BTC Pair Change %

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This script makes it easier to quickly check how the BTC pair of the current symbol is performing on any pair.
It adds a "change percentage widget" (of the BTC pair) to the top right of the chart.
(Refer to the image for an example.)

The change percentage calculation is performed as described here:

To match the "Chg%" that appears on TradingView watchlists, a 24H (1440min) timeframe is used, as described here:

In short, this script:
  • Searches for the BTC pair of the current symbol
  • Calculates the change % using the above described logic (links)
  • Adds a "change percentage widget" (of the BTC pair) to the top right of the chart
  • Allows for using 24H timeframe or the current timeframe (enable "Use current timeframe" under the script options)
Release Notes:
  • Add option to use the current timeframe instead of the default 24h
Release Notes:
  • The indicator now supports two timeframes; each one has its own row
  • The timeframes default to "current chart" and "1 day"; the timeframes can be changed
  • The table background, border and text colors can be customized as well
Release Notes:
  • Minor refactor
Release Notes:
  • Update chart
Release Notes:
  • Update chart
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