Thinking in Pine - Execution Model and Rollback on Realtime Bars

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Hello All,

Welcome to another session of "Thinking in Pine" - short video tutorials on Pine Script.

Before continuing with this video, if you are not familiar with var, varip and regular variables, please watch our previous video - "Thinking in Pine - var, varip and regular variables"

🎲 Today's discussion points
  • How var, varip and regular variable modification code works with historical and real time bar updates.
  • Rollback concept of var variables

🎯 Example Program Used
// The statements execute on every tick
count = 0.0

varip varipcount = 0 //executes only once on the first bar
// Reset counter on every bar
// if(barstate.isconfirmed)
//     varipcount:=0

// Rollbacks and assigns on every tick
var varcount = 0.0 //executes only once on the first bar
// varcount:=varcount[1] -- Rollback
// varcount := varcount + 1 -- execute again

plot(varipcount, 'Varip Count')
plot(varcount, 'Var Count')
plot(count, 'Çount')

arrRegular =<float>()
var arrVar =<float>()
varip arrVarip =<float>()
if(bar_index >= last_bar_index -5)
    arrVarip.push(close)'Regular : {0}', arrRegular)'Var : {0}', arrVar)'Varip : {0}', arrVarip)

🎲 References
Pine Script® User Manual - Execution Model


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