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This is a list of questions you may have about our service. This list will be expanded as we get more frequently asked questions from our users.



Is it free to sign up?

Yes, you can sign up and no cost and use a lot of tools and features! :-)

How to create an account?

Please follow this link to sign up.

Can a person have more than 1 account?

We do not allow a person to create multiple accounts. To learn more, please read our house rules. Please note that we have special mechanism and a team of moderators to find additional accounts and deactivate them.

What are the badges displayed next to the username?

There are 3 kinds of badges, each telling you something different about a member. You can find additional details in the blog post.

What are the features available free of charge on TradingView?

You can find comparison table in the middle of this page.

What markets are available for a free account holder?

Click here to find out.

Do I need to pay extra to use my charts on multiple devices?

If you plan to access your account from multiple devices or browsers (on the same device), you will need an additional paid subscription, specifying the number of simultaneous connections you require. You can buy additional connections in your profile. Please note that a system sees a browser as a separate connection, so you will need to use the same browser for TradingView on your device. However, if you don’t need to stay logged in on 2 devices simultaneously and going to log in and out each time when changing a device, buying 2 sim connections is not necessary. Please make sure you save your chart each time before logging out or refreshing and don’t keep one chart open in 2 tabs at the same time.

How to delete my account?

We don't delete TradingView accounts according to our policy.

Social Activity and House Rules

Where can I read the House Rules?

The House Rules and Community Guidelines can be found here.

How do I trust ideas and authors?

Ideas views, likes, number of followers and many other variables form reputation of an author. This is the indicator of trust on TradingView and we do all we can to keep it realistic, however, reputation doesn't guarantee you can earn easy money following ideas by top authors. Please read 5 things you should never do on TradingView.

How to gain exposure and build a reputation on TradingView?

You can find out here.

What if someone has more than 1 account to increase his reputation. Is it allowed?

This is strictly prohibited. We have a team of moderators and we also implemented different mechanisms to find such accounts to ban or even deactivate them. Our goal is to make TradingView a trustworthy source of ideas for trading and investing.

Can moderators ban me or remove my ideas, if I have a paid account?

You can pay for tools, features and market data on TradingView. These things will be available for you (if you paid for them or you get your money back), however it doesn't mean you have any special privilege in your social activity. Rules are the same for all users. Check some frequent questions moderators deal with.

Can i create public chat rooms?

Yes, you can do this if you have an upgraded plan! On the right side panel there is Chats. If you open it, you will be able to create a new public chat by clicking the + button. Please read 10 golden tips on creating awesome and lasting custom chats.

Publishing Ideas and Scripts

How do I edit an idea or a study/strategy that I published?

After a chart idea or a Pine script is published you have 15 minutes to edit description. After 15 minutes you cannot edit ideas and codes.

How to delete an idea/script?

We do not remove ideas and scripts after they are published, so please, make sure everything is ok before publication. No exceptions are made. Thank you for understanding.

Who can see published ideas?

If an idea is not private, anyone can find this idea and even copy it. if you want to avoid that, you can publish ideas privately. Please note that if you send direct link to the private idea, that person can copy the idea.

My idea was moderated. Why?

Moderators always send a private message if they make an idea invisible, in which they specify exactly which rule was violated.

How to add my published idea to my blog?

Each idea has its embed code, so you can embed the idea into a web page, just like YouTube video. We also have special widgets for this goal.

If I publish a study/strategy, how do I hide its source code?

All published studies/strategies have open source code. Do not publish a code if you don't want anyone to see it. We plan to add privacy setting for publishing scripts to protect their source codes.

Who are the moderators?

Moderators are active members of the TradingView community who earned trust from other members and TradingView staff. They are volunteers who are driven by enthusiasm, love for the community and their goal is to help other members. Get in touch with them regarding any questions, they will be happy to answer them! But first of all please read Top 7 user claims that moderators can't help with.


Do you offer trial period?

