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ZMSep 21
Will Zoom get cut off?
Five9 investors have been told by an influential advisory firm to reject Zoom’s acquisition offer.
BABASep 21
Chinese stocks chug lower
Alibaba sinks along with the broader global market on concerns for the impact of Chinese real estate giant Evergrande’s potential collapse.
COINSep 21
Coinbase crumbles to SEC pressure
After getting a sharp warning from the SEC against its upcoming crypto product, Coinbase has cancelled its plans for the launch.
AMCSep 21
Meme Stock prices get mucky over China’s real estate crisis
The market sees a broader sell-off on Monday after Chinese real estate developer Evergrande causes economic concern, and meme stocks get dragged down.
HOODSep 21
Robinhood starts testing a crypto wallet
Robinhood traders are eager for a crypt wallet feature, and the online brokerage is giving the people what they want.
NVDASep 21
Nvidia gives gamers a new release
Nvidia gives its hungry gamers its new Windows 11 driver.
AMZNSep 21
Amazon adds more climate conscious colleagues
Amazon’s two-year old Climate Pledge is going strong, and the e-commerce giant just announced 86 new signatories.
Crypto slumps as Evergrande crisis continues
Bitcoin and the broader cryptomarket start the week in a slump after a possible loan default by property developer China Evergrande shakes the market – there are hints of recovery on the way though.
Buterin makes his mark
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin gets recognized by Time.
TSLASep 21
NTSB slams Tesla’s new tech
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) opens an investigation into a Tesla crash, calling its self-driving beta ‘misleading and irresponsible’ before its release later this month.
AAPLSep 21
Apple iOS 15 is here
Apple releases its new iOS 15 software
SPXSep 20
Are the bears right?
The S&P 500 closes below its 50 day moving average for the first time since June, indicating that the bears might have been right and further corrections could be on the way.
005380Sep 20
Hyundai bets big on flying cars
The auto industry is becoming obsessed with the next big mode of transport: flying cars. Hyundai partners with Urban-Air Port to build a bunch of flying taxi hubs around the world.
BABASep 20
Is a correction on the way?
Short interest in Alibaba stock is soaring and is at its highest point in 2 years, making people wonder if more losses are on the way.
SPCESep 20
Analysts send Virgin rocketing up
Virgin Galactic sees its biggest daily gain since August, lifting nearly 8% as analysts reiterate their confidence in the stock.
HOODSep 20
Robinhood goes on a campus tour
Robinhood is going on a tour of colleges across the country in a move to attract some young and fresh retail traders.
NVDASep 20
The chip making market is still chilly
Nvidia gets handed two price upgrades, but the chip making market is chilly at the moment and the company is still in limbo with its $40 billion Arm takeover.
Can Ethereum beat the altcoins?
‘Ethereum killer’ altcoins have been on a rampage, and JP Morgan assigns the crypto a $1,500 target amid the madness – around 55% lower than its current price.
AMZNSep 20
Amazon cracks down on review fraud
Amazon is making moves to protect its consumers, extending its campaign against paid and fake reviews and shutting down 3,000 Chinese online stores.
TSLASep 20
Analyst optimism
Tesla has struggled like the rest of the industry with supply chain shortages, but an analyst sees Tesla speeding ahead despite the challenges to reach 1.3 million deliveries in 2022.
AAPLSep 20
Is Apple losing its oomph?
After failing to impress at its last release event, Apple sinks just under 2% on the day its iPhone 13 line starts taking pre-orders.
AMDSep 17
AMD volunteers as tribute
AMD throws its name in the hat and says its ready to produce Arm-based chips.
SPXSep 17
Will the S&P 500 turn green for the week?
The S&P 500 had its best day in three weeks on Wednesday, but it still looks like it’ll close another week in the red as investors wait for next week’s Federal Reserve meeting.
XRP gets busy
Ripple’s XRP sees some crazy network activity, and top industry traders see an upside in its future.
TLRYSep 17
Tilray shuts down its OG facility to make space for growth
After its merger with Aphria, Tilray is making moves towards operational efficiency and shutting down its flagship facility in Canada.
FSep 17
Ford feels the heat
Just as Rivian beat out the market to the first electric truck release, Ford steps up its game and boots its F-150 Lightning production capacity.
BABASep 17
Alipay gets backed by U.S. bank
As Alibaba becomes more prominent in the U.S., JP Morgan will start powering credit cards on Alibaba.com.
GMESep 17
The trading fines start rolling in – is this just the beginning?
As The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) closes in on GameStop trading, the employer of a big name trader gets fined $4 million for lack of oversight.
Ethereum sees mad outflows – is a price gain on the way?
Centralized exchanges saw $1.2 billion in Ether withdrawn in just 24 hours – the last time this happened, prices went soaring.
TSLASep 17
Tesla tackles data security concerns
As it plans to build a new production center in Beijing, Elon Musk says Tesla will work closely with regulators to ensure data security.
