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Important events

Apr 182022

Cosmos gets intergalactic upgrade

Cosmos’ latest upgrade Hub Theta goes live, allowing blockchains running on the network to interact with data on other chains.

  • Interchain accounts are coming to Cosmos, after devs announced last week that upgrade 'Hub Theta' had successfully launched. The upgrade also improves the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC), a protocol that allows users to transfer crypto between blockchains easily.
  • Big deal, y tho? Well, blockchains are pretty private and struggle talking with one other. Hub Theta wants to break the ice, allowing them to transfer and manage data to and from each other – all from a single interface.
  • Cosmos’ native token ATOM was down almost 4% on Sunday, topping off a pretty poor week that saw a 12% drop for the crypto. In terms of fundamentals, however, Cosmos is looking to explore the far reaches of the crypto galaxy, with a big focus on interoperability to make crypto better connected.
NASA / Unsplash

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Apr 132022

The cosmos is better connected

Cosmos developer Ignite raises $150m through its ‘Accelerator’ fund, helping new projects launch into the atmosphere quicker.

  • The $150m fund will supply rocket fuel for new blockchains with early-stage interoperability projects preparing to launch on the Cosmos ecosystem. The funding was led by Ignite, which managed to draw in pretty big names like KuCoin and Alameda Research – both committing to investments.
  • Cosmos is all about interoperability on the blockchain. Unlike other leading cryptos, Cosmos wants blockchains to interconnect without needing to sacrifice their autonomy. Before Cosmos, blockchains had a hard time getting on with one another, being super stubborn about letting other blockchains live freely in their own home.
  • ATOM moved up 3.3% on Tuesday after navigating the asteroid belt that was the crypto market last week. Following the flight path of Bitcoin, the token fell 17% just as it was gearing up for another move towards the $35 mark.
Apr 072022

NFTs make the silverscreen

Get your popcorn ready: non-fungible tokens are coming to Hollywood with Kevin Smith’s new comedy-horror movie ‘KillRoy’.

  • Filmmaker Kevin Smith (No? He made Chasing Amy?) will use Cosmos’ blockchain to launch a collection of over 5,000 NFTs. The non-fungibles will run on the Cosmos-based SecretNetwork containing the movie itself, exclusive content like behind-the-scenes snippets, and a commentary track.
  • It’s the first of its kind for a new release in the movie biz and further proof that NFTs are popular with artists looking for new ways to monetize their work. SecretNetwork even launched Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction NFTs in November. Say NFT one more time. I dare you.
  • ATOM collided with the news to form a negative reaction, falling 8% on Wednesday amid a bit of a shaky day for the crypto market. Cosmos’ native token spent January on a bull run, going against the wider market to test its previous ATH of $44. It has since tanked at the box office, down 40% since Jan 17.
Gage Skidmore / Flickr
Mar 012022

Cosmos pumps on a spot listing

The Cosmos blockchain is shooting for the stars after a spot listing launches it into the sunlight.

Key points:

  • Its native ATOM token shot up over 17% on Monday to cross back over the $30 mark, which it hasn’t traded at since the start of the month.
  • It comes as the token got handed an FTX listing. The exchange had previously released a poll on Twitter asking whether people would want a Cosmos or a Cardano (ADAUSD) listing more, and ATOM seems to have won the ballot.
  • The token is increasing its levels of adoption. An exchange listing is a bullish signal for an asset’s utility and adoption, and it comes on the back of Cosmos’s latest bridge to the Polkadot (DOTUSD) blockchain earlier in Feb – the bridge means more blockchains can interact and transfer data on the Cosmos network.

Upcoming listing on FTX: $ATOM Spot Market!

Listing details:

Jan 212022

A star shoots across the cosmos

The Cosmos blockchain is aiming for the stars, so 21Shares gives it a rocket to help with the journey.

  • Its token shot up 13% in Thursday trading as one of only a few cryptos to manage a day in the green, before closing up 5.21%.
  • 21Shares has listed the first ever Cosmos exchange-traded product (ETP). 21Shares is the world’s leading issuer of crypto ETPs, so it’s huge for Cosmos’ utility and global rep.
  • The blockchain is “empowering the early stages of the metaverse”, according to the press release. Given the buzz surrounding anything “Meta” rn, it’s not surprising that the token is one of the few surviving the current crypto sell-off – it’s up 10% this year so far.
Emily Bernal / Unsplash