Stock market sectors of India

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Finance105.115 T INR0.82%+0.50%10.136 M11282
Technology Services35.589 T INR1.78%−0.55%6.057 M4146
Energy Minerals31.914 T INR1.17%+0.14%12.026 M420
Producer Manufacturing29.793 T INR0.47%−0.00%3.131 M9337
Non-Energy Minerals26.918 T INR2.37%+0.93%9.385 M6153
Consumer Non-Durables26.576 T INR1.40%+0.25%4.364 M9129
Consumer Durables26.072 T INR0.58%+0.37%3.212 M885
Utilities22.228 T INR1.02%−0.47%11.233 M342
Process Industries20.297 T INR0.66%+0.05%823.279 K8409
Health Technology17.662 T INR0.63%−0.64%1.102 M5114
Communications16.912 T INR0.22%+1.08%34.039 M317
Industrial Services9.614 T INR0.54%−0.43%3.875 M5121
Transportation8.321 T INR0.34%+0.92%9.796 M661
Electronic Technology7.604 T INR0.80%+1.12%7.189 M862
Retail Trade7.296 T INR0.09%+1.16%1.343 M950
Consumer Services4.901 T INR0.32%−0.12%2.102 M899
Distribution Services4.653 T INR0.31%−0.09%1.521 M454
Commercial Services3.85 T INR0.87%−0.73%2.256 M579
Health Services3.755 T INR0.17%+0.20%940.876 K229
Miscellaneous41.73 B INR+0.20%1.348 M2143