Stock market industries of Nigeria

The table below is comprised of stocks that are grouped by industries. Analyze them using a variety of performance metrics and data such as market cap, volume and number of stocks included just to name a few.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Construction Materials16.39 T NGN3.67%0.00%45.676 KNon-Energy Minerals3
Wireless Telecommunications13.852 T NGN3.45%0.00%2.373 MCommunications2
Agricultural Commodities/Milling7.766 T NGN1.85%+0.00%97.946 KProcess Industries11
Regional Banks4.715 T NGN7.47%+0.66%6.163 MFinance11
Electric Utilities2.986 T NGN0.81%+0.14%802.735 KUtilities3
Integrated Oil1.894 T NGN6.02%−0.00%802.545 KEnergy Minerals1
Major Banks1.437 T NGN11.83%+2.82%13.54 MFinance3
Hotels/Resorts/Cruise lines968.578 B NGN0.23%−9.45%148.931 KConsumer Services3
Food: Major Diversified788.69 B NGN0.08%0.00%28.456 KConsumer Non-Durables4
Beverages: Alcoholic492.579 B NGN2.10%0.00%613.537 KConsumer Non-Durables5
Investment Banks/Brokers481.304 B NGN6.62%0.00%292.849 KFinance2
Food: Specialty/Candy297.721 B NGN9.09%0.00%17.57 KConsumer Non-Durables2
Multi-Line Insurance248.149 B NGN4.16%−1.73%528.073 KFinance12
Household/Personal Care171.937 B NGN2.51%+4.95%766.689 KConsumer Non-Durables2
Oil Refining/Marketing143.828 B NGN0.14%+3.12%2.061 MEnergy Minerals2
Engineering & Construction127.033 B NGN3.78%+9.52%1.236 MIndustrial Services2
Wholesale Distributors113.533 B NGN2.24%0.00%90.957 KDistribution Services3
Specialty Stores109.768 B NGN7.73%−0.05%7.835 KRetail Trade2
Other Transportation105.684 B NGN5.13%−0.23%604.438 KTransportation4
Chemicals: Agricultural97.732 B NGN0.00%2.8 KProcess Industries1
Information Technology Services74.464 B NGN0.54%−0.12%389.415 KTechnology Services3
Pharmaceuticals: Major59.493 B NGN3.18%−0.99%120.975 KHealth Technology5
Finance/Rental/Leasing58.859 B NGN1.75%0.00%2.683 KFinance3
Industrial Specialties54.505 B NGN6.72%0.00%284.241 KProcess Industries4
Investment Managers52.204 B NGN0.00%3.191 KFinance2
Life/Health Insurance38.358 B NGN2.86%−0.94%3.49 MFinance2
Containers/Packaging35.638 B NGN2.36%0.00%5.021 KProcess Industries1
Real Estate Development25.984 B NGN0.00%117.398 KFinance1
Savings Banks16.35 B NGN0.92%0.00%5Finance1
Insurance Brokers/Services13.738 B NGN−1.95%506.575 KFinance2
Packaged Software13.1 B NGN6.87%0.00%416.686 KTechnology Services1
Electrical Products11.466 B NGN3.69%−7.36%592.311 KProducer Manufacturing2
Property/Casualty Insurance9.224 B NGN−1.98%2.136 MFinance3
Chemicals: Specialty6.194 B NGN4.03%0.00%11.828 KProcess Industries1
Other Metals/Minerals5.86 B NGN0.36%0.00%1.025 KNon-Energy Minerals1
Broadcasting5.04 B NGN0.00%89.2 KConsumer Services1
Airlines4.758 B NGN0.00%170.139 KTransportation1
Air Freight/Couriers3.849 B NGN5.22%0.00%11.657 KTransportation2
Publishing: Books/Magazines3.519 B NGN3.37%0.00%33.936 KConsumer Services3
Industrial Conglomerates2.964 B NGN0.00%0Producer Manufacturing1
Movies/Entertainment2.591 B NGN0.00%7.109 KConsumer Services1
Electronics/Appliances2.16 B NGN0.00%10 KConsumer Durables1
Commercial Printing/Forms2.044 B NGN2.42%0.00%0Commercial Services1
Real Estate Investment Trusts2.027 B NGN14.31%0.00%150Finance1
Computer Peripherals1.853 B NGN−5.97%2.414 MElectronic Technology1
Miscellaneous Commercial Services1.735 B NGN3.08%−3.94%467.425 KCommercial Services1
Restaurants1.606 B NGN−9.09%3.805 MConsumer Services1
Aluminum1.573 B NGN0.00%33Non-Energy Minerals1
Home Furnishings1.467 B NGN0.00%0Consumer Durables1
Motor Vehicles1.397 B NGN0.00%0Consumer Durables1
Other Consumer Services770.52 M NGN0.00%32.732 KConsumer Services1
Electronic Equipment/Instruments466.56 M NGN0.00%18.92 KElectronic Technology1
Drugstore ChainsRetail Trade1
Investment Trusts/Mutual FundsMiscellaneous1