Elevating global financial education with BIVA Institute

May 22

Today, we introduce a new addition to our educational partners: BIVA Institute, the educational and research division of Mexico’s second stock exchange. This partnership marks a step forward in advancing global financial education.

BIVA Institute plays a pivotal role in improving financial literacy and market understanding throughout Mexico. It offers comprehensive training programs and certifications to university students, equipping them with the expertise needed to navigate global markets.

Through alliances with over 400 educational institutions, the BIVA Institute strengthens financial and stock market education. It offers a diverse range of resources, including courses, podcasts, webinars, and more, aimed at transmitting financial knowledge to entrepreneurs, students, and young professionals.

As part of our latest collaboration, TradingView has integrated its advanced tools into the BIVA Institute’s programs. Our dynamic charts, multiple drawing tools, indicators, and customization features will enhance the institute’s educational materials, providing students with an in-depth market research experience backed by top-tier analytical tools.

We believe this collaboration will significantly contribute to the globalization of financial education and provide future professionals with all essential tools. BIVA Institute is one more institution integrated into TradingView’s educational partner program, which continues to grow in scale, providing research opportunities to students worldwide and making the markets even more accessible.

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