BitBoy Crypto Got Himself A Lambo, Not With Bitcoin Or Ethereum But This Altcoin

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong found himself in hot water after being arrested on Monday evening, following a live broadcast on YouTube. 

What Happened: The situation unfolded when Armstrong planned to confront an individual named Carlos Diaz in an attempt to recover what he claimed was his Lamborghini. However, the encounter quickly devolved into a chaotic frenzy of conspiracy theories, prompting the intervention of the police.

In a livestream that has since been deleted, Armstrong made an alarming statement, saying, “If Carlos Diaz comes out of his house and tries to kill me live on YouTube, then it’s just gonna have to be what it’s gonna be, Carlos.” This alarming declaration came just hours after Armstrong had tweeted about an upcoming live broadcast from a “very special location” on YouTube.

The question is how Armstrong acquired the Lamborghini in the first place. In a video posted on YouTube on April 11, the crypto influencer discussed his ownership of the car while emphasizing the potential of Cardano as a cryptocurrency.

"Cardona has spent the entire bear market in 2018... you could have bought Ada at a penny apiece... $3. Guys, that’s a 300. Freaking. Cardona was our best performer of the major coins in the last Bull Run...  But they said that from the beginning, I guess what, you’ll keep building on Cardona. And the ecosystem just keeps growing. And the transactions are getting faster and faster.”

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Why It Matters: Armstrong also mentioned Bitcoin’s major cap holders and their control over a significant portion of the coin supply.  "But here’s the thing... Bitcoin holders, the top 100 holders hold 14% of the coin supply," he said.

Last week, Armstrong made a plea to his followers, seeking their support in financing his legal endeavor to regain control of BitBoy Crypto. At present, the donations received in Ethereum , Bitcoin , and Cardano addresses have surpassed a total of $54,000.

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