Support and Resistance Levels with Breaks [LUX]

This script provides basic pivot point Support and Resistance Levels to the user whilst displaying Break signal tags. It also has the ability to let the user display more significant breaks by filtering using the Volume Oscillator.

Only more significant breaks of these basic levels are displayed to the user when optimized which avoids noise and messy signals.

It will also display breaks with candles it deems to be bullish (e.g. having a longer upper or lower wick).


The notation of "B" denotes a break of either a Support or Resistance level with a volume greater than the threshold.
The notation of "Bull or Bear Wick" denotes a bullish or bearish candle on the break.


Left Bars - the number of bars left hand side of the pivot .
Right Bars - the number of bars right hand side of the pivot .
Volume Threshold - the threshold value (%) for the Volume Oscillator.

Usage & Details:
Knowing when a pivot S/R level is broken with significance can be of great help to a trader. Many times significant levels may not be broken with significant force and the move is therefore weaker and possibly not worth trading.
Release Notes: Copyright update
Release Notes: Minor Changes.
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What’s the best setting for 5min?
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naba_naif tsykes3
@tsykes3, if u know tell us pls
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Thank you very much LuxAlgo .
How I can see an alert when any Support or Resistance broken?
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Many thanks LUX
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LuxAlgo bobber70
@bobber70, Cheers!
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Hello, Thanks to you! I have a couple questions. Do the S/R Lines repaint ? How many candles later do the S/R line appear ?
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Many thanks LuxAlgo team. Great people and excellent tools.
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LuxAlgo RiskRewardGames
@RiskRewardGames, You are very welcome and thanks for all of your support, enjoy! ❤️
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knower80 LuxAlgo
@LuxAlgo, how do we get the old s/r ?
LuxAlgo knower80
@knower80, This is the old S/R from our main invite-only script with some extra features.