Yes, you can try all features and tools available on TradingView. We strongly recommend every user to try our Pro subscription for free to evaluate before paying for any service.

Do you charge for starting trial period?

No, We reserve 1 cent for verification, that's it. In 1 month after you started trial period the trial will be automatically over and your subscription will be converted into a paid monthly plan (of the same type, like you had during trial period). You will be billed on month-by-month basis, you can check prices here. After the trial you won't be charged for any additional data packages unless you subscribe to them separately. If you want to avoid automatic billing after trial period, please cancel trial period on your account billing page before due date or order another paid plan. According to our policy, we do not offer refunds for initial orders and recurring monthly payments.

How can I pay for TradingView PRO?

PayPal handles the payment processing for us. Payment methods include all major credit cards and PayPal account. A few subscriptions can be paid with bitcoins. We guarantee you safe and secure online ordering. We don't send invoices to pay by wire transfer.

In what currency do you charge? Can i pay in EUR/CAD/GBP/AUD/JPY/..?

We charge in USD only. if you have a bank card or PayPal account in another currency, the specified amount in USD will be requested from your card / PayPal. Conversion will be made on the side of your bank / PayPal account at their rates.

Do you accept bitcoins?

Yes, you can pay for any annual Pro plan with bitcoins. Market data and add-ons can be ordered only with a bank card or PayPal account.

Do you have discounts?

Some subscriptions include discounts automatically, when a longer billing cycle is chosen. You can save a lot on monthly cost, if you pay for 12 or 24 months in advance.

  • While you are on trial, you have opportunity to take advantage of the “Early Access Discount” offer. This offer allows you to purchase 12 months PRO PLUS subscription plan with a great discount. The discount may change during your trial period. The offer is available only for free accounts on trial. Once you take advantage of the offer, the trial period is over and your account is switched to the PRO PLUS one. If you choose any other paid plan or your trial is over, the offer is no longer available for you.

Why the gopro pages says $9.95, $19.95 and $39.95, but i see higher prices when ordering a pro subscription?

  • Monthly cost of PRO is $9.95 if you pay for 24 months in advance, $12.95 if you pay for 12 months ahead. If you choose to pay month by month, the monthly price is $14.95.
  • Monthly cost of PRO PLUS is $19.95 if you pay for 24 months in advance, $24.95 if you pay for 12 months ahead. If you choose to pay month by month, the monthly price is $29.95.
  • Monthly cost of PREMIUM is $39.95 if you pay for 24 months in advance, $49.95 if you pay for 12 months ahead. If you choose to pay month by month, the monthly price is $59.95.

Where can I learn more about all subscriptions and order one?

All details on every single paid subscription available on TradingView can be found on our GoPro page.

Can I change billing cycle of a subscription?

You can switch to a longer billing cycle in the billing section of your profile. If you want to switch to a shorter one, you can cancel the subscription before its next due date and order a new one after it is completely deactivated on that date.

How do i upgrade PRO subscription to next level?

If you are interested in a better paid subscription, we can arrange refund for the unused months of the current one:

  1. Purchase a new subscription.
  2. Send us an email to support@tradingview.com after the new subscription is paid
  3. We will issue partial refund for the last payment from previous subscription.

Can I add subscriptions later?

Every subscription is absolutely independent from any other subscription in terms of billing cycle. You can order a subscription at any moment.

How to renew my subscription? Can i do it manually?

The service is billed in advance. All billing is autorenewing, which means you will continue to get billed until you cancel your subscription.

I have a new card, how do I change it on TradingView?

You can update your bank card or PayPal account info at any time by visiting the billing section of your profile page and clicking 'UPDATE PAYMENT METHOD'.

Can I cancel anytime? Is there a cancellation fee?

You can cancel your subscription at any moment. If you cancel, you will not be billed anymore and the service will remain active for the time that is paid for. There's no cancellation fee.

How can I cancel a subscription?

