Improved chart view in Stock, ETF, DEX, and Crypto coins screeners

May 21

We keep on improving our screeners to enhance your user experience. Recently, we introduced Chart mode to our Stock, ETF, DEX, and Crypto coins screeners, and now we’re presenting another upgrade to this feature: you can now customize your chart grid by selecting the number of rows and columns you want to see — all to make sure you capture every detail in your analysis.

The new setting can be found on the screener’s top panel — it’s only available with the Chart view on. From here, you will see two options: Auto and Custom.

Auto mode will automatically adjust the chart grid size to your screen’s resolution. Should you decide to resize your window or page scale, the grid will adapt accordingly.

In Custom mode, you can manually select the number of rows and columns in the grid. The maximum grid size is 4х4 — 16 charts per screen.

We hope this improvement will make your experience with our screeners more convenient and efficient. Please keep sharing your feedback — it helps us make TradingView even better.

Team TradingView

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