FTX and Alameda transfers another $22M worth of crypto asset

Blockchain analysis firm Lookonchain reported that cryptocurrency powerhouses FTX and Alameda Research are actively engaged in a substantial transfer of digital assets, amounting to an impressive $22 million.

Following their bankruptcy declaration, FTX and Alameda Research have actively maneuvered in cryptocurrency, another bouquet of digital assets, transferring significant amounts to prominent exchanges.


Today #FTX/#Alameda transferred ~$22M assets again, including:

6.26M $IMX($9.12M)

20M $GMT($5.29M)

1,643 $ETH($3.43M)

441,425 UNI($2.69M)

77.77B $SHIB($652K)

102,651 $BAL($389K)

2.24M $LOOKS($261K)

801,893 $WOO($179K)

Dec 02, 2023

In their most recent move, a transfer of $10.8 million transpired on platforms such as Wintermute, Binance, and Coinbase. The latest transfer of $10.8 million was spread across eight tokens: $2.58 million in StepN’s GMTUSD, $2.41 million in Uniswap’s UNIUSD, $2.25 million in Synapse’s SYN, $1.64 million in Klaytn’s KLAY, $1.18 million in Fantom’s FTMUSD, $644,000 in Shiba Inu’s SHIBUSD and small amounts of Arbitrum’s ARB and Optimism’s OP.

On Oct. 24, the FTX and Alameda wallets transferred $10 million to a single wallet address, which was later redistributed to Binance and Coinbase accounts.

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