September 24th BTCUSD Bitcoin Chart Analysis

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar


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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for September 24th .

This is a 30 minute chart created yesterday.

I deleted the messy lines.

The downtrend wave came first.

Probably, Bitcoin hates me.

in real time comment ,

Brown resistance line / support line convergence section
And purple, long position entry section.

After touching the red arrow section at the top,
the resistance line for 30 minutes candle,

At the bottom, it breke Away the brown support line.
(Danger Zone)

Recently, due to the corona aftermath,
In general, large movements follow the NASDAQ.

Yesterday than expected,
There was a strong decline in the NASDAQ,

With other stocks, In Bitcoin
There was a concomitant decline.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
We are going to focus on NASDAQ analysis ,

Please support me a lot.

This is the main section of the day.

It's a daily chart .

Brown resistance line (which hasn't been broken so far, trend line )
Check blue support line and Triangle convergence section.

With yesterday's move,
(Refer to the Monday analysis.)

Anymore, The light blue arrow section at the bottom is,
Not a safe rebound,

It has been changed to the section where the downtrend appears.

Pink in the middle, based on the center line.

I created a trading strategy.

This is today's trading strategy.

30 minute chart,
It is a neutral strategy that looks like a short position strategy.

Please check the yellow box in the middle.

Without leaving the yellow box ticket,
It is a sideway move strategy.

Recently, Mon, Wed, Fri trend moving,
Tuesday and Thursday are sideway move.

The downtrend is strong, so the focus on the short position is advantageous.


In the red finger section at the top left,
Under the condition of not break Through the red resistance line,

Short position operation.

Afterwards, from the red finger at the bottom,
Under the condition that it does not deviate from the danger zone at the bottom,
Long position operation.

(At the spot exchange, with ETC altcoins, simultaneous operation)

Stop loss is essential.

If, unexpectedly, vertical fall occurs,

At the bottom, in the purple section, Candles will meet.

Good luck.

Thank you.


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