Stock market sectors of Chile

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Technology Services15073.231 T CLP0.46%+0.21%93311
Electronic Technology6007.177 T CLP0.64%−0.82%28338
Retail Trade5145.562 T CLP0.38%+3.12%6.677 K618
Finance2488.96 T CLP2.53%−0.04%819.472 K848
Health Technology1371.076 T CLP3.55%−0.17%2738
Energy Minerals1225.462 T CLP3.32%+0.19%5.009 K24
Consumer Non-Durables1159.611 T CLP2.95%−1.85%1.327 K815
Commercial Services1063.017 T CLP0.75%0.00%512
Consumer Services845.116 T CLP1.71%−1.76%1.432 K514
Producer Manufacturing571.963 T CLP1.64%+4.50%10145
Health Services391.186 T CLP1.70%−0.00%723
Communications276.306 T CLP6.68%−1.48%2.104 K24
Non-Energy Minerals136.59 T CLP1.62%+1.29%5.034 K512
Transportation135.295 T CLP4.13%−0.29%70.329 M57
Utilities30.412 T CLP7.81%−0.29%24.781 M421
Process Industries22.692 T CLP6.15%−2.25%433.985 K614
Distribution Services711.875 B CLP1.23%+1.88%360.851 K23
Miscellaneous616.391 B CLP24.98%+0.20%23.464 M23
Industrial Services550.793 B CLP3.99%−0.46%18.746 K14
Consumer Durables47.26 B CLP0.00%0.00%103.698 K22