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Centralized exchange tokens: Stuck in the middle with you

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Many in the crypto space want to see traditional banking put to the sword, but centralized exchanges aren’t, well, too different. Currently they’re the most popular type of exchange for investors to buy and sell their coins or tokens. Don’t toll the decentralized death bell just yet though – all that being ‘centralized’ means is that there’s a third party overseeing transactions. So, like a traditional bank, they have protections in place and adhere to rules and regulations to ensure airtight user security. CEX tokens also offer incentives such as discounts, yield farming, or allowing a ‘stake’ in how the exchange is run. So while they function primarily as utilities, they can gather additional value as their parent blockchain develops and generate profit for investors just as much as their decentralized sisters. Here are the biggest that have a minimum market cap of at least 250m.

Watch out though and remember, this list does not constitute advice – you should always do your own research before placing a trade.