Bitcoin goes golden
Bitcoin has just formed a ‘golden cross’, which historically has meant big gains are on the way.
LCIDSep 16
Move over, Tesla
Lucid Motors jumps 5% after its first vehicle is deemed to have the longest range ever in an electric vehicle.
NIOSep 16
Sprechen sie Deutsche? Wunderbar!
Germany is Nio’s next stop in its European expansion.
FSep 16
Ford dives into self-driving deliveries
Ford partners up with Walmart and Argo AI to launch a new self-driving delivery service.
COINSep 16
Coinbase jumps into crypto derivatives
Crypto platform Coinbase wants to start offering crypto futures and options trading.
NVDASep 16
Nvidia CEO steps into the spotlight
Nvidia is making a name for itself in the EV space, and it seems like its CEO is gaining a rep too, with a spot on the 2021 Time 100.
TSLASep 16
Cathie Woods unloads more Tesla
Tesla continues to make inroads in updating its self-driving software, but Cathie Woods continues to unload the stock nonetheless.
SPCESep 16
Space jam: New competition heads into orbit
Elon Musk’s SpaceX beats Virgin Galactic to the punch, launching the first all-civilian commercial space mission on Wednesday.
Dogecoin's fall from grace
Dogecoin is in the doghouse, slipping down to be the ninth largest crypto by market cap after slipping 20% last week. Can it keep its place in the top 10?
AMCSep 16
AMC spreads its crypto wings
AMC Entertainment adds three new cryptos to the list of digital assets it will accept as payment.
FBSep 16
FB dips as WSJ digs the dirt
A Wall Street Journal exposé airs all of Facebook’s dirty little secrets, and lawmakers are already sniffing around.
Warren looks out for the little guy
Senator Elizabeth Warren bashes Ethereum’s ridiculously high fees, saying they could harm smaller investors.
A new Asian crypto hub?
There could be a new crypto capital on the horizon as Laos seeks to profit on the Chinese crackdown by authorizing both mining and trading.
Google hops on the NFT train
Not one to be left behind by a trend, Google gets involved in the burgeoning NFT market by teaming up with Canadian blockchain company Dapper Labs.
Ethereum will soon see more action from Ark Invest
Cathie Woods’ confidence in Ethereum is up “dramatically”, and Ark Invest’s future crypto exposure is likely to be 40% Ethereum.
AAPLSep 15
Apple reloads its stock
Apple launches a whole host of new products, including four brand new iPhones.
Faith in Ripple is rising
Japan’s crypto exchange TaoTao decides to re-list XRP as the token earns back some faith following its SEC scandal.
COINSep 15
No confidence in Coinbase
Moody’s initiates coverage on Coinbase at junk levels in light of strong competition and a tough regulatory environment.
GMESep 15
Stop press! The meme stock mayhem could be coming to an end
The head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) says the regulator is “close” to publishing its report in GameStop’s trading this year – a report that could impact the whole meme stock market.
AMZNSep 15
Amazon adds some food delivery perks
Amazon and Deliveroo partner up to bolster the Prime experience, offering consumers free deliveries on some of their orders.
Solana slips back down to earth
A denial-of-service disruption sends Solana down 15% in half a day to add to its losses over the week.
Tesla gets pipped at the pick-up post
Tesla gets overtaken by EV start-up Rivian, which has just beaten out the rest of the market to become the first automaker to produce an electric truck.
A rumor-driven rollercoaster
Litecoin gains (and loses) over 20% in just two hours after a press release claims that Walmart will start accepting the digital token as payment. Spoiler alert – it’s a fake.
GOOGSep 14
A slap on the wrist from South Korea
South Korean regulators are coming after Google with a $177 million fine for abusing its market dominance.
FSep 14
Another new hire for Ford
Ford makes its next high-profile appointment of the week, hiring online sales veteran Mike Amend.
GMESep 14
Meme stocks move in support of AMC
GameStop gets a boost of over 6% on the back of some positive news for fellow meme-stock AMC Entertainment.
AMCSep 14
AMC gets animated on Disney news
AMC gets a boost Monday on the back of news that Disney will release all of its films exclusively in cinemas for the rest of the year.
NVDASep 14
Intel pushes back with powerful new chip
Intel’s upcoming gaming graphics card gets leaked, and the chip rivals Nvidia with its impressive power level, making people wonder if there could be a new chief in gaming town.
MicroStrategy bets big on Bitcoin
Software company MicroStrategy bolsters its Bitcoin investment, adding nearly a quarter of a billion dollars worth of the digital currency to make it the largest corporate crypto investor by a mile.
NIOSep 14
Is the EV space really too crowded?
The Chinese government is calling for consolidation in the increasingly crowded EV space, and with yet another crackdown on the cards, shares of Nio crash down 3% on Monday morning.
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