Portfolio: alpha, beta, stdev, variance, mean, max drawdown...

Portfolio Metrics **New**

'log returns'
'geometric returns'

portfolio alpha
portfolio beta
portfolio,market correlation
portfolio standard deviation
portfolio variance
mean portfolio returns
maximum drawdown
maximum gain

Release Notes: Removed log and geometric returns. Will release adjusted returns script.
Release Notes: //corrected errors
Release Notes: //no update - adjusted chart and indicator
Release Notes: adjusted hexidecimal colors for better UX.
default is set to logarithmic returns with lookahead off
Release Notes: hexidecimal color switch
Release Notes: //
Release Notes: Fixed Risk-Free Rate Bug
Added Display Options:
Group-Coefficents (Alpha, Beta)
Group-Proft.Loss (Max Drawdown, Max Gain)
Group-Stats (Standard Deviation, Variance, Correlation, R-Squared)
Release Notes: //
Release Notes: //
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important note: these scripts will not be accurate for the recent stock splits of TSLA and AAPL. Will release an adjusted returns script.
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Nice job
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