Meta Execs Sell Shares

Key points:
  • Javier Olivan sold 9,000 Meta shares for $3,500,100
  • Mark Zuckerberg sold 59,043 shares for $22,873,146 in three transactions
  • Zuckerberg and Olivan still control 475,389 Meta shares

In January 2024, Meta Platforms reported significant share transactions. Javier Olivan, the company's Chief Operating Officer, sold 9,000 shares on January 22. The total value of this transaction was $3,500,100. Following this sale, Olivan still retains control over 100,178 shares of Meta Platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg, who holds multiple roles in the company, also sold shares on three separate occasions in the same month. On January 22, he sold 19,681 shares for a total of $7,568,176. The next day, he sold the same number of shares for $7,583,031. Finally, on January 24, Zuckerberg sold another 19,681 shares for $7,721,939. After these transactions, Zuckerberg still controls a total of 375,211 shares of Meta Platforms. These shares are controlled indirectly.