Hamilton Lane, $830 Billion Investing Heavyweight, Comes to Polygon (MATIC): Details

A NASDAQ-listed investment firm with over $829 billion in assets under management (AUM) unveils its pioneering solution for retail investors. It leverages Polygon network (MATIC) tokenization instruments to dramatically lower the barrier of entry for enthusiasts.

Hamilton Lane's $2.1 billion fund kicks off on Polygon Network (MATIC)

According to the official announcement shared by the Polygon network (MATIC) team, Hamilton Lane, a leading asset manager, launches its fund on Securitize, a Polygon-based tokenization vehicle.


Leading global investment firm @Hamilton_Lane is tokenizing its $2.1b flagship fund by leveraging @Securitize’s platform exclusively #onPolygon 👏Tokenization opens opportunities to a new class of investors by digitizing assets on the blockchain.https://t.co/V32qDIkvJV pic.twitter.com/yE839GYLBc

Jan 31, 2023

As the partnership kicks off, Hamilton Lane opens part of its Equity Opportunities Fund V to a wide group of individual investors via Securitize's feeder fund. The tokenized fund lowers the "entry barrier" from investors by a factor of 250 times, from $5 million to $20,000.

Hamilton Lane and Securitize are going to launch two more funds with tokenized access in coming months. Colin Butler, global head of institutional capital at Polygon Labs, stresses the importance of this release for the entire segment of individual investors:

The tokenization of private funds is a massive leap forward for investors and fund managers – a broader pool of investors enticed by greater opportunity and disintermediation – but also for the greater understanding that practical applications of blockchain will make a marked difference in democratizing financial opportunity. Polygon makes these asset classes accessible, secure, and scalable, and frankly, the Polygon network is being built to become the home of global financial markets.

Equity Opportunity Fund V was launched by Hamilton Lane in June 2022 and has already registered double-digit cumulative returns despite a severe market recession.

Tokenization unlocks new opportunities for investors

Besides collaborating with Hamilton Lane, Securitize also launched its $25 million fine art fund. This fund is tokenized on Polygon Network (MATIC) as well.

As such, tokenization pushes the barriers of accessibility for all groups of investors. With tools like Securitize, they can get exposed to previously unseen classes of investing tools.

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