If you want to stop recurring payments you need to cancel the corresponding subscription on the Billing tab in your profile. We don't issue refunds for initial payments and for recurring monthly payments. The service will be available until the end of the prepaid period. An email request or support ticket asking for your subscription to be cancelled is not considered cancellation.

If I cancel now, will I still have access to tools and features I have paid?

If you cancel the service before the end of your current paid up period, your subscription will be deactivated, but the service will remain available until the next due date. When the next due date comes, you won't be charged and the service will cancelled.

What is your refund policy?

We do not provide refunds for initial payments and for recurring monthly payments. Here’s why - purchasing a plan and then refunding it wastes time, energy and processing costs for both customers and TradingView. To eliminate that waste we provide a FREE TRIAL to evaluate upgraded plans, but then it’s the customer’s responsibility to cancel in time if he/she wishes. Keep in mind that all plans are autorenewed. Customers can cancel the trial or a plan at any time. If you purchase an upgraded plan or do not cancel your trial, it’s implied that you agree with the above terms and conditions and accept that there are no refunds. We offer refunds for recurring annual and 2-year payments on demand. If you have been billed for automatic annual and 2-year renewal of the Service, you have 7 calendar days (after the payment was made) to send a written request to finance@tradingview.com. If you don’t do this, TradingView assumes that renewal of the Service is expected and the payment will not be refunded.

I did not have opportunity to cancel it in time. Can I still get refund?

We reserve power on cloud services like Amazon AWS for every account with a Pro subscription. It costs us money and that is why we offer only 1 month for free. If a subscription is renewed, we don't offer refunds to avoid losses. Thank you for understanding.

Market data

What market data is included in free and in PRO versions?

A free/Pro/Pro Plus/Premium account itself doesn’t give you any additional data. If you don’t choose any additional market data subscription, you will have free access to:

  • FOREX pairs from FXCM, OANDA and IDC. All data updates real-time, intraday data is available.
  • CFDs. All data updates real-time, intraday data is available.
  • Bitcoins (aka cryptocurrencies). All data updates real-time, intraday data is available.
  • US stocks from BATS. All data updates real-time, intraday data is available.
  • OTC stocks from BATS. All data updates real-time, intraday data is available.
  • EU stocks from BATS Chi-X Europe. All data updates real-time, intraday data is available.
  • Japanese stocks from BATS Chi-X Japan. All data updates with 10-15 minutes delay, intraday data is available.
  • Stocks from NSE and BSE. All data updates with 10-15 minutes delay, intraday data is available.
  • FOREX pairs, stocks, futures from MOEX. All data updates with 10-15 minutes delay, intraday data is available.
  • US futures from CME Group (GLOBEX, NYMEX, CBOT, COMEX). All data updates with 10-15 minutes delay, intraday data is available.
  • Stocks and futures from BM&F Bovespa. All data updates with 10-15 minutes delay, intraday data is available.
  • Futures from ICEUSA and ICEEUR. End-of-day data, no intraday and real-time feed.
  • Stocks from TSX and TSXV. End-of-day data, no intraday and real-time feed.
  • Most worldwide indices. End-of-day data, no intraday and real-time feed.

Can I try available markets for free?

Yes, you can start almost free trial period on GoPro page. Please note that when trial period is over, you may need to order paid subscriptions to get official real-time data.

I don't have access to market data after trial subscription, but i paid for Pro. Why?

Because a paid Pro plan doesn't give you access to data. It is a set of tools and features. You had access to additional markets for free because you were on trial period. After the trial period is over, you need to purchase additional market data subscriptions. Before you started free trial period, this information was brought to your attention.

How do i get official intraday data updating real-time on my charts?

If you want to get official real-time and intraday data from AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, CME Group, OTC markets, MOEX, BSE, LSE, you will need additional paid subscriptions: https://www.tradingview.com/gopro/#markets

Will paid exchanges also work on TradingView widget?

Our widget is a completely separate product. Market data subscriptions work only on our online charts. All data available on widgets is free and provided as is.

Some markets are not available on widget. Why?

