BerGenBio ASA: Information about the last exercise period for Warrants issued in connection with rights issue


Bergen, Norway, 3 April 2024 - Reference is made to the stock exchangeannouncement from BerGenBio ASA (the "Company") dated 2 April 2024 regardingthecommencement of the last exercise period for the Warrants issued in connectionwith the rights issue in June 2023 (the "Warrants").

Information about the last exercise period for the Warrants, 2 April 2024 - 15April 2024 at 16:30 (CEST), including how to exercise the Warrants and a Q&Asection is available on the Company'swebsite:

A Norwegian translation is available at the Company'swebsite:

Exercise of Warrants electronically through the VPS online subscription systemis now working after some issues yesterday. Instruction how to exercise isavailable at the Company's website.

The last exercise period for the Warrants ends on 15 April 2024 at 16:30(CEST).

Carnegie AS and Arctic Securities AS are acting as managers in connection withthe exercise of Warrants (jointly the "Managers").

For further information, please contact:

Martin Olin CEO, BerGenBio ASA

Rune Skeie, CFO, BerGenBio ASA

Media Relations

Jan Lilleby

About BerGenBio ASA

BerGenBio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developingtransformative drugs targeting AXL as a potential cornerstone of therapy foraggressive diseases, including cancer and severe respiratory infections. TheCompany is focused on its proprietary lead candidate bemcentinib a potentiallyfirst-in-class selective AXL inhibitor in development for STK11 mutated NSCLCand severe respiratory infections. BerGenBio is based in Bergen, Norway with asubsidiary in Oxford, UK. The Company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange(ticker: BGBIO). For more information, visit


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