – its second consecutive monthly decline in users.
Szabo Viktor / Unsplash
Aug 032021

Pinterest interest plummets on poor Q2 results

Pinterest ended last week among TradingView’s top losers, down 18% on Friday after reporting a decline in monthly users and sinking a further 3% on Monday to close at $57.12.

Social media service Pinterest saw its shares plummet 18% after its Q2 earnings release, which reported a slowdown in the popularity of the platform as monthly users decline. The drop came despite the company beating on both the top and bottom lines, reporting earnings per share of $0.25 on revenue of $613 million, compared to expectations of $0.13 in earnings per share on $562.1 million in revenue. Revenue grew 125% from the same period the year before, thanks to solid advertising revenue. It was the monthly active user numbers that brought the stock down, coming in at 454 million compared to the 482 million analysts were looking for and down 5% from Q1 levels of 478 million. Its monthly active users have declined by around 7% in the U.S. and around 5% globally.

Social media companies have soared in popularity through the pandemic, but as the world opens back up the worry is that the gains could be on their way out. Pinterest is hoping to create a more robust and engaging platform in the future and has made moves in that direction already, with a new TikTok-esque short video feature released in May, which is already seeing impressive growth.

For the past year, we've highlighted how people came to Pinterest for inspiration to reinvent their lives during such a difficult time. Now as the world opens up, we're seeing the similar effect in the opposite direction,

said CEO Ben Silbermann.

The stock fell to its lowest price since mid-May, ending the Friday down 18.24% at $58.90, down from its peak of $89.90 on February 16.