Tezos to Hold AMA on X on February 22nd


Tezos will host an AMA on X with Nicolas Streschinsky, the head of DeFi at Trilitech on February 22nd at 18:00 UTC. The discussion will focus on the role of DeFi within the Tezos ecosystem. Streschinsky will also provide updates on recent developments.

Refer to the official tweet by XTZ:


📢 Join Nicolas Streschinsky (Head of DeFi, Trilitech) in an upcoming community call! @nico_st_29 will talk about DeFi within the Tezos ecosystem as well as share exciting updates!

Send in your questions using #TezosAMA.

🗓️ February 22nd

⏰ 18:00 UTC


Feb 20, 2024

XTZ Info

Tezos is a distinctive blockchain platform architected to facilitate and govern decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Its foundation is built on a decentralized governance system that enables blockchain modifications through a community-led decision-making process.

Operating on a unique iteration of Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism known as Liquid Proof of Stake (LPoS), Tezos allows participants owning more than 6,000 Tez (XTZ) to become delegates, or “bakers”. These bakers are responsible for creating, signing, and publishing new blocks on the Tezos blockchain, and endorsing blocks produced by other bakers. Furthermore, the network utilizes the Michelson programming language for the creation of smart contracts, which engage with the network’s cryptocurrency, Tez, for transaction execution and gas payment.

The native token of Tezos, XTZ, or Tez, plays a multifaceted role within the ecosystem. It serves as a reward for participation in the creation and endorsement of new blocks, either directly or through delegation. It functions as a voting mechanism within the decentralized governance system. Additionally, it is a means of value transfer and is used to pay for gas, the unit of computational effort in Tezos, necessary for executing transactions and interacting with smart contracts.