Metis Token to Be Integrated With Chainlink CCIP


Metis Token is set to integrate Chainlink CCIP as its canonical token bridge infrastructure. This integration will provide Metis developers and users with enhanced security, programmable token transfers, and other benefits.

Refer to the official tweet by METIS:


#Metis is integrating @Chainlink CCIP as its canonical token bridge infrastructure.

CCIP supercharges Metis devs & users with industry-leading security, programmable token transfers, and more ⬇️

Mar 01, 2024


Metis is a Layer 2 Rollup platform built on the Ethereum network that aims to tackle some of the key challenges faced by the main net Ethereum — namely transaction speed, cost, and scalability. It achieves this by offering a framework for simple, rapid deployment of smart contracts within the network, thereby facilitating seamless and efficient operations on the Ethereum blockchain.

At the core of Metis’s offerings are several key features: Metis Oracles, Metis Nodes, and Metis SubGraph. Metis Oracles provide real-time data from external sources, connecting blockchains to external systems and supplying smart contracts with crucial outside information. Metis Nodes, which store a complete copy of the distributed network, enhance security and reliability. Lastly, the Metis SubGraph serves as an indexing protocol for gathering, processing, and storing data for use in the blockchain network, aiming to ease information retrieval through a service known as GraphQL. These combined features position Metis as a significant player in improving the functionality and performance of the Ethereum network.

METIS is an ERC-20 governance token compatible with the Ethereum blockchain network. The main use cases for the METIS token are paying transaction fees on the Metis network and staking.