7 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Sell in December

After all the excitement the sector garnered last year, it looks as if it’s time to consider which electric vehicle stocks to sell.

The year has exposed the weaknesses in multiple sectors, and the electric vehicle market is no exception. A significant market rout has seen stocks of prominent companies and startups suffer considerable losses in value.

Moreover, new EV companies are finding themselves in a much more competitive landscape now that legacy automakers entered the fray. Hence, there are multiple electric vehicle stocks to sell at this time.

Investing in the electric vehicle market can be very attractive, given the wide range of underlying businesses to choose from. These include car companies, battery manufacturers, charging providers, and others.

However, with the stock market experiencing significant dips recently, many of these companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract investors. This puts immense pressure on already unstable businesses and causes long-term problems within the EV sphere. Hence, only EV companies with strong track records are worth investing in at this time.

HYZNHyzon Motors$1.66
RIVNRivian Automotive’s$29.53
SOLOElectraMeccanica Vehicles$1.11
RIDELordstown Motors$1.58

Nikola (NKLA)

EV start-up Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA) has witnessed a steep drop in its stock price over the past few months. Nikola may have to wait before scaling production levels of its flagship Nikola Tre truck for a while.

In its most recent quarter, Nikola reported negative free cash flows amounting to $237 million. A large part of that comes from the lack of capital required to scale production, especially with the addition of ailing battery supplier Romeo Power, which will likely result in massive cash burn going forward.

Therefore, it doesn’t seem like this firm’s tribulations will end anytime soon as it looks to scale production of its battery electric (BEV) truck.

Hyzon Motors (HYZN)

Hyzon Motors (NASDAQ:HYZN) has been nothing short of a disaster for investors. There have been reports of financial manipulation, and the company has also been accused of creating false customers.

These actions raise serious questions about its legitimacy and ability to remain solvent in an increasingly competitive EV marketplace.

Late last year, short-seller Blue Orca accused the company was knowingly overstating its revenue outlook and drawing investors in with inflated promises of future profits.

The report stated that two of Hyzon’s largest customers weren’t real. Regulators have confirmed at least some of Blue Orca’s claims, leaving Hyzon facing serious scrutiny from the public and its shareholders. This news is a major blow to Hyzon Motors’ already tarnished reputation.

Rivian Automotive (RIVN)

Despite promising EV start-up Rivian Automotive’s (NASDAQ:RIVN) potential, it’s a remarkably rough outing this year.

Not only was it forced to cut the production target for 2022 by half, but it had to recall nearly all of its deliveries. If that wasn’t enough, its workers have recently complained about inadequate safety conditions at its plants. The triple whammy should have investors wary of investing in its stock in the current economic downturn.

Though it faces a myriad of challenges, RIVN stock still trades over 16 times forward sales, a lofty valuation. With production delays, a product recall, and safety concerns, its valuation is alarming. Hence, investors should proceed cautiously when considering RIVN stock and understand the risks associated with its business case.

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles (SOLO)

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles (NASDAQ:SOLO) seems to have grand ambitions in the electric vehicle arena, but it faces an uphill battle in gaining consumer traction.

Its vehicles are by no means elegant designs, and its three-wheeled structure puts them at a distinct disadvantage in a market filled with sleek and sexy alternatives. Electric three-wheelers seem unlikely to find much appeal due to their odd, unsightly designs in a hotly competitive EV market.

Its success is further hindered by the numerous challenges already in place for electric vehicle (EV) adoption. EVs are expensive, and the scarcity of charging stations and range anxiety pose massive problems for the companies involved.

It seems unlikely that the unique three-wheeled designs presented by Electrameccanica will see any major consumer acceptance in the near future. At the same time, it continues to burn through its cash reserves at an accelerated pace.

Workhorse (WKHS)

Shares of budding EV player, Workhorse (NASDAQ:WKHS) have been plummeting in value, reflecting the company’s poor performance.

It’s been posting lackluster operating results over the past several quarters. Production levels are only meeting bare-minimum estimates, which suggests that its investors are in for a rough ride ahead. Though it has initially planned to deliver 150 to 250 vehicles this year, it will only be delivering 100 to 200 vehicles after revising estimates.

It recently posted its third quarter results, which missed estimates across both lines. It posted a hefty 73-cent loss per share, missing estimates by 45 cents.

To complicate matters further, it had to pay $35 million in settlement for its unsuccessful bid for a U.S. Postal Service contract. Hence, anybody on the fence about holding or selling this stock should opt for the latter option to avoid further losses.

Lordstown Motors (RIDE)

Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ:RIDE) has finally started production after multiple delays. The firm promised to deliver its first EV in 2020, but it’s only getting started two years later.

Unfortunately, the company still faces many challenges that analysts believe will keep them lagging compared to others in the industry. With so much competition gunning for similar goals, Lordstown has some serious ground to make up; whether they can weather the headwinds remains to be seen.

The company’s facility in Ohio kicked-off production in September. However, production has been slow and will likely stay that way as supply-chain issues persist.

As things currently stand, there’s very little hope of significantly speeding up vehicle production any time soon. Therefore, avoiding a speculative stock such as RIDE amidst the current volatility is best.

Arcimoto (FUV)

Arcimoto (NASDAQ:FUV) is on a dire trajectory as it continues to burn through its resources at excessive speeds while accumulating new capital incredibly slowly.

As with ElectraMeccanica, it boasts a unique lineup of fully electric three-wheeled pods, which faces the same consumer acceptance hurdles. As the company struggles to make headway in the market, it seems likely that unless changes are implemented soon, the fate of Arcimoto will remain uncertain for quite some time.

Arcimoto has seen quite a bit of turbulence in recent months. Its performance in the third quarter presents a picture that is less than ideal, with numerous obstacles still to be overcome for it to achieve success.

Third quarter results showed total revenues amounting to slightly more than $2 million, far below analysts’ projections, which nearly tripled that figure. To make matters worse, cash burn is leading to tremendous dilution.

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