Depending on exchanges regulations, some symbols or intraday timeframes may be not available on our widgets.

I need only official market data. Can I subscribe for it with a free account?

A paid account is required. One cannot purchase a market data subscription with a free account.

Does a free account have any market data limitations?

The rate of data updates on charts is once per 1 second for a free account holder. A pro subscription removes this limitation: data updates real-time. The amount of available historical data also differs.

Do you have a list of all available symbols? How do I find out what subscription is required for a specific symbol?

We don't have all symbols available on TradingView listed on a page, but we have a powerful symbol search with filters by categories and exchanges. You can start typing an abbreviation or company name in the search box and it will show all symbols matching your request.

I can see market data on charts by TradingView on other web-sites. Why the data is not available on www.tradingview.com?

A lot of internet resources, like www.investing.com and www.euronext.com, use our charting library (our chart in fact), but they plugged-in their own data into it. The product they are using is described here.

I have data from my broker. Can I use on TradingView at no additional cost?

If you have a live broker account that works through CQG Continuum web API, you can pass account verification when ordering a subscription on GoPro page, or in the trading panel under TradingView chart. If the account is verified, you will get access to intraday data from CME Group (GLOBEX, NYMEX, CBOT, COMEX) updating in real-time.

How do I connect another source of data on TradingView?

It is not possible to upload data from files or connect a new data source to TradingView. We are constantly working on adding new exchanges and supporting missing timeframes for existing markets.

Why does a popup notification say I see data from BATS?

You get BATS data in because Pro/Pro Plus/Premium account itself doesn’t give you data from primary exchange. Data still comes from BATS. In order to avoid possible misunderstanding those popups constantly remind customers that they see BATS data. If you need data from exchanges, you need additional market data subscriptions.

What is BATS? Why its data is free?

BATS is an electronic exchange that doesn’t charge per user fees for real-time data. The data is slightly different from the "official" data from other exchanges - it offers approximate volumes and fewer price updates.

How much history is available on a chart?

We have limitation for maximum number of candles on chart. On intraday charts the limit is 5,000 candles + additional candles from the beginning of week. On daily and daily-based charts we display all data available from our data vendors. You can click 'All' button under a chart to how much data a certain symbol has on tradingView. Pro/Pro Plus/Premium account holders have access to 10,000 bars on charts.


How many alerts can be set?

Maximum number of simultaneously active alerts depends on type of your account. Please check the comparison table to see the specific numbers.

Can I get SMS when an alert is triggered?

Yes. To get text message (SMS) alerts on your phone, you need to create a special e-mail address that forwards messages to your phone via your network (to save on charges). Here’s one list of free e-mail providers that do this for US and Canada - www.emailtextmessages.com. There may be other lists, just Google it. Enter the e-mail address you created in your Profile, "SMS E-mail" field. When an alert triggers, the message is sent to the e-mail and the e-mail provider sends an SMS message to your phone. This feature is available to all users.

Premium plan holders can get real-time server side text message (SMS) alerts, delivered directly to their phone. If they choose the “Send SMS” option when setting an alert, a message will be sent to the phone number they specify.

Is it possible to send alerts from a Pine script with now manual configuration?

No, but we are working on this. Alerts must be set manually on chart anyway.

How do I create a custom condition for alerts?

You can write a Pine study with the custom condition and use this condition to base an alert on it. Click here to learn more.


Is TradingView a broker?

No, TradingView is online platform for charting and trading with elements of social network for traders and investors. We don't offer brokerage service, but you can use broker accounts to trade right from our charts.

Do you have a trading simulator (paper-trading)?

Yes, you can open the trading panel below your chart and select TradingView paper-trading. Please note that you need a chart with real-time feed to paper-trade. Custom spread charts and bitcoin pairs are not allowed for placing orders. Orders are not sent to any broker, the are filled on our servers.

Can I practice with a demo account from my broker?

Yes, both live and demo broker accounts can be connected on trading panel.

How to create a demo account?

