[Beta] Volume Footprint Charts

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The Volume Footprint Charts is supporting tool that analyze volume data contained within candles and draw statistical charts .

This script can be used by ANY user. You DO NOT NEED to have PRO or PREMIUM account to use it.

As a user, you have the flexibility to select the desired level of data precision for the analysis. We highly recommend using the highest precision possible, as it provides the most accurate results. However, it's important to keep in mind that Trading View has several limitations and not all levels of precision are available on all intervals. The higher the precision, the shorter the history of available data.
If, after adding the script or changing the precision, you encounter an error message stating "'The study references too many candles in history'", it may be necessary to reduce the precision level in the script settings to resolve the issue.

This script is a part of the "Volume Footprint" toolkit, which includes:
I. Footprint chart visualization scripts in two variants:
⠀⠀Volume Footprint - Presenting data on sides of the candle.
⠀⠀Volume Footprint Classic - Presenting volume data on the right side of the candle.
II. Supporting tools - They can support both Volume Footprint and Volume Footprint Classic scripts:
⠀⠀Volume Footprint Statistics - Script presents, in tabular form, basic statistics calculated from candle volume data, such as Delta, min Delta, max Delta and more.
⠀⠀Volume Footprint Charts - Tool presents in line chart form, basic statistics calculated from candle volume data, such as Delta, min Delta, max Delta and more.
⠀⠀Volume Footprint Candle Charts - Tool presents in candle chart form, basic statistics calculated from candle volume data, such as Delta, min Delta, max Delta and more.
⠀⠀Volume Footprint Candles - Tool drawing candles adapted for footprint chart scripts.
III. Tools dedicated to more detailed analysis:
⠀⠀Volume Delta In Candle - A line chart showing changes in delta values over a period equal to the chart interval.
⠀⠀Volume Cumulative Delta in Interval - A line chart showing changes in cumulative delta over a period equal to the chart interval.

Script with limited access, contact author to get authorization

User Interface:
On line chart script can show any configuration of the following fields:
  • Volume
  • ∑ Volume
  • Missing Volume
  • ∑ Volume Up
  • ∑ Volume Down
  • Delta (Volume Up - VolumeDown)
  • Delta %
  • min Delta
  • max Delta
  • Cash - It can work only with "Reset value with candle start" option selected.

Script settings:
Data precision - One of 6 standard levels of data precision: ▉▇▆▅▃▁, where ▉ means the highest precision and ▁ the lowest available precision and two special values "W" and "M" dedicated for biggest intervals. The highest precision should be available for 15-minute chart, but for a 1D chart, it may hit TradingView limitations and the script will not be launched by the platform with error: "'The study references too many candles in history'". The general recommendation is to use the highest available precision for a given instrument and interval.

Reset value with candle start- If selected it counts statistics for each candle independently, which will produce a value jump to 0 on each candle start. If unselected values are calculated from moving window of width equal to the interval and change smooth despite new candle start.

Instrument and Volume status - A dialog showing basic chart information: Instrument type, Volume type. You can pick background color of value and label fields.

Text color and size configuration for Labels and Instrument status: T(iny), S(mall), N(ormal), L(arge)

Different data types that script can visualize on the chart. Each has 3 fields: Visibility switcher, line color and label visibility switcher ( label can be visible only for the visible line).
Volume - Volume size expected in the candle
∑ Vol. - Volume countred with the statistics. Small differences from Volume, are possible - TradingView limitations.
Missing Volume - Checking if all candle volume was counted.
∑ Vol. Up - Sum of volume Up
∑ Vol. Down - Sum of volume Down
Delta - Difference between volume Up and Down.
Delta % - Delta as percent of candle volume (from -100% to 100%)
min Delta - Smallest delta in that candle
max Delta - Biggest delta in that candle
Cash - Volume multiplied by price.

In case of any problems, send error details to the author of the script.

Known issues:
"The study references too many candles in history" - Change "Data precision" settings to some lower value.
Release Notes:
Some small update

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