BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis December 11

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Only 30 Min chart ,
In real time, you can check major sections and move,
Real-time "update I dea" can be checked.

I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for December 11th .

This is a 30 minute chart created yesterday.

After entering long,
Failing to break through the red resistance line

Follow the red arrow path,
Movement came out.

Short -> long switching strategy,

Congratulations to all those who are profitable.

This is a 30-minute chart.

Yesterday's move,
If you look at the blue finger section

By $35 difference,
The trick came out.

Just before the uptrend comes out,
A strong adjustment came out.

In this case, you must follow the principle of trading unconditionally.

"Stop loss is required."

Afterwards, it is good to respond to the next move.

Please refer to it.

4 hours chart.

This is the main section of the day.

at the bottom MACD Golden Cross in progress .

Green Support / Light Blue Resistance
Focusing on the Triangle convergence section,

I have a trading strategy.

This is today's trading strategy.

It's a 30-minute chart and a long position strategy.

To make the analysis easier to read, some icons have been modified.

The green parallel line is uptrend.
Red parallel line downtrend

Focusing on two movements,

It is divided into number No 1 and number No 2.

If you break through section 1 first
upward possibility

If you first touch section 2
Possibility of decline

Green arrow long position entry section and
Please check the blue finger and the short position entry section.

It is a spot exchange.

In general, it is a danger zone.
According to the Bitcoin movement
Operate the same for long position only.

Stop loss must be done.

Ripple / Ethereum E
Looks safe,

If the transaction volume is followed
Ada looks fine too.

Also, there is a ripple spark airdrop tomorrow.
Everyone seems to be worried about the Decline.

However, in a 1:1 ratio Because it is paid
There is no reason to worry too much.

That's all for today ,

See you in the Nasdaq analysis in the afternoon.

Thank you.
Trade active:
Trade active:
Trade closed: target reached
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