What are the risks?

Please follow this link to read about risks before placing orders with a live broker account

What brokers are currently supported?

Hedging is supported?

We don't have a technical limitation to open both long and short (separate) positions at the same time, but it must be configured on the broker end.

What markets can be traded?

It depends on your broker account. The following categories are configured for trading from our charts;

  • Futures on CME Group exchanges though CQG Continuum Web API
  • FOREX though Tradable API and CQG Continuum Web API
  • Stocks through CQG Continuum Web API

Studies and Strategies

What is the difference between a study and a strategy?

The main one: a strategy is for placing actual orders (backtesting), while a study is for analysis only.

Ho do I import my studies from other software to TradingView?

You can't do this. Only studies/strategies written in Pine can be used on TradingView. it means that you need to re-create the source code in Pine Editor, compile it and apply to your charts.

Can you help me converting my codes?

We are doing our best to create the best product ever, so we are focused on its features while we give opportunity to our users to fill the product with content. You should contact the most active study developers of our community in regards to this.

How do I search for studies and strategies on TradingView?

Click the Indicator button and start typing the keyword or the name of the study/strategy you are looking for. You will see the list of available built-in and custom indicators and strategies, which relate to your search request. If none of them suits your goal, you will have to create the indicator yourself using Pine scripting language.

How to see source code of a study/strategy?

  • Built-in scripts. You can open the source code of a standard study/strategy in the Pine Editor tab below your chart if you click the New button and select the script.
  • Custom studies and strategies from public library. After a script is applied to your chart, you can click the {} button in the legen of the script (top right corner of the chart) to see its source code.

Some studies are missing in Pine Editor. How do i see their source?

if you don't see a script in the list after you click the New button in Pine Editor, it means the code is written not on Pine, but it is implemented on our backend and you cannot see its source code. Please note that we use standard for the industry formulas.

How to configure and start automated strategy trading with a broker account?

Strategy trading is limited to backtesting only. Automated trading is not available on TradingView yet. Thank you for understanding.


How do I get support?

Level of support depends on your account type.

Free account

We are constantly working on improving the following materials:

  • This FAQ.
  • TradingView Wiki.
  • Videos.
  • Our product walk-through: when you open a chart, in the left bottom corner you can find '?', click it and select 'Run Product Walk-Through'.
  • All users can send reports from TradingView interface about any problem. Please note that we don't guarantee response to all reports, but every single one is studied by our support team.

Pro or Pro Plus account

Additionally to resources, available for free account holders:

  • We respond to all reports sent from our interface, using the Report Issues button.
  • if you have a specific question, you can send it to support@tradingview.com. Working hours are Monday - Friday (7:00 am - 3:00 pm EST).

Premium account

  • Priority email support. Working hours are Monday - Friday (5:00 am - 3:00 pm EST). Average response time is 15 minutes during working hours.
  • Dedicated phone support. Working hours are Monday - Friday (6:30 am - 3:00 pm EST).

I have a feature request. Where can I send it?

Please add the idea and describe use case for other customers to vote for it on GetSatisfaction forum. All ideas are viewed by our project manages and developers. Please note that we don't answer questions and solve problems on this forum. Thank you for understanding.

Widgets, charting library and trading terminal

Widget doesn't show the data I see on my TradingView chart. Why?

Some markets can be absent in the widgets, while others have 10-15 minutes delayed feed and some have only End-of-Day data according to exchanges regulations.

I see the market data I need on another site on charts by TradingView. Why the data is missing on www.tradingview.com/chart ?

The other web site uses our charting library (our chart in fact), but they plugged-in their own data into it. This is completely separate product, our subscriptions has nothing do with that. It comes with no data feed, only the chart.

My broker uses your charts. Can I have data feed from my broker on www.tradingview.com/chart ?

Your broker purchased our trading terminal. It is almost the same as our charting library, but with trading capabilities: There is no connection between the trading terminal and charts in our web platform. All available markets are listed here.