DCA Bot Indicator

Name: DCA Bot Indicator

Category: Dollar Cost Average.

Operating mode: Alerts at a specific time, day of the week and day of the month.

Trades duration: N/A.

Timeframe: 1H

Suggested usage: long-term investing DCA strategies.

Entry: Only indicates the time and then the day of the week or the day of the month to buy.

Exit: As per long-term Investor’s strategy.

Usage: If you want to perform a Dollar Cost Averaging approach with:
- Daily purchases (at a specific time)
- Weekly purchases (at a specific time and day of the week)
- Monthly purchases (at a specific time and day of the month)
It is then possible to set the alert text with a preferred message or for use with trade automation systems. The green background identify the specific time chosen.
It is possible to identify through the Bias Analyzer the best time for the daily purchase.

- Buy Time: hour you would like to buy, please consider that the script is executed at the end of the defined time, so if you would like to buy at 2, have to put 1.
- Buy only Days of the Week: you can select the day you want.
- Buy only on Day of Month, you can specify a specific day.

- dsteaves for inspiration

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