MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, D, Long , 21 hours ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / Periodic Motion ( Continuation Algorithm )
1498 7 52
GOLD / Periodic Motion ( Continuation Algorithm )

This chart is for test purposes. Since 2015 when I was in latest quant maths trading seminars in Iran I was given materials for study about Numerical continuation ( Continuation Algo ) In Numerical Continuation phase you can analyze only so-called parametric family We have two who can be counted in this family and they are Gold and Dollar. Since 2015 I have ...

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 60, Short , 3 days ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / Pyramid
2026 11 55
XAUUSD, 60 Short
GOLD / Pyramid

Like stated before building short positions with pyramid principle. Aiming 1225-1220. Earlier I mentioned 1256-1259, they are not valid. At MetalCruisers we were willing to add at 1253 on Wednesday, PA was weak and Gold reach 1253 only Thursday. But since I had some input issues and got wrong data we removed 1253 short entry :( thinking that 1256-1259 is a ...

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 240, Short , 4 days ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / SYS and PFR at 90'o
3728 22 87
XAUUSD, 240 Short
GOLD / SYS and PFR at 90'o

My buys from 1200ish are closed since gold finally reach our target. Let me shake your hand we made it all together. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XAUUSD/rtdA1hBT-GOLD-FOMC/ But gold left bearish accumulation signs earlier. If you remember this idea: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XAUUSD/a1ePtEYg-GOLD-But-I-still-want/ Did gold reach at least 1225? ...

Machanguilla Machanguilla XAUUSD, 60, Long , a month ago
79 0 9
XAUUSD, 60 Long


MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 15, 6 days ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / But I still want.
3158 22 76
GOLD / But I still want.

Gold is bullish, and very bullish. But I still want to see downside, yes I know that is what I want unfortunately market doesn't give a fifth of a half eaten brownie about what I want. I don't suggest to sell, I do suggest to add to buys if we get the drop!

TheBanker TheBanker PRO XAUUSD, D, Short , 22 days ago
XAUUSD: Gold bugs shot in the head
2164 21 48
Gold bugs shot in the head

Guys.... As with every $20 rise in price, gold bugs start to throw our the 50k figure... simply not going to happen. Also to add clarity, gold is not a hedge against inflation, rather a hedge against governments. The last idea I posted (see attached), showed this run to the 1250 area before continuing the decline, now it's important to understand that February ...

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 30, Short , 9 days ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / Correction
892 4 40
XAUUSD, 30 Short
GOLD / Correction

Monday is looking like a bear for correction. But be carefull because this will be called - stealing money from Bull.! So let's steal some and continue up again!

nkaruna5 nkaruna5 XAUUSD, D, Short , 18 days ago
XAUUSD: XAUUSD- Short and then go for Long
282 0 8
XAUUSD- Short and then go for Long

We are looking for a short and then a possible long position once price breaks trend-line. USE FIBONACCI RETRACEMENT FOR ENTRY AND EXITS. TRADE WITH PROPER RISK AND PUT SL WHEN IN PROFIT. There is a possibility of upside movement after price reaches 50%, then will drop. This is a wedge coming to a close soon so price will bounce to a low or a high.

chrisolivera_ chrisolivera_ PRO XAUUSD, 15, 5 days ago
75 0 3

prediction for gold over the next 2.5 days

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 60, Long , 15 days ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / Holding
1042 8 38
XAUUSD, 60 Long
GOLD / Holding

Wasup, do we still look up? Yes, nothing have changed on my radar. What was the red area in your last chart indicating? https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XAUUSD/HkU3pqFA-777-and-Gold/ Red zone is a zone where I was adding buys ( pyramid principle ), and daily close below this red area is where I start to hedge. Since we did not have daily close below it I did ...

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 30, 7 days ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / Intraday / March 20.
2643 19 68
GOLD / Intraday / March 20.

Details on chart. From now one this will be new chart layout used in my ideas. Simple.

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 240, 11 days ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / No Spike & Pullback.
1186 6 46
GOLD / No Spike & Pullback.

Just an informative chart for followers. Some were asking why there was no spike downwards like normaly it should be, and why there is yet to be any pullback / correction. Because too heavy shorts were in the gold and too heavy longs in dollar. Checked with one of Bankers that I know who is working with largest banks in the world ( not saying the source ), ...

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 15, 10 days ago
1207 5 48
GOLD / Pfff

As long as 1223 holds intraday gold is ready for 1240-1247. If not then a correction to 1214. Keep in mind if 1223 is broken downward by 1$ then gold is to reach 1214, if not today then Monday, but 1214 become target anyway. So watch for up move anywhere above 1223 or break it and go down.

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 60, Long , 19 days ago
XAUUSD: 777 and Gold
2164 17 47
XAUUSD, 60 Long
777 and Gold

Heading out till Friday so not much broadcasting and updating possible from me. So making this idea before I do my stuff. I have done 4 buys 1224.xx 1221.xx 1220.xx and now 1214.xx come that we were looking at. All these buys are done with great risk management and I can survive hell of a drawdown if needed. But I do think it should start the frequency tag and ...

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 60, Long , 23 days ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / ok, then.
943 10 30
XAUUSD, 60 Long
GOLD / ok, then.

Some words from me for Gold - Don't pretend to be what you're not, instead, pretend to what you want to be, it is not pretence, it is a journey to self realization. You did not reach 1237, nor 1247, you leave it up there. I am not mad at you that you don't trigger my 1220.9 entry. It's all good. Thanks for at least giving me 1227 and 1231. Obama - I love ...

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, D, Short , a month ago
XAUUSD: GOLD / U must be high bruh / March Edition
1198 10 36
GOLD / U must be high bruh / March Edition

Yes, XANAX has some great effect. But Gold fail to end this month above 1266. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XAUUSD/dOjuUDD3-GOLD-Dislike-King/ If u cry I cry with you. Have a successful new month ahead.

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 60, 2 months ago
878 2 19
Simple TIP.

How much should I risk on this trade? The question I get a lot in trading group. When I hear it I ask a question back to that person. How much you can afford to lose? When I enter a trade I always think about how much I will be losing, and can I afford to lose that amount. We are small planctons here and nobody cares about us, so losing one can arrive very ...

MetalCruisers MetalCruisers PRO XAUUSD, 60, Long , 12 days ago
1752 10 50
XAUUSD, 60 Long

Sick and tired of awaiting this day. Gold is just not moving. Finally the FOMC day is ON, and finally gold can reach 1247, the bullish accumulation sign it left. And maybe higher. Thanks God this will be over and afterwards normal gold movement daily in play. Take care bro's

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