Stock Value Display

//This study is designed to plot estimates for a stock's value:
//1) the Price to earnings ratio (PE) value based on the trailing twelve months of data
//2) the PE value based future data
//3) the Benjamin Graham value based trailing data
//4) the Dividend Discount value based on trailing data

You can adjust the period of data used to calculate the value between Fiscal Quarter "FQ" and Fiscal Year "FY."

The values displayed on the chart are subject to the financial information provided to TradingView. This is intended to be used as a quick reference and should be viewed in context with other analysis prior to making any transaction decisions.

As always, happy trading!
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yea how to determine what each color represents? Is there a legend anywhere?
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Thank you for this work, but how to interpret the graph (the different colored lines) ?.

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Great stuff. Thanks. Was looking for something like this and also how to plot earnings rise or fall and projected earnings below the chart. New to pine.
I am working on finding a better source of data to calculate the Dividend Discount Model value. There seems to be an issue in calling the DV value per share and DV payout ratio. I will update with a work-around shortly.