Introducing BBTrend™ – a brand new indicator from John Bollinger

Jun 6

Collaborating with the Bollinger

TradingView is proud to feature BBTrend, an indicator created by John Bollinger, the originator of Bollinger Bands. In addition to introducing this new indicator, we have also revised our existing Bollinger Bands indicators under John’s direct oversight. This process ensured that both the new and updated tools adhere to his precise standards. Our collaboration focused on seamlessly integrating these enhancements into TradingView, enriching our platform with John’s expert influence and maintaining the integrity of his analytical methods.

A brief look at Bollinger Bands®

Bollinger Bands are essential tools in technical analysis, primarily used to measure market volatility. These bands consist of a middle line, typically a simple moving average, flanked by two outer bands representing standard deviations from the average. This configuration helps traders identify potential price targets and detect overbought or oversold conditions.

The value of BBTrend

BBTrend advances traditional Bollinger Bands by providing a clearer view of market trends. It analyzes two separate sets of Bollinger Bands — one short and one long — and displays the results in a histogram format. Values above zero indicate a bullish trend, while values below zero signify bearish conditions. The distance from zero reflects the strength of the trend.

How to use BBTrend

Incorporating BBTrend into your trading strategy is straightforward. You can either watch our comprehensive video tutorial for detailed guidance or follow the summarized steps provided below the video for quick reference.

  • Customize the settings: Adjust the lengths of the short and long Bollinger Bands in the BBTrend settings to match your trading preferences and the specific market dynamics you are analyzing.
  • Read the histogram: Monitor the histogram to determine the market trend direction. Positive values indicate a bullish trend, while negative values suggest a bearish trend.
  • Assess the trend strength: Evaluate the trend’s strength by observing the distance of the histogram bars from the zero line. The further the bars extend from zero, the stronger the trend.
  • Identify potential trend reversals: Pay close attention to the peaks and troughs of the histogram. Peaks can signal potential trend highs, whereas troughs may indicate potential trend lows.
  • Observe color intensity: Note changes in the color intensity of the histogram bars, as these can indicate shifts in momentum. More intense colors suggest increasing strength, while lighter colors indicate a weakening trend.

In conclusion

BBTrend is designed to provide traders with detailed insights into market trends, reinforcing TradingView’s commitment to offering advanced analytical tools. This new indicator, developed through our collaboration with John Bollinger, enhances any trader’s toolkit. We encourage you to explore BBTrend and integrate it into your trading strategies.

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