Trading anywhere: AMP Futures is now in TradingView mobile apps

May 22

Our brokerage integrations are increasingly expanding to TradingView mobile apps to ensure you can trade anytime, anywhere. Today, we welcome AMP Futures, our long-time integrated partner, among those available to trade on the go.

A part of AMP Global, AMP Futures is a US-based broker featuring trading platforms for advanced users, particularly futures traders. Known for its competitive edge, AMP offers some of the lowest commission rates in the industry. With a minimum deposit requirement of just $100 and even lower margin requirements, AMP Futures is accessible to traders of all levels.

AMP also stands as a client-centric firm, offering 24/7 customer support, educational materials, and simulated trading — all to create a comprehensive environment for informed decision-making. Regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the broker ensures a secure and reliable customer experience.

Like that, AMP Futures offers a versatile range of tools and support options at a low cost, making it a go-to choice for futures traders. Check all of it for yourself and tell us what you think. Open the TradingView mobile app, connect to AMP on the Chart screen with your broker account credentials, and leap to trading.

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