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AMM Coins: Automation is coming to a farm near you

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An essential component of the De-Fi ecosystem, automated market makers (AMMs) allow for the – you guessed it – automated trading of digital assets. First invented by Lehman Bros’ in the 90s to encourage liquidity in the markets, AMMs have since been modernized by the crypto industry. Today, AMMs take from liquidity pools pre-funded by users, who stake their crypto to the pool and earn a fee for their service. This is otherwise known as yield farming, and investors can earn a generous interest on their crypto by getting involved, as well as earning a seat at the table to vote on changing the staking algorithm or rules. Indeed, AMMs are part of a rapidly evolving sector for individuals with the capital to invest. If you’re interested, here are some options for those looking to harvest some extra rewards.

Don’t forget though, these are symbols we’ve picked. Do take yourself off autopilot before coming to your own decision. You should always do your own research before placing a trade.