Dhan now features options trading

May 30

Alongside adding new trading partners, we continuously expand features of existing integrations to enhance your experience with your favorite brokers. This time, we present new opportunities for Dhan clients by adding options trading to the integration.

Launched in 2021, Dhan is a user-first trading and investing platform driven by technological innovations. With a strong focus on tech and product development, Dhan offers fast service and attentive customer support, aiming to deliver a premier client experience.

Integrated with TradingView web, desktop, and mobile apps, Dhan ensures cross-platform stock and futures trading on NSE, BSE, and MCX. Adhering to the innovative spirit of technological growth, Dhan is among our first broker partners to add options trading capabilities.

This newest integration upgrade lets users access Dhan’s stock, index, commodity, and currency options. The broker also supports multiple order types, including bracket, cover, iceberg, and more, making it the perfect destination for seasoned options traders.

Accessing Dhan is as easy as before:

  • Navigate to the trading panel.
  • Click on the Dhan icon.
  • Log into your brokerage account.

You can always find more information in the broker profile.

Dhan broker profile

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