The Riga Stock Exchange, officially called Nasdaq Riga, is the only stock exchange of Latvia. It was founded in 1993 and is currently one of eight stock exchanges that belong to Nasdaq Nordic, which is a subsidiary of Nasdaq that operates stock exchanges in several Nordic and Baltic countries and provides access to 80% of the Nordic and Baltic securities market. Trading is supported by a trading platform called INET Nordic. The Riga Stock Exchange is headquartered in Riga, the country's capital and largest city. It offers stocks and bonds.

Among the listings are prominent Latvian companies such as Grindeks, HansaMatrix, Olainfarm, VEF and Brivais Vilnis. The exchange manages the OMX Riga index, a total return index which includes all the shares listed on the main and secondary lists of the exchange. The aim of this all share index is to be a benchmark for the Latvian stock market. The methodology behind it is similar to that of other Nasdaq indices. Latvian stocks also contribute towards several Baltic indices such as the OMX Baltic 10, which tracks the performance of the 10 most actively traded Baltic stocks and Baltic sector and industry indices.